Chapter 1.10: As the Sun Sets, the Moon Rises

Chapter 10 As the Sun Sets

A/N: Welcome back to Different Winters, where we’ve come to the end of the first Generation. Yup, you read right, this is the last chapter for Generation 1 D= So bittersweet!!! At least for me =( But without further ado, the end of the first of many….



No longer, no longer
What you ask
Strange steps
Heels turn black

The cinders, the cinders
They light the paths
And these strange steps
Take us back, take us back


Flow sweetly, hang heavy
You suddenly complete me
You suddenly complete me


As you might have guessed, ever since Buttercup got her guitar she was rarely found without it. She would go to school in the morning, of course, come back, do her homework, and then run right upstairs to play. At first, this was actually rather unpleasant, as her “playing” sounded more like a llama was stomping all over her guitar, but after awhile she started to get the hang of it and now instead of plucks and out of key twangs, I was actually hearing music- and she was good.

She had a really nice voice too, and the better she got, the more I actually started to think that her dream of being a superstar might not be so unrealistic after all.




Today though, Buttercup was downstairs and joining in the celebration of two birthdays- Reed’s AND Aspen’s! Already!?! I know…I felt the exact same way. Time needed to take a large chill pill and slow the heck down already! Since it showed no sign of doing so though, I invited over all of the kids’ and our friends and we decided to make a big bash out of it.



“HAW HAW, you look even more like Harry Potter!”

….who invited that kid? On that note, WHO IS THAT KID?

Er yeah, anyway, Reed went first and grew up into a very handsome young man. I shot Noah a glance, who already looked resigned to his fate- he’d have to give Reed the talk now for sure. I felt sympathetic…but not overly so, because just the other day I had had to give Buttercup the talk and well, it went as good as it could I guess (“OH MY GOD MOM. WHY!? ….NO DON’T USE YOU AND DAD AS AN EXAMPLE!”), but was still really awkward. On that note, perhaps I should give Noah some pointers…nahhhhhhh he’ll figure it out!



Next up was our dear little Aspen! This birthday was definitely a lot harder for me, as it meant there would be no more babies in the house, but on the other, it was also happy because, well, THERE WOULD BE NO MORE BABIES IN THE HOUSE.


“Make a wish, honey!”

“I wish….for wobots! Lots of wobots! A biiiiig awmy of wobots!”




Aspen also grew up into a very handsome little boy, and it was clear that Reed had had an influence on him, because of course the first thing he did was grab a huge slice of cake.

I sighed sadly as everyone began to file into the house with cake…all my children would be in school now and the house would be so quiet. I had pretty much forgotten what it was like even. Would it be creepy? Uncomfortable? Or a relief? What would I do with all of my extra free time?

“Coming, babe?” Noah asked with a handsome grin, holding up two plates of cake.

I shook my head to snap myself out of my thoughts. I needed to not dwell on it! They weren’t leaving home yet…I had time. “Yeah, be there in a second,” I said, picking up any dishes that were left outside. Of course, as soon as I turned the corner, I came across a bit of a surprise.



“You know, I’ve…I’ve never met another girl like you…you’re- well, you’re something else. Uh, I mean- like, you know- in a good way!”

Buttercup laughed softly and smiled. “Well, you’re something else too. You know, in a good way,” she said, a twinkle in her eyes.

“Heh…I’m…I’m glad you feel that way because I-” the boy Buttercup was talking to suddenly stopped as he heard a twig snap (oops…) and looked in my direction, startled. “Oh crap! I mean- hah, h-h-h-hi Mrs. Winters!”



Buttercup blushed deeply as the young man ran off, avoiding my glance. “Uh, sorry about that, mom,” she said apprehensively, clearly embarrassed and unsure of how I would react.

