Chapter 3.1: Surprise, Surprise

Generation 3 Cover

Chapter 3.1 Surprise, Surprise

A/N: ….yeah, I know. I suck. One warning that my posts may be a little more sparse and BAM, I totally disappear off the face of the earth. I guess I underestimated JUST how busy I would be. It’s insane. ….seriously. But enough about me- that’s not what you’re here for!! You’re here to meet our new heiress, Tamara Winters =) I hope you enjoy.



My parents are officially back together again!!!!! Remember how I’d feared that they were on the verge of a major break up for reasons that no one actually knew?! Well, I don’t, because I ripped those pages out of my diary, shredded them into tiny pieces, threw them in the trash, and then poured the remainder of my soda all over them. Overreaction? No.



Seriously. Look at it from my perspective. I had already been about to lose my head over the sheer amount of tension in the household when my mom suddenly up and left us. Hold on, let me repeat that in case you missed it- my mother fucking LEFT. I still don’t understand what happened. My dad mentioned that it was his fault, but if that was the case…what in the world had he done? In my head, I’ve got to figure he did something pretty terrible for my mom to leave like that. Much worse than forgetting your anniversary or anything like that, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, the only reasons I can really think of are 1.) Dad disrespected Mom on a nearly unforgivable level, perhaps during a particularly heated fight, or 2.) DadcheatedonMom. UGH, DAMN IT. I hate even THINKING that, let alone writing it. My dad? The one who I’ve ALWAYS looked up to and tried desperately to impress? The one who has ALWAYS been there for me, even when his job kept him away for most of the day? MY FATHER? I didn’t want to believe it. Fuck- I couldn’t.



On that note, why am I even thinking about this? I got rid of those pages for a reason! The thought just makes me feel so sick to my stomach. Besides, I’m SUPPOSED to be celebrating because my parents are back together once and for all!!!! Or at least I assumed so. They were definitely making out in the garden earlier and now they’re nowhere to be found (*shudder*). If that’s not back together, I really don’t know what is. But in all seriousness, the house like, exploded after we saw that. We meaning my siblings and I, I mean. You know, since there are FIVE us of. Yup, five. I have two brothers and two sisters…one of which is my twin. Pretty cool, right?

Actually, it kind of…is. I mean, yes sometimes I almost lose my head because of the craziness and the fact that you’re almost never alone, but on the flip side, when I am alone…I kind of lose my head too. Besides, with a house this full, something interesting is almost always happening, a fact which I personally thrive off of.










“Dude, did you put pink hair dye in Daniel’s shampoo?”

“Noooo, of course not,” Andrew replied smoothly. He looked around quickly and then giggled, gesturing for me to lean in. “I totally did!!”

“Awesome!!” We both burst out into quiet giggles after that, and then into roars of laughter when we heard Daniel complaining to Mom downstairs about how he’d been turned into a flamingo. CLASSIC!

It was all in good fun though, honest! I loved Daniel to pieces. But, you know, if Andrew wanted to play the occasional prank against him, or anyone else for that matter, why should I discourage it? The dye is totally temporary anyhow.





“So, whatcha writing?” I asked that evening, flopping down onto the couch with my twin sister. She was pretending to watch TV, but I saw her scribbling in that little notepad of hers- even if she did immediately hide it in her jacket pocket.


Anyway, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve completely ignored the last paragraph because you’re so distracted by one all-consuming question: Twin? Yes, she’s my twin, but it’s pretty obvious we’re not identical. In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we look next to nothing alike, me taking after my mom more and my sister taking after my dad more. Even though we’re quite different in looks though, we’re pretty similar on the inside.

Sort of.


You see, I’ve always been viewed as a pretty brave person, never afraid to take chances and unfazed by the prospect of added responsibility. I even get bored if things stay the same too long, and when that happens, well, like I said, I don’t hesitate to fix the problem and do something out of the box.


My sister is…well, to be quite honest, she’s a bit of a coward. She hates the unfamiliar and quakes at the thought of getting into any new situation. However, she’s also probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet and she’s super sweet, always taking it upon herself to take care of others.

My sister is also-


“Ugh. Why ask a question if you aren’t even going to listen to the answer?” Catherine muttered, looking none too amused and successfully interrupting my train of thoughts.

“Huh? Oh, right, sorry!” I apologized hastily, turning my attention back to my sister. “Got distracted. So what did you say?”

“I said I was just brainstorming a new recipe,” she answered, her brief rise in temper quickly abating. I don’t think Catherine ever stayed angry for long. Like…ever.


