Chapter 1.6: When the Bough Breaks

Chapter 6 When the Bough Breaks

A/N: Welcome back everyone! I have finished chapter 6, yay! AND chapter 7! Double yay! Just like with Book 6 and 7 of Harry Potter though, chapter 6 and 7 of this generation are essentially the same chapter, but putting them together would have made one way too long chapter, so I made the decision to split them. That’s why this one ends so suddenly too. Hopefully it ends up okay though =) Enjoy!



“Say dada,” Noah said clearly, sitting directly in front of Buttercup so that he had her full attention.

“Nice try, but you know she’s going to say ‘mama’ first,” I called from the garden, a smile on my face.

“Pfft. You’ll see,” Noah said challengingly, redoubling his efforts with our little daughter. “Dada! Say dada!”

“Ma?” Buttercup cooed questioningly, turning her head to the side.

“Damn it!” Noah cursed as I started cracking up in the background. Little did Noah know, I had been working with Buttercup all morning to get her to learn that. I still can’t describe well enough how wondrous it was to hear that simple little syllable uttered.

“Damn!” Buttercup imitated gleefully, looking positively ecstatic with herself.

“Oh shit!”




I stood up in annoyance and looked over the fence at Noah, who was doubled over with his hands over his head in a protective position. “Don’t hurt me!” he cried out. “It was an accident!”

Buttercup started giggling uncontrollably. “Dada! Dada! Dada!” she babbled, hitting Noah on the head playfully.

Noah popped up so fast that Buttercup jumped with fright, her eyes filling with tears, but before she could cry Noah began to cheer enthusiastically. “YAY!!! That’s right! Dada! You said dada! Did you hear that, Aubrey!?”

“I did,” I acquiesced, though there was still a smile on my face. “Certainly better than a curse word,” I said, narrowing my eyes at Noah. Buttercup seemed to have already forgotten the words though because she was so overcome by the giggles. I loved our little angel so much.


Still smiling, I returned to my gardening. I was about halfway through my pregnancy, but just like last time, I wasn’t going to let that slow me down. Now more than ever Noah and I needed to sell as many goods as possible to make ends meet. Unfortunately, with a toddler to take care of and teach, we didn’t have nearly as much time as we used to. In fact, Noah had actually stayed home a few days now to help me out. I couldn’t appreciate it enough, but I realized that that was less money that we were getting when things were already tight.



Still, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing and somehow we were still managing to avoid a visit from the repo man. Any money that didn’t go to bills and food went to our dear Buttercup. We saved enough to not only buy her a xylophone, but a peg set and a doll house as well!

The first time Buttercup figured out how to make a noise on the xylophone her eyes went all wide and she looked downright alarmed, but soon afterward she was playing like a pro. At first, her ‘songs’ were just a cavalcade of horrible notes that didn’t go at all together and made Noah and I deeply regret our purchase, but after awhile (and a little help from Noah and I), she began to create simple tunes on it that actually sounded pretty good. She seemed to be a natural with it and would play on it for hours, not stopping unless she got hungry or tired.

We began to dream of Buttercup becoming a famous musician, but we realized that first she probably needed to learn how to use the potty.



This was an interesting feat, as whenever we put Buttercup on her little potty she would give us a look that seemed to say clearly “You want me to do what now?” She was reluctantly picking up on it though. We just had to keep praising her and commenting on how she was such a good, big girl now.

Sometimes saying that made me sad though. My little princess really was growing up so fast.




In fact, she was even starting to walk now! It was a bit of a slow process, but Buttercup seemed thrilled with her progress and was always eager to go outside with me and practice.

“Mama, I big girl!” Buttercup cried out as she walked over to me all by herself. She fell forward upon reaching me and I caught her quickly, but she still seemed to be beyond thrilled at her accomplishment.

“Yes you are! You’re mama’s big girl!”

“Mama big!” she giggled then, putting her hands on my ever growing stomach.