I smirked though, watching him run off and then looking toward my daughter. “Just remember, waiting is best, but if you must, no love without the glo-“



Once we cleaned up after the rather, well, eventful, party and all of our guests went home, Noah and I found ourselves alone in a quiet kitchen as the kids had all passed out. I had already told him the news about Buttercup and Kain (I got the name out of her after promising not to rhyme “love” with “glove” ever again), which he actually took pretty well besides his eye twitching slightly, and we’d moved on to chatting about other topics, just catching up in this rare time together.

“Hey, before I forget, I was wondering…how ‘bout you and me ditch the kids for a night sometime and spend some time by ourselves?” Noah asked, waggling his eyebrows suggestively at me.

“Oh great parent you are!” I exclaimed, although I couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, in all seriousness, we could ask Buttercup and Reed to watch over Aspen and go out. We haven’t had time to ourselves in ages…we could go out to dinner…take a moonlight stroll…not come back until after the kids are asleep….” he trailed off, raising an eyebrow at me and smirking.

I giggled and blushed- hey, I couldn’t help it! Noah never failed to make me go weak at my knees. “Well…I suppose that’d be alright,” I relented, though I felt somewhat odd about it. After all, we hadn’t left the kids alone, well, since Buttercup was born!

“It’ll be fine,” Noah assured, reading the look on my face. “Really,” he smiled, cupping my face in his hands and kissing my lips passionately.


Well, I didn’t need anymore convincing after that…that’s for sure.



It took a little while to figure out a good night to do it, as it seemed like Buttercup and Reed were always “busy” and groaned at the idea of having to stay home to watch Aspen, but we finally did get them to agree to enjoy a night in and immediately made our plans.

I dressed up for the first time in a longtime, once again having difficulties with the more complicated aspects of doing so- namely putting on mascara and eyeliner. I’m sorry, but having a sharp pencil that close to your eye? Horrifying. Buttercup actually came in and helped me though, an expert with the eyeliner herself. I guess she liked it because it added to the “look” she was going for, but she kept it very modest, so I was fine with it.

After what felt like forever, I was ready and excitement began to bubble up in my stomach as if it were a first date. Jeez. It really had been a long time since Noah and I had gotten to go out.


“Still got it, mom,” Buttercup approved with a nod. “Dad’ll love it. Now get! I plan to take over the living room and annoy Reed by playing my guitar really loudly.”

“Thanks…please don’t have us come home to find you guys have killed each other though, mm’k?”

“Can’t make any promises, mom,” Buttercup said solemnly. “But I’ll try.”

Oh, Buttercup, always the kidder. ….I think.


“Wow! You look…stunning,” Noah remarked, his eyes wide as I walked out into the living room.

“Thanks…you don’t look so bad yourself,” I said with a smile, my cheeks pink.

“BLARGH!” Aspen cried out.

“GAG!” Reed choked.

“Awww….” Buttercup cooed.

“Er yeah…we should get going,” I said with a laugh, ignoring Reed and Aspen in the corner pretending to throw up.

“Definitely…my loving snookum wookums!”


“Oh you stud muffin you!”



Noah and I left the house laughing and were still giggling when we got into the taxi. Once we arrived at the Bistro where we planned to have dinner, we had to take a few deep breaths in order to steady ourselves.

Having made reservations earlier, we were seated immediately and you know, it wasn’t until we sat down that it all fully hit me- for this one night, we were finally completely alone together and had the night entirely to ourselves. It felt wonderful.

“You know, I’m really glad you suggested this,” I said, looking over at Noah with a smile.



Noah smiled back and then his face took on a more serious expression. “And I’m really glad that you moved to Neverglade, Aubrey. I’ll never forget that day when I saw you bouncing out of that grocery store, singing,” he said, the smile returning to his lips. “I swear I’d never seen a more beautiful girl before.”

I could feel my cheeks burning at his words before I smiled and returned the compliment. “I’m also really glad that you talked to me…even if you did make me want to punch you in the face most of the time,” I admitted with a laugh.


“But you know something?” I added. “Even though you annoyed the heck out of me…you were never far from my mind. There was just…something about you, I guess. Something that my heart noticed way before my brain did, apparently.”