“Oh. ….so why did I see little hearts sketched everywhere?” I remarked casually, looking at her innocently. Catherine’s cheeks immediately flushed pink as her hand went subconsciously to her pocket, making sure I hadn’t somehow nabbed her diary from her when she wasn’t looking.

“It’s a- they weren’t- ”


My mouth dropped and my eyes went wide as realization dawned on me. “Oh my god, you have a crush on someone, don’t you!?” I demanded.

“N-n-no, my- my studies come first!” she flushed, averting my gaze and trying to keep a straight face. On that note, my sister also sucked at lying. Big time.

“It’s Riley, isn’t it?” I asked with a sly grin, poking my sister in the side teasingly.


Now, the reaction I expected after doing that was Catherine shrugging me off and telling me it was none of my business- what I didn’t expect was for her to cover her face with her hands…and burst out into hysterical tears. I immediately switched into my more serious, comforting mode. “Hey, what’s wrong? I’m sorry. I was just teasing,” I said quickly, feeling terrible. I had just been playing around!

“No, it’s not you,” Catherine cried, her face still hidden and her voice muffled by her hands. “It’s h-h-him.”

“I’ll kill him.”

Catherine looked up, taking her hands away from her face and looking at me in surprise. “What? No!! It’s nothing like that. You don’t have to kill anyone. It’s just- I…it’s my fault. I ruined everything.”

“Catherine, you’re giving me a heart attack here, what happened!?” I demanded. Gahhhh, she had me freaking out here! Did he hurt her? Was she okay? What the hell happened!?


“H-h-he asked me out on a date,” she wailed.

I blinked, not seeing the problem yet. “Uh huh…well that’s just terrible,” I said with a nod.

Catherine rolled her eyes. “That’s not the problem, obviously. It’s just when he asked I was so shocked that first, I dropped my books, second, one bounced RIGHT onto his toe, and then third, after I apologized profusely and he helped me pick them up, I mumbled that I would have to ask my parents and rushed off. I BROKE THE MAN’S TOE AND THEN TOLD HIM I WOULD HAVE TO ASK MY PARENTS!” she shouted, absolutely hysterical at this point. “He’s probably thinks I’m a total weirdo now.”


“Ahhh, I wondered why he was limping on Friday,” I mused thoughtfully, thinking back.

“Oh my god,” Catherine cried, burying her face in her hands again.

“Oh wait, no! I’m sure it’s fine, really!” I immediately backtracked, realizing what I had done. I stood up then and moved in front of my sister, taking her hands away from her face. “Catherine, listen to me. You are like, the prettiest, smartest, most awesome girl at our school. There is no way that a couple little mistakes would change the way he feels about you. And if they did, then he is NOT someone you want to be with. Seriously!”


“But, he’s so nice…and handsome,” she whispered, staring down at the floor and looking miserable.

“Um yeah, hello, he IS nice, which is why he’s totally going to forgive you. Heck, he’s probably not even concerned about that. He’s probably MORE concerned about whether you’re going to go on that date with him or not! Which, um, you better.”

Catherine looked up at me skeptically. “I should? I thought you were against dating and thought fawning over boys was stupid.”

“I do,” I said with a bit of a shrug. “But, you know, I can tell you like him a lot, and I think he likes you too. And in a good way, not a ‘I just want to get in that girl’s pants way’, like most of the guys at our school.”


“Really?! How do you know? Does he talk about me? What did he say?”

“Okay. I’m done here,” I said with a shake of head, turning to leave the room.

“No!! What did he say?!” Catherine cried, running after me.

Ugh. Boys. They made girls stupid…including, apparently, my very own sister.


Unfortunately, things were relatively unexciting after that event, especially because Catherine had taken to avoiding Riley as much as she possibly could (idiot!). Andrew was also grounded for rigging the sink to explode in Laura’s face, and I guess my parent’s must have grounded him pretty good because he’d been uncharacteristically quiet lately too, which made things even more unexciting. And I guess the lack of excitement must have gotten to my mom too, because she even started working again, taking back her old job as a Department Head.


The most exciting thing that had happened all week was that Mom and Dad finally got around to decorating a room for my little brother and sister, who had been staying in a temporary bunk in the nursery up until then. I think the biggest delay was in the fact that it used to be my grandparents room…but now you wouldn’t be able to tell that anyway.


My brother had said that he didn’t care what the room looked like, just as long as there was some purple, which had left Laura to make most of the decoration choices. …I think he may have regretted that somewhat, but hey, there was purple…right?