“Yes, you’re going to be a big sister,” I smiled. “Are you going to be a good big sister and help take care of the baby?”

“I good big sista!” she beamed. “Now ‘gain, mama! Walk! Walk!”

I set her down on the ground again, backing up so she could walk toward me once more. I really hoped that Buttercup would react well to her new little baby brother or sister. Noah and I had explained it to her the best we could and even read stories to her about it, but we weren’t sure exactly how much she understood. I was worried that once the baby was born, she would get jealous that she had to share our attention with him or her. So far though, she seemed to be happy at the prospect. I only hoped that happiness would stay.


Noah and I were certainly happy. Once again, he was the ever attentive and doting father, finding any excuse to place his hands on my stomach.

“I think it’s another girl,” Noah mused, rubbing my belly gently and positively beaming.

“Really? I get the feeling it’s a boy this time,” I mused. I didn’t really know why I thought that though, because there was no way to tell. It was probably just what I wanted- it would be nice to have one of each.


“What’s that little baby? You say you’re a girl? Well, that settles it,” Noah said triumphantly, standing up after ‘listening’ to my stomach.

“Oh so the baby talks already?” I asked with a laugh.


“Yup. Oh, and the baby says that you should give daddy more attention,” he said, wrapping his arms around me and giving me a meaningful look.

“Oh really?” I asked, blushing and unable to keep the smile off of my face. “Are you sure that’s the baby talking and not a certain randy daddy?”

“I may have gotten them mixed up,” Noah admitted, leaning his head down to trail kisses down my neck. I hummed softly, turning my head to the side some to allow him more access. “Would it make a difference?” he murmured against my skin, pressing his lips now to my collar bone.

“Maybe,” I teased.


Noah laughed softly and then placed his hand upon my arm, steadying me as he placed a soft, but passionate kiss upon my lips. Tingles shot down my spine and warmth flooded my veins.

“Does it still?” he murmured, running his hand gently up my side now and turning me into jelly.

“Dear plumbob no,” I rushed out as Noah’s hand found my thigh. He smiled and took me by the hand, gently leading me into the bedroom.

He didn’t have to. I would have followed him anywhere.


After an, er- eventful evening, I was dead asleep when I was suddenly woke up soaked. What the-? For a split second I thought Noah had thrown a bucket of water on me for who knows what reason, but once again I realized the truth- baby number two was on the way.

Now where was Noah?

I got out of bed to go find him, but quickly found myself seized by a rather intense contraction. Oh no! It was happening all over again! Noah was gone and I was going to have to give birth in the midst of fishbowls again!

“NOAH!!!” I screamed, tears forming quickly in my eyes. “The baby is coming!!”


Noah immediately ran into the room, Buttercup on his hip. “Oh my god, let me call the babysitter,” he said, rushing out of the room.

I nodded and concentrated on breathing in and out, trying to refocus my thoughts from the overwhelming pain. In case you were wondering if it hurt any less the second time around, the answer is NO.

Noah must have been pretty quick with the phone calls, because before I knew it a babysitter was arriving and Noah was helping me into a taxi. The ride to the hospital was stressful, but it was short at least. ….probably partly because the taxi driver floored it in her panic, which didn’t seem to be very safe, but I had no time to worry about that. This baby wanted to come out now!


“Ready, babe?” Noah asked as we arrived at the hospital, taking a hold of my hand.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said with a nod and a grimace as I felt another contraction coming on.

And so Noah helped me into the hospital where we were promptly taken in. It was hours and hours later, just before sunset, that I finally gave birth to our second baby.

A beautiful baby boy.


Welcome to the world, precious baby Reed.


“You did it,” Noah whispered as we stood in the doorway of the babies’ room, watching them sleep. He rubbed my back softly and kissed the side of my head, looking like the proudest father in existence at that moment.

“I was also right,” I said sleepily, though I still managed a triumphant smile. “A baby boy.”

