Chapter 2.1: A Little Bit of Magic

Generation 2 Cover

A/N: YAY! A CHAPTER! After FAR too long, I have finally managed to get this out. Things have been crazy…first there were finals, then I got super sick, then there was moving out of my dorm, then there was graduation, then I was still super sick, then- yeah…lots of stuff o_o The annoying thing is that I’ve had this written forever…I just never had the chance to play and get the pictures I needed! But, anyway, enough rambling, you guys want to read about our new heir who, as you see from the pictures, is our very own Reed Winters!!! WOOO! So, without further blathering on my part, I give you, Chapter 1 of Generation 2…A Little Bit of Magic 😉



Hi! I’m Reed Winters and I have black hair, green eyes, and-



Dear diary, today I-

No, no, no, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Yo. Wut up?






Take…50 or something.

Hey, I’m Reed Winters. Yeah, it’s kind of a lame name (it refers to the stalk of freaking long grasses for plumbob’s sake), but it could have been worse—I could have landed with the name Buttercup or Aspen, like my sister and brother. Ugh, poor Aspen…I mean, his name is ASPEN WINTERS—it sounds more like the title of a skiing brochure than of a person. At least Reed isn’t that uncommon of a name. But whatever, I’ve got my own problems, because I was somehow born looking like Harry freaking Potter. I mean hey, don’t get me wrong, they’re great books, but really? REALLY? I am so, so, so sick of having people come up to me and jokingly ask to see my scar or ask how Hedwig’s doing (freaking GREAT, she DIED), each person thinking they’re wittier than the rest. Well, guess what? You’re not original.

I mean, the ridicule lessened once I got to high school, but the jokes still occasionally come, just in dirtier forms now (“Hey Reed, bet you went home and whomped your willow after seeing Mrs. Maple bend over to pick up that marker!”). Bastards. Oh, and for context, Mrs. Maple is our 76 year old, somewhat overweight English teacher with an obvious hairy mole on her upper lip. Eff my life.

But hey! It could be worse! I could look like, I dunno, Dobby or something, and then people would run around saying “Hey Reed, you’re so ugly when you were born the doctor yelled “riddikulus!” Oh great, now I’m making up my own jokes! ARGHHH.

Anyway, what was I writing? I don’t even know actually. Ugh, how does my mom do this!? I always see her scribbling away in her myriad journals. That’s er, actually why I decided to start one myself. I mean, I dunno, it seems to make her happy and I figured it could do the same for me maybe or at least be a good place to get my thoughts straight.


My sister has her music, always singing and strumming away on her guitar, although she’s recently been banished to the yard so the rest of us won’t go crazy. Not that she minds—she loves it out there. I mean, we all do, I guess, which actually makes the fact that she’s been banished out there kind of suck, because now if I want to go outside all I hear is her incessant yodeling.


Where was I….? Oh, yeah, and my brother has his science. He’s so freaking smart! He’s constantly outside on the telescope mom and dad bought him for his birthday charting stars and planets. Yes, I wrote that correctly, he is nine years old and MAPS OUT FREAKING SPACE. And what does he do during the daytime? Play chess. Wait wait, let me correct myself, DESTROYS THE CHESS BOARD WITH HIS INSANE PLAYING SKILLS.


I played with him once- NEVER AGAIN. I was being beaten so miserably that I pretended to yawn and stretch via sticking my arms out unnaturally, effectively knocking over all of the chess pieces in the process.

“Oops! Wow, sorry about that. Boy, I sure am clumsy!”

“It’s okay Reed, I remember where they all were!” Aspen responded with a smile.



Anyway, so when I’m not having my ass handed to me at chess or giving opinions on new songs Buttercup has written, I take some time to myself to just go walk down to the beach and think. I guess I just haven’t really found my thing in life yet—unless staring at seagulls stealing food from picnic baskets is “a thing,” which I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it ISN’T. But whatever, I like it, so that’s where I was going now—to the beach.