Anyway, life was pretty uneventful, which made it three times as weird then when, as we were all reluctantly trudging through our homework, my mom came in and asked us if we could come into the living room for a short family meeting. ….a what? I looked up only to see Daniel and Catherine exchanging skeptical glances from across the table. I returned their questioning look and then shrugged, trying not to panic as I put my pencil down and shuffled into the living room with the rest of them. As we settled down, I couldn’t help but notice how unnaturally quiet our typically buzzing house was. There was no question about it—we were worried.


My first reaction was to look at my dad. He was a relatively quiet man, but he didn’t usually have to say too much. His face typically gave it all away. Right now though, I couldn’t really read him. He looked a little anxious, but that was about it. I couldn’t even tell if it was like…a good anxious, or a bad anxious. Gah. I watched as he came up behind my mom, taking her into his arms. Somehow, this simple act made us even more scared. My heart pounded harder as I leaned against the wall, too nervous to sit. What in the world had happened?


The tension in the room was broken though by my mother laughing, a light, amused sound that dissolved everyone’s anxiety, leaving behind only confusion. “Oh, you sillies- it’s nothing bad,” she said, smiling brightly at all of us. “It’s just- well,” she glanced at my dad, who smiled at her encouragingly, and then continued. “Well, it looks like you guys can expect another little brother or sister!” she gushed, her excitement coming out full force now as she shared her announcement.



“Uhh…” said Daniel, seeming at a loss for words.


“When do you find out if it’s a girl or a boy?” Laura asked curiously, her eyes bright.


“Aw, man!” cried Andrew at almost the exact same time.


“Ughhhhh, but you’re ol-” I began to groan unthinkingly, but my words were cut off by the delighted squeal of my twin.


“Oh that’s wonderful!!” she cried, running over to my mother and hugging her tightly. “How far are you along? Oh I’d love a baby around again!”


I glanced over at Andrew, who gave me a clear “wtf” look. I returned it wholeheartedly.


What were my parents thinking?


After many questions, a tantrum from Andrew because he liked being the youngest, a questioning of their sanity from yours truly, and many more delightful cheers from Catherine, the family meeting had dissipated and I was left just feeling confused. Weren’t my parents in like, their forties now? Was this even planned? I glanced at my dad again, who, under the assumption that no one was paying him any attention, was looking at my mom with such a worried expression on his face that it made me scared as well, even though I had no idea what I was fearing.

“Are you okay?” I asked, tentatively approaching him.

My dad looked at my mom for a moment longer and then slowly shifted his attention back to me, nodding slowly. “Yes. I just-” he stopped for a moment, as if he were considering how much he should tell me. He sighed deeply then, shrugging a little. “I’m fine. Happy even. I just worry.”

“Why?” I immediately asked, not allowing him to go back into his thoughts. “Mom’s healthy, isn’t she?”


Dad paused for a second and then smiled, giving a little laugh. “Of course! I just worry about having a 6thchild, but it’ll all work out! Go finish your homework,” he said. Before I could remind him it was the weekend, he walked off to join my mom again.

Okay…now what were they hiding?

Oddly enough, when it came to this family, it seemed like the older I got…the less I knew.


I didn’t have much time to dwell on this fact though because there were other, more important things to worry about—like the fact that mom felt sick all the time and spent most of her time either sleeping, or trying desperately to keep something down. I can’t even count the number of times Dad had taken Mom to the hospital “just to be sure,” but the doctor pretty much said the same thing every time—that she was fine, just be sure to take it easy and come in for regular check-ins, since this was a late pregnancy. Well, come in for regular check-ins they sure did.


I tried to keep myself distracted with my after school clubs (shop and sports), and that worked for awhile, but once I got home the stress would all come back. Oh wait, not because of mom. No, no, sorry, that probably didn’t make sense at all.

No, because, well…..




Catherine had finally mustered up the courage to speak to Riley again and now the two were positively inseparable. It sucked. Majorly. Where once Catherine was always available to hang out, chat, and vent, now she was pretty much NEVER available. She always had her lips glued to Riley’s instead. It was a sickening sight.



I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was totally happy for her at first….but now….well now I just want to toss my cookies.



Le barf.


And it especially ticks me off because I personally would never let a guy absorb me so completely. I am my own independent woman! To hell with chains that would keep me down! To hell with societal expectations! To hell with having one’s life completely revolve around a single, stupid person! Boys were never going to be worth my time.

Never. Ever-




Maybe, just maybe…there existed an exception to the rule.