Noah laughed softly, continuing to rub my back. “Yes, you were right. Now could you give me a good set of lottery numbers?”

I laughed and shook my head, stepping out of the room to go to bed. Noah followed right behind me, cuddling up close to me as soon as we were in our pajamas and lying in bed.

And that night we fell asleep as the proud parents of not just one perfect child, but two. Life was beautiful.


Or at least that was what I had to keep reminding myself as one stressful thing happened after another. For one, it seemed that we had forgotten just how much work a little baby required, because it felt like every other hour one of us were having to get up or stop what were doing to tend to Reed. Don’t get us wrong, we loved him more than anything, but what with Buttercup to take care of also and our ever impending bills to earn money for, life was getting downright stressful.


As if the babies weren’t enough to take care of, the shower also decided to be stupid and break on us, angrily shooting water out of the pipes 24/7.

“Turn the wrench to the right!” I instructed in annoyance.

“I can’t even see the wrench; the goddamn shower keeps shooting water into my EYE!”


Of course, the sink decided to be horrible and break too soon after that, vomiting water ALL over the bathroom and flooding it.

“To the right!” Noah shouted, shielding his eyes from the erupting water.

“I CAN’T SEE!” >:O


“Bye bye food!” Buttercup said gleefully, flinging great globs of oatmeal across the kitchen and laughing joyously.

“No, Buttercup, NO!” I cried out.



“I got him, I got him!” Noah cried out, running toward the noise of our screaming, hungry baby.

I groaned as Buttercup started screaming too, apparently decided a screaming match was an awesome idea at that moment.

“QUIT IT!” I screamed angrily, snapping at Buttercup before I could even think it through.

Buttercup went quiet and then her lower lip quivered before she burst out into tears. I had never yelled at her before.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry!” I cried, scooping her up. “I’m sorry! Mama didn’t mean to scream. I’m so sorry.” Buttercup sniffled as I snuggled her close to me, feeling absolutely horrible. All at once all of my previous fears came back at being a horrible mother because of my terrible temper.

I was snapped out of my fears though when I felt Buttercup kiss me on the cheek. “It’s okay, mama. I wuv you,” she said, throwing her arms around my neck now and hugging me. Oh god, how could I have yelled at such a wonderful little baby?


To make it up to her, I had Buttercup pick out her favorite book and we sat down to read it. It was also a good distraction from how terrible I still felt. Buttercup seemed to be perfectly fine now, but that didn’t get rid of the guilt I felt.

I needed to be more careful. I never wanted to lose my temper like that in front of my kids ever again.



That night, when Noah and I were spending some rare time alone together, I confessed to him what had happened.

“And I just feel so bad,” I whispered miserably, leaning against Noah. He cuddled me close to him and kissed me on the side of the head.

“Babe, it’s okay. Everyone loses their temper once in awhile. There was a lot going on,” Noah said comfortingly.

“I guess,” I mumbled, avoiding his gaze.

“Hey,” Noah said softly, gently taking my chin and turning my head to look him in the eyes. “I mean it. We all have our moments. As long as it doesn’t become a frequent habit, it’s okay. Seriously, do you know how many times my parents screamed at us or us at them when us five boys were growing up?” Noah asked with a laugh. “But it was never ill-intended or excessive. It just happens. I know you feel bad, but don’t beat yourself up over this.”

“If you say so,” I said, still not entirely convinced. Although, if I had to be honest, I could name plenty of times when my parents snapped at me or vise versa and I still had a good relationship with them. Heck, I’d probably still visit them frequently if I didn’t live so far away now. “Alright,” I acceded.




Noah smiled and kissed me. “I think you’re doing a wonderful job. Look how happy Buttercup and Reed are. You’re a great mother.”

“And you’re a great father,” I said seriously, meeting his eyes. “I don’t think I could do this without you.”