So off I went, walking, kicking at some rocks, skipping some stones, and watching the waves chase little kids up the shore. Sometimes I even do my homework out here because somehow, out here, everything becomes a bit more…I dunno, bearable. But today, I just felt distracted.


“Hey Potter!” I suddenly heard from behind me. Now, normally the use of this name would have annoyed me, but this time it was spoken from the ONLY person I openly accepted it from.

“Hey Goldilocks,” I said with a slow smile, watching as she ran toward me.

“Whatcha doing out here?” she asked, slightly out of breath as she slowed to a halt in front of me.

“Not much…chillin’, I guess. Like usual.”

“Me too! Oh- erm, well, I was going to, that is. That’s why I came here. To chill. And stuff. Like normal. …yeah….”

“Cool,” I said awkwardly, unsure of what else to say. I rubbed my neck uncomfortably and turned back toward the ocean, hoping that she’d just think I was too engrossed in the sight to say much else. I mean, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to Goldi- er, Amy, it was just I had no idea what to say. We had always had this weird…thing going on, I guess you could say, ever since we stuck up for each other back in elementary school, but we hadn’t talked too much since. It was always just the occasional playful greeting and a “hey, how are you?” which was why I was feeling at a loss for words.


“Um…so…have you written the paper Mrs. Maple assigned us yet?” Amy asked, nervously attempting to continue the conversation.

“Oh, er, no, not yet,” I admitted sheepishly. “I haven’t exactly finished the book yet…”

“Where are you?”

“Oh…um…well, there’s this lady and she has to wear this scarlet A on her clothes….”


“Reed! That’s the beginning of the book!” Amy gasped, looking at me wide-eyed now. I raised an eyebrow at her, surprised at her reaction. Why did it matter to her what I did anyway?

“I’ll get it done,” I said dismissively. “It’s not that long of a book.”

“It’s hard to get through though. I fell asleep like, 5 times just reading one chapter.”

“I’ll just have my sister come in with her guitar every 15 minutes or so to make sure I’m awake,” I joked, trying to lighten the mood (and hopefully get Amy off my case). Amy laughed a little too enthusiastically and then glanced out at the ocean, looking nervous again. She was acting so strange today.


“You’re a funny guy, Reed,” she said quietly, looking down and shifting some sand with tip of her shoe .

“…thanks,” I said with an awkward half-smile, suddenly unsure of what to do or say again. Gosh, her yellow hair looked so bright with the way the light was hitting it.

“Oh! Do I- do I have something in my hair?” Amy suddenly cried out, running her hands through her hair anxiously as she noticed me staring.

“Huh? Oh, no! No, not at all. It’s just so…yellow.”



Uhhh herp de derp, your hair is just so yellow, derp.I am so stupid!!!!! “Sorry, I just mean it’s a nice color,” I said in a failure of an attempt to justify my response. Ughhhh, her nervousness was now getting me nervous and I didn’t even know why. I glanced at Amy out of the corner of my eye and noticed an odd expression on her face, and she kept wringing her hands. “Hey um…are you okay?” I finally asked, unable to ignore her weird behavior any longer.

“Huh? Oh yes, I’m sorry! I’m just- I’m just so nervous!” she cried out.

“Why? It’s just me. Harry…Harry Potter,” I joked with a grin, looking at her over the top of my glasses. Her cheeks turned pink and she looked at me wide-eyed for a moment, bouncing on the balls of her heels now. What in the world was she-


Before I could even think, before I could even breath, before I could even close my freaking mouth since I had been about to freaking SPEAK, Amy rushed toward me and kissed me right on the lips- or rather, my teeth, and some tongue too actually, and GOD NO OUR TEETH JUST CLACKED TOGETHER.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” Amy cried out, pulling back and looking absolutely mortified. In fact, she looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up right then and there, and even glanced down at her feet as if hoping it would. “I didn’t mean for that to go so badly,” she said, actual tears falling down her face now. “I think…I think I need to go,” she finally said—which was when I realized I had been staring at her as open-mouthed and silent as a grouper. She turned to go and I grabbed her wrist gently, stopping her.