Noah laughed. “Hey, I’m just glad your heart eventually told you! I mean…I figured you didn’t actually hate me, but…I really wasn’t sure,” Noah admitted.



“Hey, neither was I,” I teased. “Still, I was so glad when I ran into you that time at the park. Even if you did scare the living daylights out me.”

“Pfft, YOU scared the living daylights out of ME! Who screams like that anyway!?

“Hey, I was scared!” I retorted in defense of my unnatural shriek that day. “And besides…you seem to have a talent for making me scream,” I added with a suggestive wink.

Noah choked on the water he was drinking and spit it across the table, much to my delight and the waiter’s disgust. I practically doubled over in laughter and had a hard time calming down, but once I did I noticed Noah smirking.

“Classy, m’lady. Classy,” he remarked.

“I thought so,” I grinned.



“…I loved when you joined me at the lake, you know? Even though our talking scared off most of the fish…it didn’t matter. Zero fish was worth far more than a hundred on those days.”

“I liked those days too,” I murmured. “I always felt…right, when I was with you. You know?”



“Yeah…I do know. That’s why I kissed you that day. It all just felt so…right.”

“I was so happy when you did…and then you asked me to marry you! Gosh, you were crazy, you know that?”

“Crazy in love,” Noah said with a playful waggle of his eyebrows.

“Oh god, the cliché!”

“But still so true…and hey, you said yes.”


“The wedding was perfect.”

“You’re perfect!”

“No, you’re perfect!”

“Oh no, no, you’re definitely-“

“Were you two planning on ordering anything anytime soon?” the waiter’s voice suddenly snapped abruptly, evidently having been trying to get our attention for awhile now.



“Oh, and when Buttercup was born and you were no where to be found!? Yeah, can’t forget that,” I said after we had ordered, continuing our reminiscing.

“Oh god,” Noah groaned, hiding his face in his hands for a moment. “You have no idea how BAD I felt. I tried to get there in time. I really did.”



“I know,” I said with a smile. “She still turned out to be beautiful.”

“Perfect really.”

“Perfect,” I agreed. “And then Reed…so glad you were there for him at least!”

“Yeah well, I made a point not to fish too far from home since that horrible mishap,” Noah admitted with a laugh. “I wasn’t about to miss another one!”



Noah sighed then. “I’m sorry about how I reacted with Aspen. I was such an asshole.”

“Hey, don’t bring that up! This is a happy occasion!” I protested, not wanting to see that pained look on Noah’s face ever again. “And hey, you know…it’s weird, but some good came out of it. I think in a way we needed that….”

“Mmm…I know you’re right. I just…still feel crummy about it.”

“Well don’t! You already apologized and I have forgiven and forgotten. Besides, I wasn’t too nice either, remember? I’m just glad you came back.”

Noah let out a brief laugh. “Of course I did. I never could have left.”



“They’re growing up so fast,” I whispered later into our dinner, pushing around the food on my plate. “It seems like only yesterday I brought them home from the hospital, and just minutes ago that we left Buttercup and Aspen playing Peek-A-Boo and comforted Reed about getting glasses….”

“I know,” Noah agreed, pushing around some food on his plate as well. “Now Buttercup and Reed are in high school and it won’t be long before Aspen joins them.”

“And then they’ll  move out…..”

“…get married…”

“….have kids….”

“We’ll become grandparents….”

“Gosh, we’re old,” I laughed, although I was only half-joking.

“Nah,” Noah said seriously. “We still have awhile before any of that happens and you know, when it does…that’ll just start a new chapter in our lives. A new, long, fulfilling chapter.”


“You always do know how to comfort me, Noah,” I said, looking up at him and smiling softly. He smiled back, reaching across the gap between us to take my hand in his.

“I’m glad…and looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.”

“And I with you. I’ve always meant it when I said I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I love you, Noah…more than words could ever fully convey,” I murmured, my throat growing tight as I squeezed his hand.