“Well, you’ll never have to do that. You’re pretty much stuck with me for life,” Noah said with a grin.

“Oh gosh, how will I stand it?” I asked teasingly, shaking my head.

“Like this,” Noah said, looking at me for a moment and then capturing my lips in a heated kiss which I quickly returned.

And well, let’s just say anything else that was said that night was best kept between Noah and I….


A/N: Continue to chapter 7 =D


17 thoughts on “Chapter 1.6: When the Bough Breaks”

  1. I loved the way your writing during the stressful time was perfect to portray frenzy and stress. It reminded me of watching a movie, where it cuts scenes quickly from one crazy thing to the next. It really painted a great image of how frustrating things could get for Aubrey and Noah. Yay, a boy and a girl on the first 2 tries! Now I’m wondering if their alone time will add another…On to the next chapter!

    1. Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I was trying to do ^_^

      And I know! I was surprised when I got the boy and girl so easily. In other sim saves I have I frequently get 3 boys in a row or 3 girls or have to intervene with apples and watermelons to get what I want, but this time I didn’t have to do anything! =D Definitely got lucky there ^_^ Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the next chapter too!

  2. Your writing style is fantastic. I really love the interactions between Noah and Aubrey. The scene where Noah is teaching Buttercup to talk was precious. I think every parent accidentally curses in front of their toddler and the toddler picks it up and uses the word exactly at the wrong moment. I can totally relate to that.

    Reed is one of my favorite boy names (next to my own son’s). I can’t wait to see how cute he is.

  3. Reed is a name I really like…but my husband doesn’t so I guess we’ll never use it in real life…
    I have a feeling baby #3 is on its way…and I think you captured perfectly the mommy boiling over that happens every so often when little kids are involved.

    1. Thanks so much! ^_^

      Also, adopt a puppy/kitty and name it Reed! I’ve always thought Aristotle was an awesome name, but realize it may not be great for a kid, so I plan on adopting a big fluffy cat and naming him Aristotle instead, hehe.

  4. When I saw the title, I thought of “when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall” and I thought Buttercup was gonna die :O
    Luckily I was just being morbid 😉 x

  5. Very well done! You conveyed the stress of everything happening at once so perfectly!

    Also, this cracked me up completely: “We began to dream of Buttercup becoming a famous musician, but we realized that first she probably needed to learn how to use the potty.”

  6. Oh man… I don’t envy Aubrey or Noah at all. LOL. No offense to them, but like screaming babies and broken plumbing, yeah, I’m glad I’m not in their situation. XD
    Ha… Aubrey, it’s completely fine, darling. People’s parents yell at them, it’s necessary, in my opinion. Yelling for no reason is of course, dumb, but if I’m being a dumb child and misbehaving (ie, screaming for no reason), I should be yelled at by a parent. Those who coddle end up with misbehaved, terror children that no one wants to be around. I think her temper is her greatest tool as a parent, she just needs to use it appropriately, and she’ll be an awesome mom.

    1. It is totally necessary! I mean, as long as it’s not for no logical reason or said with ill-intent (like insulting) or excessively done, but of course you’re going to raise your voice when your kid is misbehaving! Otherwise you never set boundaries and you get well, the terror child, like you said. As long as she manages it appropriately, she’ll be a great mom ^_^

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. “We began to dream of Buttercup becoming a famous musician, but we realized that first she probably needed to know how to use the potty.” – A truer statement has never been written; I love your way of writing. 🙂

  8. Welcome to the world Reed! He’ll do great with such wonderful parents and a precious sister! Still the perfect family! I love it how they manage, even in tough situations!

  9. Oh man, for a half a second there I thought Noah was going to miss the birth again XD
    A new baby! Now we’ve got a boy and girl, and a musicaly talented girl at that.
    Let’s hope their nightly excapades don’t lead to a third one…I have a feeling everything would start crashing if they had a third baby.
    Great chapter 😀

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