Chapter 2.12: Babies, Brokers, and Birthdays

Chapter 2.12 Babies, Brokers, and Birthdays

A/N: Apologies in advance for toddler spam…LOL JK, I’m not sorry! These toddlers are SOOOO CUTE =D



By now, you should know all too well what this means…birthdays. And lots of them. But wait, wait, back up, the last you heard Marina and I had just had newborn twins, Daniel was still a young toddler, and you guys…wait, how old are you guys?!





Well you see, as it turns out, having one toddler and two newborn babies in the house didn’t exactly mean free time to scribble away in a journal. It did, however, mean salvaging sleep at random hours of the day (3:27 PM? BED TIME), bracing your eardrums against the constant onslaught of shrieking, and many lost games of rock, paper, scissors in the middle of the night which cost you at least three hours of sleep.

In other words, having so many little ones in the house, while also trying to maintain a full-time job which requires your utmost attention, means you turn into a bit of a zombie…a zombie that is unaware of the time flying by, gets spit-up on them and spends their only alone time in the shower and calculating their next rock, paper, scissors move (yes, yes, I shall use paper next time! She will never suspect it!…three hours later…DAMN IT).

But it’s okay, because as these things happen and as time flies by, you’re surrounded by so much love that in the end, it makes it all worth it. So it’s okay when your rock gets smothered by paper (why am I suddenly rendered ineffective just because I have this awesome coat on?), and it’s okay when your quiet smiling baby barfs on you, and it’s okay when your secretary points out that you have baby powder all over your expensive new tie, and it’s okay when your toddler steals your glasses and then runs off giggling and you end up tripping over a toy rocket ship while you chase after said toddler because you just COULDN’T SEE IT. It’s all okay, because you love these kids, and you love your wife, and you love your mom who always helps out with a smile, and above all, you love your life and would never dream of changing a thing.

So as it turns out, although having one toddler and two newborn babies in the house left little free time and could be more than a little stressful…it was also a blessing. Who knew that I would love being a father so much?


But I digress, majorly, because I was talking about birthdays…and we had five to celebrate between today and tomorrow. Today was Daniel’s birthday….


My birthday….


And my darling wife Marina’s birthday.







And bam!

Three birthday celebrations!

I should also mention that Buttercup and Tony had a little girl who they named “Tammy” (purely coincidental actually…but we would need to make sure we didn’t nickname Tamara that…) and Aspen and Melody (still separated and dating other people mind you), had a son that Melody named “Rocco.” I hadn’t met either of them, Tammy because she was still too young to bring to the party, and Rocco because…well, Aspen didn’t seem to have much contact with him and he STILL refused to talk to me about it.

I just didn’t understand…how could anyone be okay with being separated from their kid like that?


Speaking of kids though, the next day we threw a private birthday party for the twins, buying each of them a cake to make sure they felt special. Marina was excited, but she seemed sad about it too, and I had to admit, so was I. Our kids were growing up so fast…time was really getting away from us.





Now I really don’t think I’m being biased when I say that Marina and I had the most beautiful little girls that I had ever seen. Okay…maybe I was being little biased, but still! I was already worrying about the boys I’d have to fend off and they were only two years old….





After we all had cake, the girls were too excited to go to bed, so we spent a long time playing games with them and goofing around before they finally got tired. Our girls were truly angels. I almost hoped that they would stay this young forever…though that desire kind of disappeared when they woke up two hours laying screaming that they were hungry. Pfft, had I really thought I’d be getting a full night of sleep yet?


“Babe…?” Marina said one evening as we were getting ready for bed.

“Hmm?” I responded, turning to look at her.

“Do you remember that promise I made awhile back?”

“The one where you promised to stop using ‘bazooka’ in rock, paper, scissors? I know you learned that from my mom, don’t deny it!”

Marina smiled to herself, shaking her head slightly. “No, of course not. Why would your mother and wife conspire against you?” she asked with a smirk. She grew a bit more serious then and looked up at me, “I meant…the one I made after we brought Tamara and Catherine home from the hospital.”

I thought for a moment, my brow furrowed as I tried to remember. Something about….ahh. I looked at Marina, hoping that she wasn’t talking about what I thought she was. She met my gaze with an anxious look on her face, wringing her hands…and suddenly I felt like I had the worst headache ever. “You mean…” I managed to get out, but then trailed off, waving my hand instead toward the kid’s room.


“Yes. The one about agreeing we wouldn’t have any more children.”

My heart beat harder and I took a deep breath, staring up at the ceiling for a moment to avoid looking at the desperate look on Marina’s face. “Let me guess…you want to break that promise and you’re asking me if that’s okay.”

