Chapter 1.4: Such Great Heights

Many apologies for the delay in this chapter! It’s been written for awhile, but I didn’t have any time to play and actually get the pictures that I needed o_o On the bright side, I’ve nearly finished writing chapter 5 already AND have gotten most of the photos for it already, so hopefully that one will be up soon =) But, without further ado, chapter 4!


There is a ring…on my finger. A big, shiny, BINDING ring. What in the world had I been thinking?! Well, that was the issue, actually. I hadn’t been thinking at all. I was just lured into a beautiful dream world by melodious words declaring love and eternal devotion as well as by a very familiar dashing grin and the glimmer of soft green eyes…..


Just as I was about to completely lose it and start running around in circles screaming, my phone rang. I debated ignoring it so I could commence with panicking as soon as possible, but my heart gave a little jump and implored me not to, and it was that little jump and that request that stopped me in my tracks.

I felt…excited, and hopeful, because somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind and heart, I was hoping that it was Noah, and the possibility that it could be so thrilled me to no end. Ohhh, right. That was why I had this ring on my finger.

It was because despite every negative feeling I had ever felt toward Noah, I loved him more than I could even fully comprehend and wanted more than anything to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man. Talk about an “Ohhhh, right!” moment.

My phone rang again and I was suddenly seized by the realization that it had probably rang several times while I was lost in thought. Oops!

“Hello?” I answered, slightly breathless since I had whipped out my phone at ninja-like speeds.

“Hello, beautiful,” came Noah’s smooth, confident voice through the phone. I could almost see him smiling bemusedly. “Did you have to get through a maze to find the phone? …a maze with angry gnomes in it, perhaps?” he asked, clearly grinning as he spoke.

“NO. Maybe I just have a really busy life and I couldn’t get to the phone right away. Ever think about that? Hmmmm?” I asked, putting my free hand on my hip in annoyance.

“…..the gnomes didn’t hurt you, did they?” he asked, concerned.


He laughed uproariously, which was such an amusing sound on its own that I found myself smiling in spite of myself.

“You know I was kidding, babe. I was just calling to see how you’re doing…and to confirm that we’ll meet at 2?”

I paused for a moment as any annoyance I had left me, leaving behind only a smile. I felt warmed by the fact that not only had he been sweet enough to check in on me, but also because of what would happen at 2. …no no, not THAT, get your mind out of the gutter! OUR WEDDING. Althoughstuffmayhappenafterward.

That’s correct! Noah and I had decided to have our own, private little wedding and were going to meet on a secluded little peninsula Noah had shown me to exchange our vows and rings. My heart began to beat double-time. I couldn’t believe this was happening so fast. So sometimes, yes, I did have my moments where I would wonder what the heck I was doing, but in the end, it would just feel…right. It wasn’t too fast at all, I realized, but rather the perfect pace.


“Oh, yes! Of course!” I said quickly, realizing that I had been silent for an uneasy amount of time. “Gosh, do you really have doubts?” I inquired, surprised.

“Well I didn’t…but then you weren’t responding and I did have a teensy moment….” Noah said uneasily, although he laughed.

“Nothing could keep me away,” I affirmed, my heart filling with happiness.

“Not even angry gnomes?”

“Not even angry gnomes! I would vanquish them with a clear swing of my leg and a tennis shoe kick to the face!”

“Wouldn’t that make them angrier?”

“Noahhhhhhhhhh,” I groaned. “You’re ruining this cute moment!”

“I am not; I’m enhancing it by being concerned for your well-being. If you anger the gnomes even more they might, I don’t know, throw you in a pool and build walls around you so you can’t get out!”

“Touché, I’ll see you at 2.”

“At 2. I love you.”

“I love you, too…haha 2….”

“Oh my god….”

“Hahahahahahaha, bye!”

I hung up the phone feeling completely gleeful. I practically skipped into my bedroom to begin getting ready. I felt like a Disney princess- only minus the talking animals and remarkably choreographed songs. Oh, and no one wanted to put my heart into a chest, or lock me in an attic so I couldn’t retrieve my shoe, or steal my voice and my man. So really, in many ways, I felt even better than a Disney princess. Those poor young women….