“Wait,” I said quickly, and then without thinking about what I was doing AT ALL, I pulled her toward me and kissed her right smack dab on the lips. The first thing I thought was, oh good, our teeth didn’t collide, and the second thing I thought was, hey, her lips are pretty soft….

After a moment with our lips pressed together (oh god, was I supposed to be doing something else? Like…moving them…or something? DON’T TRY, YOU MIGHT BREAK HER TEETH), Amy pulled away gently, looking nervous, but clearly smiling. You know, she looked pretty nice when she smiled…“Um…wow,” she finally whispered with a small laugh.

“Yeah…wow,” I said, once again at a loss for what to say. Ughhhh, my dad was so much better with these things. What would he have said to mom? Probably something like, “Took your breath away, didn’t I?” followed by a wink or something. Yeah um, if I tried that, number one, I would probably accidently blurt out “TOOK YOUR BREAST” and number two, I would die a little bit inside. …best not to try anything.



“Um so, I’ll see you in class tomorrow, right?” Amy said, smiling so brightly I could have sworn she was actually producing light.

“Yeah, definitely,” I managed to say, giving her another slow smile and running a hand haphazardly through my hair. She giggled, which made me realize that I probably just made myself look like I had been caught in a wind tunnel. Awesome.

“You should keep it like that—all mussed up like you just got off your broom,” she giggled. “See ya, Potter!” she chirped, and she kissed me right on the tip of my nose and practically skipped off.

“See ya…Goldie,” I responded, half in a daze as I watched her dance away.

Damn. What just happened?


The next few weeks at school were…interesting, to say the least. Amy followed me around everywhere and frequently took hold of my hand as we walked through the school. Once she even jumped me in the hallway and kissed me so passionately that I quite forgot for a moment where we were until a teacher snapped at us to “break it up.” Unsurprisingly, people around us giggled. Mortifying.

It was all well and good I suppose, but it also confused me to no end. We had never actually said anything to each other about this, so I was left wondering…were we boyfriend and girlfriend then? Can that happen, without a say like that? I felt stupidly inexperienced with these sorts of things. I thought someone had to ask the other…but maybe that was already implied considering all the kissing we’d been doing.

There was also one other negative to this—while Amy was a really pretty, smart, great person, she was being incredibly annoying. Before, we used to casually talk in halls and such, and I thought she was pretty cool, but now she was constantly bouncing around me, chattering away and making no sense, or getting so nervous that it made me nervous and I had no idea what I was nervous about! I mean, sometimes it was cute, but sometimes it very nearly gave me an ulcer.


“Hey Reed…so I was wondering, if maybe, you’d like to hang out at…umm, my place after school?” Amy asked me after school one day, smiling up at me flirtatiously and then blushing deeply. What? Her nerve seemed to falter after I didn’t respond right away though, because she immediately reverted to her nervous out of her mind self, staring at me anxiously. Why, oh why was she so nervous? Was I really that scary of a person? I mean…I sincerely doubted it…I had bright yellow glasses for goodness sake.

“Err…well, I have a lot of homework to catch up on, actually,” I admitted, somewhat avoiding her gaze. I mean, it was completely truthful, but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel guilty, because there was a tiny part of me that actually didn’t want to hang out with Amy.


“Oh,” she said, her voice breaking as she looked down at her feet. What!? What did I do!?! “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forward,” she whispered. So forward? What? GIRLS MADE NO SENSE. What in the world could be- wait, did she mean- did she want to- well that would be ni- but- ULCERRRR.

“Uhh….” I said, my mouth suddenly feeling very dry. I glanced at her, but quickly glanced away. Do not start thinking of that, do not, do not, do not, do not look at her boobs, do not, do not, do not. ….damn it. I purposefully looked away and up at the sky, running a hand roughly through my hair. “We could, um, do homework together, if you wanted to?”