“And I love you, Aubrey, with every fiber of my being,” he said softly, his eyes growing shinier in the dim lighting as he returned my squeeze.



And I knew that he always would, just as I always would, because in this life we were eternal partners, there for each other every step of the way. Whether the steps be through meadows or rocky ravines, we would be there for each other- to steady one another if we tripped and to laugh about it afterward, always and forever.


I had come a long way from that temperamental eighteen year old who was sick of sky-rises and endless traffic, but in a way I was still her- just older, and wiser, and a lot more complete.

To think…it had all started with a single decision, a decision to move, to follow my heart, pursue my dreams and most of all- to write my own story, and I’ve never had a regret since. So if I could be granted just one more wish in life, it would be this: that my children, and their children, and their children’s children, and on and on until the end of time- will always have the courage, strength, and motivation to follow their own hearts, pursue their own dreams, and most of all, to write theirown stories.

I’m Aubrey Winters and although I won’t, my story- my legacy, will live on forever.

…because I said so!



A/N: Although I won’t be keeping official score (I’m mostly in this for the gameplay and story aspect), here’s the breakdown of this generation just for fun:


  • Grow a Garden with every type of plant from store- √
  • Get married, but no woohoo before married- √
  • Have a boy and a girl- √
  • Master Gardner Skill- √

Optional Objectives:

  • Catch Every Type of Fish- X
  • Marry a sim with “Loves the outdoors” or/and “Green Thumb” trait- √
  • Master Fisherman skill- X (nope, although Noah did =P)

Not too bad I’d say ^_^ But ahhh I can’t believe I’m already done with the first generation D= I’m really going to miss Aubrey and Noah! I mean, they won’t disappear completely, but you know what I mean =P It’ll definitely be different writing from a new POV, but I’m really excited about it too! …I only hope that you guys will like it! Thanks so much for reading as always and the next time you return- we’ll hopefully be getting down to BUSINESS. Har har, see what I did there? Winking smile


38 thoughts on “Chapter 1.10: As the Sun Sets, the Moon Rises”

  1. Gosh I just love, love, love how you wrapped up this generation by having Noah and Aubrey reminisce about their lives together. It seriously brought me to the point of tears!

    I laughed at Aubrey’s hints about her “talk” with Buttercup…oh, boy, as a parent, that’s definitely very As always, I giggled all the way through this chapter. 🙂

    I can’t wait to find out who will carry on from here. All three of them are awesome. ❤

    1. Thanks! I actually felt it a bit as I was writing the chapter too, gahh! I get so attached to my little simmies, haha.

      It took a lot of debating before I finally decided on the heir…which is part of the reason they haven’t been revealed yet, but I’ve chosen and it’ll all come to light as soon as I can make it happen! This week is kind of crazy with finals and graduation o_o

  2. Yayy for getting down to business!!!

    And what a cute chapter to end the generation with, Aubrey and Noah are just.. AWWW. The way you finished the whole gen off nicely with the recap was perfect – and the photos brought back fun memories. Sad to say goodbye though): (I know, I know, they’re not gone, but I’m still going to miss Aubrey’s crazy POV. No love with the glove, BAHAHA<3)

    I'm guessing you're not going to reveal our heir just yet… dammit. I'm pretty excited whoever it is though, I love them all! There will always be a place in my potter-obsessed heart for Reed.. (; OMG – do you think you could put his .SIM file up? That'd be awesome to have a Reed of my own!!!

    All the kids are pretty awesome tbh. Buttercup’s gorgeous (and hello fit friend..) and I can see Aspen will be preeeettty good-looking when he ages up. Hehehe xD Can’t wait for gen 2!! ❤

    1. Thanks! I’m going to miss Aubrey’s crazy POV too, but I think I’ll still have fun with the new heir, hehe.

      I can definitely upload Reed for you! =D It may take a little while, because things are crazy here until May, but I’ll for sure put up his file!

      I’m going to be working on this whenever I have down-time, so hopefully the new heir will be revealed very soon!