It took hours to do my hair, makeup, and get my dress on right- partly because it was actually complicated, and partly because I wasn’t used to dressing up like this and thus made mistakes like stabbing myself in the eye with my mascara and nearly getting strangled by my dress as I struggled to disentangle myself from it. Who knew a garment could be so dangerous?

But finally, finally, I was ready, and more than that, I was here, and it was 2, and I was walking across the sand, the soft, warm grains between my toes, and Noah was there, looking as if he had been smacked in the head with a plank of wood.

Wait, what?

“Are you okay?” I asked uneasily as I approached, looking him over carefully for signs of dents or splinters.

“Yeah…yeah, of course,” Noah said, at first in a daze, but then a little more confidently. “I was just….stunned by the beauty before me….”

I blushed. “Oh Noah….”

“What? Look, the sun is in just the perfect spot in the sky to reflect off the waterfall there, and it looks like-

“What?!” I asked, embarrassed and turning redder than my hair.

Noah grinned. “I’m kidding. What sun? What waterfall? Nothing could be more beautiful than you are right now.”

“Nice save….I’ll accept it.”

Noah laughed and I smiled as we took each others hands and walked down the beach to the water. I could honestly say that this was the new, happiest moment of my entire life. I couldn’t even fathom any moment being happier.

“Aubrey…I used up most of my best work proposing to you, but I’m going to give this vow thing a try,” Noah began, giving me a dashing smile. I laughed and he took my hands in his, holding them gently. “So here it goes. Sometimes on TV or in movies, when a truly astonishing event occurs, time seems to go in slow motion and everything except that thing that caught your attention blurs away. Now, I always saw it as a trick of the camera for dramatic effect, but when I first laid eyes on you, everything in my world faded to a haze except you, and time moved so slowly that I feared for a moment that the Earth’s rotation itself had slowed….”

“Noahhhhhhh,” I said, half-groaning, half-ecstatically happy. I was blushing so hard I could feel the heat rising from my cheeks.

“No, seriously,” he laughed, holding my hands tighter and looking into my eyes. “I knew from that moment that I would spend the rest of my life with you. ….so, you know, it’s a good thing you turned out to be so wonderful because that would have sucked if you were an unpleasant person.” I laughed again, but before I could respond, he continued. “Basically, what I’m saying to you is…I love you will all of my heart and I promise that I will stand by your side forever, through the good times, and the bad, and everything between. My world is so much brighter now that you’re in it.”

I sniffed and took a breath, trying to keep myself from crying as I shakily began my own vows. “Noah…your smile made me want to punch you in the face; your confidence made me want to trip you so you fell into a ditch; your smart-aleck tongue made me want to scream at the top of my lungs…and then also punch you in the face; but despite all these urges to punch you in the face or otherwise cause you bodily harm, I could never bring myself to do so. Not because it felt wrong, because at those times I felt you were totally deserving of it, but because something in my heart stopped me from doing so.”

I took another breath, eyeing Noah for a moment, who was looking at me bemusedly once again. I smiled, squeezed his hand, and then continued. “That something in my heart was the same reason why I felt infinitely happy when I was with you, and why when I was without you, you were never far from my mind. Turns out that something in my heart was love…and not actually a burning hatred, or a high moral ethic against punching people,” I grinned. “It just took me awhile to figure out…and I apparently needed a little help.”

“And plenty of these smiles, am I right?” Noah asked, casting me one of his signature grins.

“You’re interrupting!” I cried out, although I couldn’t keep the laughter out of my voice. He pressed his lips together, so I spoke once more. “Noah, I promise that I will stick with you through the good times, and the bad, and everything between,” I said, repeating his words with a smile. “I love you, too.”

“So do you, Aubrey Winters, take I, Noah Danes, to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Noah asked, smiling as always as he held up my ring.

“I do.” He slipped the ring onto my finger.

“And do you, Noah Danes, take I, Aubrey Winters, to be your lawfully wedded wife?” I asked, holding up his ring.

“I do.” I slipped the ring onto his finger.

“I now pronounce us Aubrey and Noah Winters,” he grinned. “I daresay that the bride and groom may kiss now, do you agree, my lady?” Noah asked in a terrible British accent.

In response, I threw myself onto him, and we shared the most passionate, sweetest kiss that we had ever shared.