“I can’t break the promise without you,” Marina said with a half-smile, her eyes searching mine.

“We already have three,” I said quietly, looking away from her. “That’s…that’s already a lot, don’t you think? I already have more kids than anyone else at work,” I added with a half-laugh, trying to keep the conversation from getting too heated.


“I don’t care about anyone else,” Marina said emphatically. “I want a big family. A really big family. We have the room and the money. They’re just…they’re growing up so fast, Reed. I’m not ready to be done having children. I thought I was, but I’m not. I want another baby…one last baby.”

I buried my face in my hands, shutting my eyes tightly and shaking my head slowly. Where in the world had this come from? I didn’t understand. I loved being a dad—I really, really did, but I honestly didn’t think I could handle more than what we had now. What was Marina even thinking? I tried to go for another strategy. “But what about work? I don’t get it; I thought you were looking forward to going back. Weren’t you working toward becoming a CEO as well when I met you?”

“Yes,” Marina responded in a quiet voice. “But that goal changed when we had Daniel. The first time I got to hold him…I knew that I would never be able to leave his side. That I could never go back. My job just didn’t matter as much to me anymore. All that mattered was him, and now Catherine and Tamara too.”


“You make a bad feminist,” I pointed out half-jokingly, trying to process all of this as quickly as I could.

Marina rolled her eyes. “I do not! As far as I am concerned, feminism is about equality and having the right to choose what you want. This is what I want, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that! Besides, I still want to work, but not something that takes up so much time. I’d rather work part-time, or just do something I can do from home. I could try painting, or I could help your mother out with her garden. I just…want, more than anything else, to be a mother.”

“And you are one! A wonderful one! To THREE amazing children. Marina…they’re already so much to keep up with as it is. I don’t-”



“Marinaaaaaaa,” I groaned. “You can’t just give me that puppy dog look and expect me to give in to something this big.”

“….please? I mean, what would be the negatives?”

“Death by stress.”

“We could hire a nanny to help out if it got that bad.”

“Death by being trampled by too many kids.”


I sighed, rubbing my forehead and closing my eyes again. Once again I felt trapped. If this was really what Marina wanted, I’d feel so awful if I didn’t agree, but then again, this was a huge decision that involved both of us, surely I had a say too? And what did I think? I thought three was already a lot of kids…but I also felt too that they were growing up so fast. And despite the challenges, I did miss having a little baby in the house. What was one more kid when you already had three? I also did love being a dad…we had the money, the room…the love to give….


“So this is something you really want then?”

“With all of my heart,” Marina responded fervently, taking a hold of my arm and looking up at me hopefully. “You make such a good father, Reed. You really do. The children love you.”

“Are you trying to butter me up?” I asked, an amused smile crossing my features.


I couldn’t help but laugh. “Well you don’t have to. We can try for another baby.”



“Really?” Marina asked excitedly, her entire being lighting up.

“Yeah, really,” I said with a bit of a smile. “But I’m going to have to ask you to swear in blood this time that this really will be the LAST one.” Marina squealed, ignoring my comment as she threw her arms around me and kissed me passionately…and kissed me…and kissed me. …and I couldn’t help but kiss her back, pulling her close to me…my fingers brushing against the soft skin of her hip…of her thigh…and before we knew it we were falling into bed and trying again for just one more baby.

And I’ll say at least one thing…for once I didn’t mind losing a bit of sleep….


While we waited to see if any of our efforts were successful, we put more of our time into caring for our kids, making sure we spent at least a little bit of time each day with every one of them.

This was made a little easier since Daniel was in school now. He seemed to really enjoy it and could be seen bicycling there every morning, saying that he enjoyed the fresh air and liked biking better than riding the “pollutant emitting school bus,” even if it was carpooling.



As we spent more time with the twins, we also saw their distinct personalities starting to show. Tamara was always the brave and daring one, preferring to get into everything and play exuberantly with her rocket ship over sitting quietly with the logic blocks, like Daniel had tended to do when he was her age.



Catherine, on the other hand, was much quieter, although she seemed to like to follow around her sister no matter what she was doing. My mom and she had already forged a strong connection. I think mom couldn’t help but see a lot of dad in her, so even though she loved all her grandchildren equally, I could tell Catherine held a special place in her heart.


“Ahhhh! The big baby monter!…RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!….AHHH!”


“Is okay, I no let you be eated.” ^_^


“Did monter go bye bye?”



“AHHHH, wun away!!!”






“What’s wrong?!?!”