A/N: And so ends the first chapter of the new generation! I hope you enjoyed it =) I have lots of ideas in mind for Tamara so I’m eager to get going, but it’s all time permitting. Sigh. That being that said though, I want to thank each and every one of you for being so patient and sticking through this with me. It really means a lot to me that there are still people interested in finding out what happens next ^_^

Until next time!! ❤


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  1. Omigoooosh! Different Winters!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Now that that’s out the way, first of all, love the new blog theme and title picture. And I love Tamara!! She’s so different to Reed!! And just so excitable. I loved the LOLOLOLOL. XD It made me laugh.

    And and… a sixth child?! D: I hope nothing bad happens. That would be awful. D: *flaps*

    I love that the kids’ personalities are coming out a lot more through Tamara’s eyes. Looking forward to this generation!! ❤

    1. Thank you!! And yeah, I’m going for a light, carefree personality when it comes to Tamara, which is a change from Reed, who often had apprehensions about…well, most things, haha. It’s also much easier for me to spend some time now shaping the kid’s personalities, which didn’t get to come out quite as strongly before.

      I’m looking forward to this generation too, lol. I just need to find the time to write! …well no, I can find time to write typically…it’s getting the pictures mostly. That takes forever! o_o

  2. Yay!! I’m so happy there’s another chapter out!!!

    I was thinking to myself “is she going to write anymore or should i just stop reading?” ‘Cause I’d check often, but there’d be no chapter up. But I was also thinking to myself that this was a really good Sims 3 Challenge and REALLY good writing, so I should stick with it.

    And I’m happy I did 🙂 I loved this chapter and Riley is so cute!! 😀 and the mystery boy ❤

    Anywho, can't wait for the next chapter!! 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you stuck around! I know it’s been awhile D= I’m hoping the next update won’t be so far away, especially with winter break coming up next month. I shall try my best!! Oh, and I love the boys too, hehe, especially Riley!

  3. *Dances around* I got my email earlier and seriously my mouth dropped. I was stunned. I am soooo excited you found time to update. And even though I am going to miss Reed, I am already starting to love Tamara. She’s awesome. And I love Andrew too. I can’t wait to see what you plan with the travel generation.

    1. Reed will still be around in small doses, but I’m starting to love Tamara too! The more I plan out her character, the more she becomes alive to me, until I’m loving her just as much! Andrew is fun too, hehe. That little daredevil 😉 Hopefully the next update won’t quite be as far off!

  4. AHH YOU’RE BACK!! 😀
    omg.. six children. Reed, what the hell are you doing…? crazy family. loveable, but crazy.
    Tamara’s writing style makes me giggle. She’s so teenage girl at the moment, it’s great. I kept expecting her to burst out into “*squeeee* OMG OMG” all the time xD
    Can’t wait for the travelling to begin! 😀 x

    1. Indeed I am!! I’ve been sketching this chapter out little by little and finally got a chance during Thanksgiving break to really run with it. Woot! And yes, she’s totally loving life right now =D I love her ^_^ Oh, and I can’t wait for traveling either…I haven’t been to the other lands in awhile, haha.

  5. EEEEE, I was SO excited to see a Different Winters post in my inbox this morning! And of course, it didn’t disappoint. I’m loving Tamara and her personality, and that part when she was talking to Catherine about Riley had me rolling…poor Catherine.

    I’m glad she did manage to talk to the boy eventually, though, because they are super cute together.

    And OMG, Reed and Marina! I really, really, REALLY hope that the pregnancy and birth goes smoothly…but with her being a bit older now, that always increases the risks (well, IRL at least), so I await your next update with bated breath!

  6. omg!! it’s good to see you back! i hope everything is going well with you, lily. i’ve definitely missed the winters :). i can’t wait to see what tamara is going to bring to the legacy. i love her already ❤

  7. OMG! You survived your first few months of Teach For America. I hope you are loving it and that your students are loving you.

    And the story! Yay! Those two teenaged boys are so cute! I also love the voice of your heir. When I read “le barf” I was rolling. She’s just like every sophomore girl in my LA classes.

    I can’t wait to read the adventures she gets up to, but don’t feel pressure to put them out if you are busy. But…also remember that you deserve a personal life outside of your job. That way you don’t get burned out.

  8. Yay! I finally finished reading your DITFT!!! And just an FYI, I love it! Your writing is AWESOME and the story lines and personalities of each character are so unique and amazing to read. I love the way you write, too, it’s so entertaining and I’m waiting anxiously for the next chapter. My favorite founder of this legacy is Reed (aka Harry Potter) but I’m starting to like Tamara too. I’m excited to learn more about this boy she met…. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it =D I update a lot slower nowadays, but I’m hoping to crank out a few during winter break in order to catch up some ^_^ I already have lots of ideas for Tamara and can’t wait to get them written out and posted! The boy she met has a rather important role in shaping Tamara’s generation, but I won’t say more than that :X Once again, thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy!