After our private little ceremony, Noah and I walked hand in hand back to m- our home. It wasn’t a long walk and we wanted to relish every moment of this most perfect day. The closer we got to the house though, the more butterflies formed in my stomach, until by the time Noah carried me across the threshold I was pretty sure I was going to explode and a swarm of butterflies was just going to go bursting out of my remains.

“Are you okay?” Noah asked, his brow furrowed in concern as he carried me into the bedroom. He placed me on our bed and kissed my forehead.

“Yes, of course,” I said, my voice higher than usual. “I’m just….nervous,” I admitted, looking up at Noah and giving him an awkward smile.

He smiled back and walked around the bed, getting on the other side and sitting beside me. “Hmmm, whatever would you be nervous about?” he asked, running a finger softly down my cheek.

I shivered and felt my blood heat up, but my nerves were worse than ever. “Um, well, you know….this,” I said pointedly, looking meaningfully at the bed and then at him. My cheeks were simply on fire. This was so embarrassing.

“You don’t like the color?” Noah asked, concerned.


He burst out laughing. “I know, I know. I just wanted to hear you say it,” he grinned, laying his head back on the pillow and looking at me innocently.

I sighed. “I’m serious, Noah. I feel like I’m going to explode from nerves,” I said, my vision growing slightly blurry as I felt tears begin to form. Oh no, now I was ruining everything! “I just- I’ve never done this before and I- I don’t know! I mean I know, I just don’t know, you know?”

“I know,” Noah said, and this time he sounded serious too. “I honestly haven’t either,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Noah D- er- Winters, the extraordinary woman charmer, has not- you know what?” I asked in a hiss, my eyes wide as I stared at him in bewilderment.

“Just because women find me charming does not mean that I have ever composed a song for a llama, Aubrey! That doesn’t even make sense!”


“That’s what you’re talking about, right?”


“Why won’t you say it?” Noah asked, amused. “A wise person one said ‘fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself’, you know?” he said with a wink.

“Well that saying worked with Voldemort, but it doesn’t work with s-s-THAT!”

“Sssssss? Sssss? Ssssss?”

“I don’t speak parseltongue!”

Noah looked confused for a second and then burst out into laughter. I couldn’t help it…his laughter was contagious, so I laughed too.

“Alright, alright, sex. Sex, sex, sex. I’ve never had SEX!” I burst out, half-panicking.

“I’ve never had sex either! SEX!” Noah burst out, even louder. I looked at him in shock and then started laughing hysterically. I swear, something in me had just…broken and no matter what I could not stop laughing, and neither could he. He was practically rolling around on the bed laughing hysterically. It was just one of those moments where the thing wasn’t even necessarily that funny, but at the same time, IT REALLY WAS.

“I can’t breath!” I cried out between giggles, holding my stomach and tearing up from laughing so hard.

“Me either! Okay, okay, horrible, terrible, thoughts. Death by electrocution. Death by fire. Death by drowning. Death by a freak meteorite accident!” Noah cried out, sitting up and trying to catch his breath.

I sat up as well and took deep breaths. Those were indeed sobering thoughts. “Okay, okay. I’m alright. Whew. I’m- I’m okay.” I fought back a giggle. “Totally cool.”

“How do you feel now?” Noah asked, looking over at me once he thought it was safe enough to do so without our both exploding into laughter again.

“Totally calm. Not going to laugh again,” I said with a smile and a fervent nod.

“Calm? No more nerves?”

I hesitated for a moment and then realized that the answer was yes. Somehow I felt ten times less nervous. I mean, I was still a little nervous, but now it was the good kind of nerves, the kind that get you excited and looking forward to something to come.

So once again, I answered with a passionate kiss, moving atop Noah and pinning him on his back. His hands moved to my waist and it seemed that simple action ignited something in me, because I began kissing him more fervently, more ardently, more….feverishly, until suddenly I began very aware of the fact that we were wearing far too much and that I wasn’t touching nearly as much of Noah as I wanted to be.

So we remedied that. And Noah gently pulled away after a moment, and he laid me down on my back, and my stomach filled with nervous butterflies again, but they were quickly quelled once his lips returned to mine, and not so long afterward…..