Amy looked at me unsurely for a moment and then smiled softly, nodding. “Yeah, we could do that.” Whew. She was smiling. She seemed happy. Good…good.


She walked up to me and kissed me, and I kissed her back, feeling a bit more confident with this whole kissing thing, but then her fingers snuck underneath my shirt and grazed my abdomen, an action that suddenly rendered me completely incapable of thinking. There was now a part of me that wanted to go to Amy’s place right now and I swear that part had absolutely NO intentions of doing homework. I know this has been awkward, Reed, but what it really comes down to is this: don’t rush it. My dad’s words came to my brain so fast that I jumped away from Amy, suddenly convinced that he was right behind me.

“Shit,” I mumbled, looking around. No dad in sight…just a really annoying, yet potentially beneficial, conscience.


“Are you okay?” Amy asked, her eyes wide with concern.

“Yeah,” I said quickly, wondering why I suddenly felt out of breath. “Hey, why don’t we do homework at the park? It’s a nice day out,” I rushed, trying desperately to regain use of my freaking brain. And that’s when Amy burst out into tears. Oh, my god. Were all girls like this? I never saw Buttercup acting so- so- unstable! “Hey! What’s wrong?” I asked, feeling completely alarmed and at a loss.

“Y-y-y-you just s-s-s-seem so distant all the time a-a-and I really like you and my friend said that m-m-m-maybe I should take our relationship to the next l-l-l-level and then you’d practically be f-f-f-forced to pay attention to me!” she sobbed hysterically, covering her face with her hands now as she lost herself to tears. What!? What what what what? “I’m s-s-so sorry! Y-y-you must hate me now!”


“No, I don’t hate you,” I corrected quickly and firmly, surprising even myself. She looked up at me tearfully and unsurely. “I’m sorry if I’ve seemed, er, distant. I just….” I trailed off for a moment, trying to gather my thoughts. You just what, Reed? Are you really going to tell her the truth? That you think you might see her as more than a friend than anything else, and that you saw Roxie Tayson wearing that skirt this morning and suddenly wanted to ask HER out instead (amongotherthings)? I. Am. An. Asshole. But, but, I did think I kind of liked her. I mean, I liked her pretty smile and I liked kissing her. That was…that was something, right? “I’m just kind of confused about how I feel,” I finally admitted anxiously, worried about how she’d react. Her face fell. “I mean! I like you. I really do. I’m just…not sure…?”


“I’m so sorry, Reed,” Amy whispered. “I’ve rushed everything too much. I just like you so much, and when you kissed me back that day, I mean, you have no idea how happy I was,” she said with a sad smile, looking up at me.

“Hey, it’s okay. But- if we could…back it up a step, maybe? I’d like that….”

“Yes! I can do that!” Amy burst out in relief, throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me tightly. I nearly stumbled backward from the surprise, but wrapped my arms around her as I quickly caught my balance. Good, she was happy now.

But the question was…..was I?


Ever since that day, Amy actually was better. She seemed to be a heck of a lot calmer, and had even taken to telling her friend her ideas were stupid…which led them to not exactly be the greatest of friends anymore, but to be honest Amy was probably better off without her.

Sometimes she would come over to my place and we would do homework together, and sometimes I went over to her place and did homework, but nothing crazy ever happened. Er, well, except that day I got to second base, but you know, we backed up after that. ….probably because Amy’s dad came home. But you know, I like to think we would have slowed down anyway.


Today, I was doing my history homework and learning about Andrew Carnegie, for whom, well, like 50 zillion things are named after. He started out as a factory worker and probably represents one of the best proverbial “rags to riches” cases there are in American history, establishing the first corporation to value over a billion dollars (U.S. Steel). He spent his last years as a philanthropist, giving away millions of dollars, which well, wasn’t really even a dent in his fortune, was it? But now we have loads of landmarks and such named after him AND we learn about him in history. Bad ass.