Sigh. Though I had found myself hoping that Marina would be pregnant again soon, there were days when I almost hoped that she wouldn’t ever be because three kids was already so much to deal with. Unlike Daniel, the girls had a tendency to scream their heads off for no good reason. They would be cleaned, fed, played with, everything, and then they would still start bawling until someone ran up there.

Maybe they just didn’t like being alone, but there were plenty of times when they played quietly with their toys as well, so I figured it was more of a mood thing than anything else. If they didn’t feel like playing with their toys, they felt like screaming.


This was probably part of the reason Daniel started to spend more time out of the house, using the easel that was right by the garden so he could chat with grandma and get some practice painting. I mean, I knew he just naturally enjoyed being outside, like most of us did, but since he spent so much time out there I had to suspect that the screaming was part of it. ….and I really couldn’t blame him for it.


“I has a box.” =D

“….I is inbidible!!!!” >:D


“Vroooooooooom!! Weeeee!! La la la la la! Ahhhhhhh!! Woooch! EEEEEEEE!”




“Ooooooo! Moosic!”



“That’s for playing the xylophone, not eating!” D=






After we confirmed that Marina was pregnant yet again and I had an unstable moment where I felt as if I were both the happiest man in the world and the most doomed man in the world all at the same time, Marina and I worked extra hard to get into a routine of caring for the kids…and it seemed that our work was finally paying off.

In the morning we’d wake up early to get Catherine and Tamara cleaned and fed, I’d run off to take a quick shower, Marina would make breakfast for Daniel who would sleepily amble downstairs at this point, and then I would run out the door while Daniel was munching on pancakes or waffles. Then when I’d come home from work, Marina and I would tackle the twins together, feeding them again, potty training them, and teaching them more words and how to walk. It was no easy task, but with the two of us working together, everything actually started to work out smoothly.


“Now say ‘mama’ like you did before!”




“Now say ‘birdie’.”






“Birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie!!”



“Now say ‘dada’, Tamara. Say ‘dada!’”

“’arry Potter!”




Oh man, in all of this home life chaos, I almost forgot to say…evidently my ceaseless hard work had paid off, because I was finally at the top of the top! No one had a position more powerful than mine. That’s right—I was a Power Broker now. There wasn’t a single employee who didn’t respect me, and the competition? Well, they seemed to find me pretty terrifying actually…it was an amazing feeling.

Who would have thought that that awkward teenage boy who watched seagulls on the beach could have become someone so insanely successful?

Now, I wasn’t an arrogant person, but I couldn’t help but gloat just a bit now.

When you have this much money and power…you kind of have to. Otherwise you’re just kidding yourself.


Another thing that I forgot to mention is that when I was leaving work one day, I decided to take a stroll through the park and saw none other than my sister and her family there!


I finally got to meet Tammy (who seemed to look a lot like Tony except for the curly red hair), and I found out that they were expecting another baby. Buttercup had actually just found out today and they had been on their way to the Bistro to celebrate, which was why they were dressed so formally.

It was great to see them again…and be out to get some fresh air. It’s not that I didn’t like being with my family, no, quite the opposite honestly, but it still felt good to have a little bit of alone time and feel the warm sun shining on my face. I’d have to plan to take the family out someday. I’m sure everyone would appreciate the change in scenery….


Is there such thing as too much of a good thing? The answer is yes…but that would never stop Marina and I from throwing our kids birthday parties. On that note, our kids were growing up way too fast for our liking, and I’d gotten to the point where I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the last addition to our family. It would be nice to have a little baby around the house again.


But enough on that and more on our little guy, Daniel! Only, he wasn’t exactly going to be so little anymore. God…I couldn’t believe that he was already going to be a teenager. I didn’t feel old enough to have a teenager for a child, but so it was.


He was ecstatic about it too, especially because he said high school offered so many opportunities, like the Environmental Club, for one, which he was dying to join. It certainly seemed like all those hours outside with grandma had given him a special appreciation of the world around us, and he couldn’t wait to get out there and join the cause to make it a better place for everyone to live.



Of course, he’d probably have to fend off the girls first, as I realized when one of Daniel’s friend squealed upon seeing him. Oh god…I was going to have to give him the talk soon. Nooooooooooo!!


By the way, you may have noticed both Aspen and Melody present at our party (they were still acting as odd as ever), and though they didn’t say a word to each other, Melody did bring their son over—Rocco Meyers. Despite having Melody’s last name though, the little guy was obviously a Winters…if the trademark red hair wasn’t a dead give away, than my dad’s bright green eyes certainly were. I also couldn’t help but notice that Aspen barely acknowledged him.

I would have to force him to tell me what was going on soon, but I didn’t have the chance at the party, because we still had to celebrate two more birthdays…the twins’!