Well, I’ll just say that I never knew humans were possible of reaching such great heights.

I’m thinking it’s a sign, that the freckles
In our eyes are mirror images, and when
We kiss they’re perfectly aligned.

And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay….

They will see us waving from such great
Heights, ‘come down now,’ they’ll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
‘come down now,’ but we’ll stay….


A/N: Yay! Marriages! I hope you guys liked that! =) I was originally going to have the wedding and such be a short part of this chapter, but as I was writing the characters made it quite known to me that they wanted more than that, so this is what happened- one sugary sweet, extra fluffy chapter devoted to Aubrey and Noah’s love! =D Next up? Well, I’m not going to spoil it, but this is still a legacy.

Thanks so much as always for reading. I really appreciate it and absolutely love to read your comments ^_^ Happy Simming!

(Song is Such Great Heights By: The Postal Service. I do NOT own it or the lyrics!!)


34 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4: Such Great Heights”

  1. This story just keeps getting better and better! You really have a gift for dialogue…still loving the back-and-forth between these two. I lol’d so much at their “first time.” Can’t wait for more!

  2. aw, i love these two together! noah is such a riot! i loved the harry potter references btw 🙂 ”
    Well that saying worked with Voldemort, but it doesn’t work with s-s-THAT!”
    haha! loved it

  3. This was the nicest (and extra sugary sweet) wedding! I loved the vows they exchanged and the picture of them walking in the sand was awesome! I really love your writing style!

  4. I really love the wedding, plus I love the “Postal Service”. They pretty much rule. 🙂 You have inspired me to start my own sims legacy, because…well it’s never too late to start, right?

  5. LOL. Their wedding was so cute and informal, Aubrey’s vows were priceless with her wanting to punch Noah in the face so much. XD That is definitely a very Aubrey thing to say at a wedding. LOL. I’m kind of glad you did the “sex is awkward” for them because I think people always have this magical idea of how the first time will be, when in reality, it’s pretty awkward to do something like that for the first time. XD

    1. I loved their wedding ❤ The waterfall made for a perfect backdrop. Of course, no wedding would have been complete without Aubrey's temper flaring up, lmao.

      It totally is awkward so I figured it would be especially awkward for someone who had little experience with relationships in the first place. Plus, it also plays into her childish trait that she couldn't bring herself to have a mature conversation about sex XD

      Thanks for all your comments so far! ^_^

  6. Those two are chatty!! That was the about the longest vow(s) I’ve ever read. But they were super cute! And such a perfect wedding in front of the waterfall.

    And then in the bedroom, still super chatty! LOL. I think they are perfect for each other. And I love a funny dialogue!

    I remember that song, I used to listen to it a lot but I had honestly forgotten all about it. Nice to hear it again (yes I had to turn it on).

    1. LOL yes, I figure for those two chatterboxes long vows sounded about right. Plus since it was just for the two of them, they could go on a bit without worrying ^_^

      They do suit each other well; the goofballs, hehehe.

      I always forget about that song too until I look back at this chapter. On that note, you’re onto something there–time for another listen! XD

  7. #HarryPotterForeplayIsTheBestKindOfForeplay

    I wasn’t sure how to coherently sum up my feelings, since it’s three in the morning, and it’s generally not considered proper to scream joyfully that I FREAKING LOVE HARRY POTTER REFERENCES in the comments section, so I composed the five pounds you see above, despite it being a bit peculiar that I’m replying with things primarily seen on Twitter and Instagram. 🙂

    I’m excited to read more and oooo, it is a *legacy*, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, I’m eager to see if what I’m assuming that means is what it actually means, haha 😉

    1. OMG if you love Harry Potter references you are absolutely going to die in the best way possible come Generation Two! I’m already looking forward to seeing your responses as thus far I’ve loved all your comments to pieces, lol.

      #GoingToBed? #MindIfISlytherin?

      XD ❤

    1. Hahahahah, right? My awkward little ducks :3

      Oh my gosh though this was so long ago that I had to re-read exactly what Aubrey’s vows were and LOL OMG I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WRITING THIS BUT YOU’RE RIGHT: BEST VOWS EVER, LOL. Remind me to let Aubrey inspire my eventual vows too, lmao XD

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