His story really got stuck in my head for some reason. The idea was just so…awesome. That you could go from being a nobody to being one of the most remembered business tycoons of ALL TIME. It made me start to wonder…was that dream possible for…well, a guy like me?

Pfft, yeah right. I watch seagulls steal food from tourists and make-out with my sort of girlfriend who I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about. Fail.

But still, the idea was…intriguing.



“Hey Reed…could I get your opinion on a song real quick?” I looked up from my homework to see Buttercup standing before me with her guitar and looking at me hopefully.

“Uh….yeah sure,” I relented, feeling nice today.

“Thanks!” she said happily. “Let’s head upstairs. The acoustics are better up there.” Taking her word for it, I followed Buttercup upstairs and into the giant spare room we had (it was supposed to be bedrooms once we had enough money). I watched as she made her way purposefully to one corner of the room and adjusted her guitar, testing out some notes to make sure it was in key before she began. “Alrighty, ready? And don’t be afraid to be honest!” she said seriously.

“No worries, I’ll tell you if it’s crap,” I said with a grin. Buttercup laughed and nodded, adjusting her guitar and clearing her throat. She paused for a moment, and then began to play.

When we fail to start
We hope it doesn’t fall apart
When we can’t decide
We hope that you’ll be on the side…

When we can’t decide
We hope that you’ll be on the side
Ah whoa oh whoa ah…


So far, so good, I thought to myself, nodding my head to the song. Okay, so even though it was annoying to always have Buttercup singing all day, I had to admit, the girl had talent.

We are so afraid to be ourselves;
Move on to our own place;
We are our own lies…

We are so afraid to be ourselves;
Move on to our own place;
We are our own lies….



Ugh, why was I all of a sudden feeling this horrible guilty feeling? I stopped nodding my head to the music and frowned, not even noticing when Buttercup stopped playing.

“Er, is it that bad?” Buttercup asked unsurely, looking at me worriedly.

“What? Oh no! No, not at all. I like it. I was just…thinking,” I said, still feeling kind of off.


“Oh…alright well…I’m not going to push it if you don’t want to say,” Buttercup said, studying me for a moment and then giving me a smile. “I’m gonna go play it for Aspen now then, okay?”


“And hey,” Buttercup said right before leaving the room. “You know if you ever need to talk, I’m here, right?” I looked up at my sister in surprise and then nodded slightly.

“Yeah…yeah I know. Er…thanks,” I said awkwardly. Buttercup just smiled and then left the room, leaving me to my own thoughts. Maybe I should talk to her about this. After all, she was a girl, she’d know about this kind of stuff. …but then again, I had a feeling I already knew how she would respond. It was a no-brainer what I had to do so…why couldn’t I do it?


“Reed…you seem so distracted today. Did I do something wrong?” Amy asked as we got out of school the next day, her eyebrows furrowed with worry. Sigh. Why did she always think that she did something wrong? I was the one who always did everything wrong.

“No, I’m just…worried about this paper,” I lied stupidly.


“Aww well, you did great on the last one! And you even read the book at the last moment! You’ll be fine,” Amy said bracingly, then kissing me on the cheek.

“Heh, thanks. I hope so.”

We are so afraid to be ourselves;
Move on to our own place;
We are our own lies….



One week later and still nothing. Maybe I could try to work this out. Maybe I was just being too brash. I didn’t have to break her heart. I could do this. I liked Amy. I really liked Amy. She was gorgeous and I was a really lucky guy to have her. …well, they weren’t lies, technically. Ugh, okay, not every relationship has to be all fireworks and hearts pounding. What I felt for Amy was better than that, in fact. It was companionship. She was my best friend, and I liked her. That was great. ….or at least it would be, if I were actually romantically interested in her as well. Damn it!

Just give it time…give it time…you can do this.