Marina took Catherine to her cake while I took Tamara to hers and we all sang one very loud, raucous chorus of Happy Birthday to them before helping them blow out the candles. I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t be our baby girls anymore. It really did seem like only yesterday that we were even bringing them home….



Our girls were beautiful; there was no doubt about that. In fact, upon seeing them Marina burst out into tears…although since she was heavily pregnant at this point the hormones may have had a bit of influence in that. Still, I had to take her into the other room to console her while everyone else stuffed their faces full of cake.

“Everything is just happening so fast,” Marina sniffled, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. “I’m just not sure about anything anymore.”

“Neither am I,” I admitted, glancing into the kitchen where everyone was crowded around the table and talking. “Except one thing, that is.”

“What’s that?”


“We’re going to be eating cake for the rest of our lives….”


A/N: Whew! Lots of time all packed into one chapter! Sorry about that o_o The whole house is so chaotic that I had to just take a bunch of pictures while I was playing and then create the story out of them, so there was less planning involved. On that note, I’ll try to slow things down a bit next chapter. Also, for those of you waiting for Ginger…I THINK you’ll see her next time :X

Happy simming! ❤


34 thoughts on “Chapter 2.12: Babies, Brokers, and Birthdays”

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    1. Lol, your comment rage made me laugh. I hate when that stuff happens!

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    1. Not gonna lie, when I wrote that line I TOTALLY got an image of Travis in my mind!! Only in Aspen’s case it’s a total Story Progression fail, pfft. I don’t what the game is doing with him, lol.

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      1. LoL Travis has a bad rap. Poor guy, lol. Actually I had all the photos for the chapter last night, just was finishing off his China trip today. SP Fails a lot IMO. My favorite Tragedy couple I made it broke them up towards the end of their life span. I was shocked!

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    1. LOL. That was literally how I was going to introduce Ginger back in before, but I couldn’t get it to occur naturally and not feel…completely random. But I think I have a better idea now. That part of Reed’s story simply needs closure…or something….I’m not saying yet! 😉

      And yes, Aspen’s situation is a huge story progression fail. Usually when I see that sort of thing happen some kind of shot-gun marriage occurs, but nope. Nada. Just weirdness. Aspen was like…chosen as the game casanova or something. Not cool, SP, not cool!

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    1. There are loads of things about it I don’t like, but actually one nice thing about The Sims 4 is that you CAN re-use cakes. After one sim blows out the candles on it, as long as no one’s already grabbed a slice, you can stick another set of candles on it and simply repeat the process. Meanwhile, in TS3, my fridges are filled to bursting with cake, rofl.

      HAHA I know exactly what you’re talking about. I am all for being environmentally conscious because RIGHT we only have one earth, but some of them can be completely….well, ineffective in sharing their views -__- Like wow, I even agree with some of what you’re saying and yet I still feel like punching you right in the face; that is a problem!! Hahaha.

      Also, LOL. Literally laughed out loud when I read that you were less annoyed with Marina now that’s proven she can survive childbirth. She can indeed, lol, but I think we can both still say Reed’s worries were completely warranted!

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  11. “As far as I am concerned, feminism is about equality and having the right to choose what you want. This is what I want, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that!”- YES. Feminism is based on the principle of equality of the sexes and I like Marina’s definition, however I’m still a bit frustrated with the promise breaking… I’m relieved that the second pregnancy went smoothly, but that doesn’t keep me from being a teeny bit terrified that things won’t go as well for her the third time around, though I am one of those analytical, over-thinking types, so I’m probably just doing the over analyzing thing…

    1. I like Marina’s definition as well, but the promise breaking is definitely frustrating. She just doesn’t quite seem to understand Reed’s fears and hesitations, even if she says she does. It’s a bit selfish actually, but thankfully that hasn’t come to bite them in the ass….yet.

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      Oooh it’s actually very easy!! You just enter the cheat ” hideheadlineeffects on ” and voila, no more thought bubbles or plumbobs! As with all cheats, you’ll need to activate it each time you start it up and of course, you can always input “off” in order to get the bubbles back. No editing program required! ^_^

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    1. Hehehehe….That’s exactly what I want you to think! *cue maniacal laughter* XD

      LOL I KNOW RIGHT. SO MANY BABIES. I have to accede that this MIGHT have been my fault though because Reed and Marina had such amazingly beautiful babies that I couldn’t stop myself from continuing to click “Try For Baby.” In my original drafts they only had 1-2 kids. BUT WHO NEEDS PLANS? LOL GONNA GO NOW. BYE.

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