  3. I can’t believe that the first generation is over already! 😦 I’m going to miss Aubrey being the heiress but I’m totally excited to see who’s going to be carrying on generation two. I must say that I definitely am favoring the boys, they are just too adorable :3

  4. This chapter was beautifully written. It takes a LOT to make me cry and my eyes were tearing up while they were reminiscing. But of course I was laughing my way through it because it was just too funny not to!

    Ahh… I’m going to miss Aubrey’s point of view. She’s such a funny character! I’m very much looking forward to the next heir’s story though. It’s always fun to get a fresh story going on 🙂

  5. I agree with others…I will miss Aubrey’s POV, but am looking forward to the next gen too. Loved “the talk” references, especially the love and glove references…laughed out loud at that. The walk down memory lane was an awesome way to end the generation. Congrats on finishing your first generation!

    1. Thank you!! Finishing the first generation was both exciting, but a bit sad since it was so fun to write as Aubrey, but it turns out I’ve had a lot of fun with this second generation too XD I hope you’ll enjoy that just as much ^_^

  6. I have made it to the end of generation one. 🙂 Wow, Aubrey and Noah haven’t had time alone since Buttercup was born? o.O How did they not go crazy. LOL. Just kidding. They have a lovely family and they are really cute together, I like that they’re still in love, even if their sons think they’re disgusting. 😀 Heehee.

    1. Yay! Congrats for finishing generation one ^_^ I’m so happy to have you as a reader 🙂

      LOL if you’ll recall Aubrey and Noah did sort of go a little crazy XD Maybe if they had gone out and taken some time to themselves now and then they wouldn’t have been quite so stressed….

      They are a cute family though and though they may have learned the hard way how to manage it all, at least they did indeed learn XD

      Thanks as always for reading and commenting! See you in the next generation 🙂

  7. OK, I catch up mega slowly I admit, but here I am!

    Aaw, Buttercup is all grown up and flirting with boys! And Reed grew up dashing, I must say.

    LOL at the kids barfing/cooing over their parents. Haha, such a funny picture. Did you loop animations for that one?

    I can’t believe generation 1 is over!! Aubrey and Noah are so sweet together. I’ll miss her voice, even if it feels weird to say that 4 years later on, it must feel like a millions years ago for you. 🙂

    1. No worries 🙂 I’m super appreciative of the fact that you’re taking efforts to catch up at all =O

      Hehe, Reed is definitely dashing. I remember he grew up a lot more dashing than I even expected! Of course, I should have seen it coming–those glasses and bright green eyes? Eeeee ❤ XD

      LOL yes I looped animations for that one. Looping animations is probably one of the first things I began to do outside of normal gameplay to take pictures. Now I loop animations, use poses, moveObjects on, etc etc, but in the beginning I remember I just started out with taking shots of naturally occurring things and it's definitely evolved from there.

      Yes Generation 1 was pretty short o__o They get longer as time goes on. It's funny because Generation 1's story was told in 10 short chapters, and here I am 17 (significantly longer) chapters into Generation 5 and it's not yet over -__- lol. I don't mind too much though because I also feel like the stories have gotten better and better since then too…or at least that's the idea, haha.

      It was quite a while ago, but I still remember her voice and miss it sometimes too! She was definitely a dynamic and funny character XD Hopefully you enjoy the heirs to come just as much.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!! I love hearing feedback even on these old chapters. Always makes me smile ^_^;

  8. It was great how everything ended by them reminiscing about their lives together; they’ve gone through so much and grow together, it’s nice to see how far they’ve come, from calling the other person’s mom a llama, to raising three kids together, they’ve had quite the roller coaster relationship 🙂

    1. Indeed they have and they really came out stronger for it 🙂 A true partnership! Congrats on finishing the first generation too 🙂 *throws more confetti* I hope that you continue to enjoy Different Winters ❤

  9. It was a great end of the first generation! Aubrey and Noah lived a very beutiful story through your pen (or rather keyboard) :). I’m eager to see what future and inspiration will bring to your leagacy 🙂