And I was going to! I resolved to make this work! Amy was an incredible person who really cared about me and I cared about her and nothing in the world could ever, ever, possibly even come close to changing that. She’s wonderful, she’s sexy, she’s-



Oh my…

Now my heart is pounding.




A/N: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! And so ends the first chapter for Reed Winters! I really hope you liked him! I know he’s no Aubrey, but there’s still echoes of her in Reed too (he is her son after all!), with a mix of something that is purely Reed himself. Thank you so much for reading (and for your patience) and I do hope you continue to read to find out more about generation 2!! Happy simming ❤

Extra Note: The song Buttercup was singing was “We Are Our Own Lies” by Smoosh.


27 thoughts on “Chapter 2.1: A Little Bit of Magic”

  1. I should never read people’s work before I have to go to work. I spent too long reading because I was engrossed and couldn’t stop. And now I want to give you a great comment because I liked it so much, but I really need to go dress and do my hair and make up so I can’t even say exactly how much I liked it.

    It was totally worth the wait.

  2. Oh man, Reed is awesome! He’s definitely a normal teenage boy…lol. I can understand why he doesn’t want to hurt Amy, but it’ll hurt her even more the longer he leads her on. I don’t think teenage boys ever get that though. At least, not the nice ones. I loved the little hints of both Aubrey and Noah in him, and he is definitely his own person, too.

    I lol’d and almost woke up my baby when Amy kissed Reed for the first “GOD NO OUR TEETH JUST CLACKED TOGETHER.” Hahahaha. You really are amazing at dialogue, both internal dialogue and dialogue between characters. Your updates are always a joy to read!

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment made me smile and I’m glad I made you laugh, haha =D
      And indeed, it’s kind of ironic actually, because it’s the fact that he’s a nice guy that he’s doing this…but what he’s doing actually doesn’t make him so nice, heh. Poor guy.

  3. Aww I love Reed ❤ Can I download him yet? ;D

    He is such a typical teenage boy – love it! But how on earth do you make your characters so likeable and realistic dammit!!? Even though it's a totally different "voice" to Aubrey, I've got very fond of it. I like the informal style(:

    And the conflict over Amy/Goldie is great. But YES YES YES YOU MADE A REDHEAD FOR HIM!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ And she is so beautiful!! They have to end up together please please please please! x

    1. Yes, you can download him now! I just now made a downloads page with our first stars- hopefully it works? I’ve never actually uploaded sims to share before so…yeah, lol, let me know if the download works okay o_o

      I love Reed too and he’s fun to write! And we shall see what happens next =O hehe 😉

  4. i was seriously cracking up at the harry potter jokes at the beginning of this chapter! 😀 reed is definitely a teenage boy! lol, i’m interested to see how he manages his issue with amy.

  5. Reed’s voice is so unique! I mean it’s got just enough Aubrey and Noah to be familiar but it’s so different all at the same time. It’s very interesting 🙂 I’m loving his dumb teenage boy personality and I’m really eager to see where he goes with Amy and that mysterious redhead that looks like Ginny 😉

  6. Hi there… stumbled upon your site here… and I am in love love! Reed is my fav, very cool voice. Expect more comments from me. 🙂 I dig it.

  7. Oh teenage hormones. LOL. They’re so funny and all over the place. I’m happy Amy quit taking advice from her ‘friend,’ if Reed had agreed, he’d be having an even more difficult time figuring out what to do about Amy. I do see bits of Aubrey in him, especially in the first part when he had no idea how to start his own generation. *giggles* I wonder if Reed somehow feels guilty because Amy and him stood up for each other in elementary school, like he feels obligated to date her because they have stuck by each other’s side or something? Poor Reed, I can see that he’s a nice guy, but him trying to give Amy what she wants is really not in the best interest for either of them, honestly. I feel like in the short term, Amy would be upset if Reed broke up with her, but in the long term, she’d probably appreciate it once she realized why he did it.

    1. Oh man, teenage hormones totally are all over the place and Reed is no exception to this! He does have some parts of Aubrey in him, while also developing a bit of his own unique character, which you’ll see more as this generation advances.

      In general Reed feels guilty because they are friends and he feels really crummy hurting her. The fact that they’ve always stood up for each other at this point just adds an extra layer to the guilt. He is a nice guy, and he is attempting to communicate how he feels, but the conversations don’t always go like he planned them because of course, it’s hard to accurately predict how someone will react, especially when that someone is a teenage girl with a massive crush!

      You’re definitely right about that last bit! Of course Amy WILL be upset if Reed breaks up with her and that’s just sort of expected, but in the long term she would move on, and hopefully would also see that it really was for the best and that Reed’s actions actually came from the fact that he wanted to avoid hurting her even more. Guess we’ll have to see how this plays out 😉

  8. I think I’m going to like Reed as the new heir. 🙂 So chatty (in text)! So awkward! And LOL so confused. I love that you gave him a first girlfriend who won’t become his spouse, most players never bother… including me! haha. Red-haired girl sure is pretty, I can see why he’s smitten. Poor Amy, but we all had a less than perfect match at some point in our lives. She’ll get over it eventually.

    That was a great start of the second generation! Can’t wait to see how this thing with Amy and red-haired girl develops – and Reed’s dream of becoming a tycoon!

    1. Thank you so much! For quite a long while Reed was my favorite heir, so of course I still love the guy, lol. He was really entertaining to write XD

      Oh teenaged drama–we’ll certainly see how this all plays out 😉

  9. “…black hair, green eyes…” #YouHaveYourMother’sEyes

    I’m already loving this generation, there’s so many Harry Potter references in it and Reed seems so adorable and awkward and that redhead girl! She’s totally Ginny, isn’t she?
    #IfSheIfIShipIt #Hanny5Ever #OrIsItGarry
    Oh wait, there names are Reed and, uh, Ginger…? Her hair IS as red as a Weasley’s.
    Now I’m wondering if Goldie, er, Amy is Cho Chang, the athletic, intelligent character we kinda like but damn, should stay away from the boy who lived.

    I can’t wait to read more! 😀 ❤

    1. Hehe, I thought you might considering you are indeed a fellow potterhead simmer 😉

      Ginger is meant to be a “Ginny” of sorts, but whether things pan out as they do in the novels I cannot say in this comment so it doesn’t spoil it for others. Though I do see your comments on the other chapters of this generation, so you know how it all ends up XD

      I didn’t intend Amy to be a “Cho Chang” but I could totally see that, especially as she’s all over the place emotionally and Reed has tons of awkwardness/difficulties with this, just as Harry does with Cho XD Of course, the difference is, Amy actually is a nice girl, while Cho is more…uh…debatable in that regard? #TheGirlWhoDefinitelyShouldStayAwayFromTheBoyWhoLived #ExcessivelyLongHashtags

  10. Reed is a very interesting teen and I hope he finds his thing in life. And also a girl he really likes. I wish he had the courage to be honest and he told Amy the truth about his feelings! The chapter was a beautiful introduction for the heir, Reed. He already feels familiar to me this way!

    1. Thanks! Until Generation 4 Reed was my favorite heir, so he still has a soft spot in my heart 🙂

      He really does need to come clean to Amy about how he feels…and sooner rather than later! =O

  11. Hahaha! I love the beginning, Reed is easy to like 😀 I’m so happy he’s heir, he’s the one I wanted! Love it when it works out like that.
    Eep, even though he wants to stay best friends I doubt Goldilocks would want to after being dumped…
    Ooh I see freckles! XD

    1. Thank youuuu! Until Generation 4 Reed was my favorite heir 🙂 I’m glad you’re happy with the choice!

      Heh, yeah….Even if things broke off amicably there’d likely be an awkwardness between them that lingers. That’s the danger of dating friends I suppose o_o;

      And yes, yes you do! XD

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