  10. A sweet recap!
    I really liked this generation, and you did a great job with Aubrey and Noah’s relationship!
    Now on to the next one…who will it be? I’m kind of hoping for Reed…

    1. Thank you so much! I’m very glad that you liked this generation, especially when like I said, it kind of makes me cringe a little now, LOL. But maybe I’m just being too hard on myself XD

      Reed, eh? Hehehehe….Guess you’ll find out pretty darn soon 😉

  11. Aw I really enjoyed the first gen. I’m going to miss Aubrey and Noah. They were such a sweet couple even though they had such a rocky beginning you could tell they loved each other. Looking forward to seeing the next gen and who the heir is.

    1. Aw, yay! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the first generation, especially as it sometimes makes me cringe, LOL. I guess a lot of people feel that way about their first generations though, don’t they? XD

      Writing bumps aside, I do agree that they were a sweet couple and they certainly had a strong partnership that helped them get through their rocky beginnings.

      Glad you’re looking forward to finding out and I hope that you continue to enjoy Different Winters!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting ❤

  12. Awww… I loved Audrey! This generation was good. It was very down to earth, salt of the earth, full of warmth, laughter, and love with low points and hardships, but the family always weathered the storm and strengthened each other. I’m no farmer, but it’s the picture of those who depend on nature for their livelihood. It’s simplicity went well with the small town feel and the way Noah & Audrey set up their lives. These are the people who make sure the rest of us have a basic need met while we stuff our faces and worry about the next big thing we want to waste life & money on. I actually finished this gen some weeks ago, but didn’t have the chance to sit down and comment. I enjoyed myself with this story. I liked seeing what Audrey & Noah focused on when they reminisced on their lives. That shows what was most important to them was their deep unshakable love for each other. I admire their love. Sad to say goodbye. 😞 (But I have started the first couple chapters of the next gen <3)

    1. Opps! I just realized I called Aubrey “Audrey” every time in my comment. Sorry :-\ I have a character in my story named Audrey and I think I got them confused with only one letter being the difference and all, lol. 😛 *making up for it* Aubrey Aubrey Aubrey!!! 😉

    2. Thank you so much! I never thought about the simplicity of the first generation matching the small town feel of it (I mostly figure its simplicity is due to the fact that I was so new at this), but I like that idea very much! 😉 It does seem fitting, at least.

      The fact that the family strengthened each other was purposefully written that way though, so I’m glad that you picked up on that ^_^ It’s actually a theme that pops up a lot in this legacy I’ve noticed: Being stronger together than apart.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it and no worries about the typo, hehe. I knew who you meant ^_^

      I hope you enjoy the second generation (even with its rough edges as I figured out this sim-story writing deal) and thank you for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment!! I sincerely appreciate it. You’re too sweet! ❤

  13. generation one was great! although I stumbled on to it years later and already know who the heir is gonna be I’m super excited about the next one 😀 and I read your comments regarding how you cringe because of your writing here and I found it amazing, can’t imagine how good it gets later 😀

    1. Ahhh, thank you so much!! I’m glad that reading this generation made you excited to read the next one, especially because I really do cringe when I re-read this! Lol. That being said, I’m flattered that you still think it was amazing and I hope that you continue to enjoy Different Winters. WELCOME! ❤

  14. I liked your adorable family very much. and must know what happens next. I usually read fantasy and sci-fi stories and books but I love beautiful pictures and as I saw the last one you made (for the 5th Gen or so) I was catch and wanted to know more about it… so here I am and happy about it! I like the way you write about feelings and situations. It’s a pity gen 1 ends but I also want to know who follows and how! ♥♥♥.

    1. Ah, thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying my story so far and that you like my pictures =) I worry sometimes that Gen 1 isn’t that good compared to the later generations, so I’m glad to hear that you still enjoyed it!

      Hopefully you’ll like the next generations too! ^_^

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