  9. Yay! You’re back! I was waiting for another post 😉
    Tamara’s so pretty! I love her point of view!
    one thing though, you said:
    He sighed deeply then, shrugging a little. “I’m fine. Happy even. I just worry.”
    You wrote “I just worried’ instead of “I’m”
    Just thought you should know 🙂

    1. Thanks!! Tamara is indeed gorgeous- she takes a lot after her mother! Also, I went back to look at it and I think that was my intention. He says “I just worry” to say that he just worries a lot, in general, not necessarily that he’s feeling particularly worried in that specific moment…if that makes sense, lol. Thanks for pointing it out though! I hate typos, haha.

  10. So I clicked Different Winters on a whim today and LO AND BEHOLD UPDATES! I just about squealed with happiness and nearly fell out of my chair with excitement. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

    Tamara is such an interesting perspective to read! I’m starting to love her already. But I’m really curious about “the exception” 😉

  11. okay i’ve gotta know. what expansion packs do you have? and how did you get them to lay down at the beach????

    1. I have all of the expansion packs and all of the stuff packs except for Katy Perry Sweet Treats, which I personally didn’t have much interest in.

      In order to get them to lay down at the beach I used cmomoney’s Pose Player over at Mod the Sims! It’s an awesome tool for taking pictures!! ^_^ Enjoy!

  12. Hah! Made it to the third generation!!! Ahhhh I’m loving it so far!! Last gen was soooooo good! Tears were nearly had multiple times. And Congrats on your teaching job! I’m actually in school to be an English teacher haha 😀 I love this first chapter and cannot wait to read the rest!!! 🙂

  13. Poor Tamara, for losing Catherine as a hang out buddy… although, maybe this guy can give her an in to double date with Catherine or something. LOL. Riley is adorable. o.O Aww Reed… haha, I know what he’s worried about. I enjoyed all the kids’ reactions to their parents’ news… I think I’d be a little shocked as well, but eh, I suppose these things happen to some families. I would know, my hubs has 7 brothers and sisters, and they range greatly in age difference. Anyway, haha, Tamara reminds me a little of myself when I was single, her whole “I’m independent, I don’t need these chains,” ROFL, but I’ve learned that I can still be independent, even with a hubs. XD I like Tamara, she’s feisty.

    1. Indeed–those two have always been close, so it’s pretty weird for Tamara to suddenly have her twin spending all her time with this guy. On that note though, Riley is a nice guy and like you said he’s totally adorable! I actually forgot how adorable he was until I got your comment on this chapter and looked back at it, rofl.

      Haha, yes, you know exactly why Reed’s a bit nervous o_o; I’d be very surprised at the news as well, but I know too that it totally happens, especially the disparate age. My dad is like 10 years younger than his next closest sibling 😛

      Tamara too needs to learn that she can be independent even with a significant other. Glad you like her so far!

  14. I loved Tamara’s conversation with Catherine and I’m glad that she decided to go for Riley, however it’s awful that she’s not hanging out with Tamara anymore, maybe Tamara’s “Boys were never going to be worth my time- Wait, screw that, he’s hot.” guy will give her someone else to hang out with, making up for it? Hopefully if she does go after him, she doesn’t become solely dependent on him.

    Also, I admit- a bit embarrassed- that I would probably have reacted very similar to Tamara if my parents told me that they were having another child. I know that these things happen- there’s eight years between my mum and her sister, seventeen-ish or so between my father and his sister, and fourteen between my acquaintance and her sister- though, as someone who lacks enthusiasm about child-rearing and babies in general, and is tends to be a bit type A and also adjusts to unexpected change poorly, “Fuck. What were my parents thinking?” would probably be my opinion, at least at first, versus “Yay, babies!” it’d definitely win. I understand that Reed is nervous, though he and Marina are both wonderful with kids and loving, doting parents +if they ever feel over whelmed they’ve got five wonderful babysitters and diaper changers at hand if they need them, haha. 😉

    1. Catherine’s newfound relationship with Riley is bittersweet in that sense. It’s sweet because Riley is kind and Catherine really likes him and now they’re together, but at the same time, like you said, she’s not hanging out with Tamara as much anymore and they’ve always been such a close duo growing up. Maybe “hot guy” will make up for it….maybe not…..>.>

      I think it’s a perfectly legitimate reaction to not be so excited at your parents having another kid, especially so late in life. It really shakes up the status quo and like you said, it’s a big and unexpected change. That being said, once they all do get used to said change I’m sure her initial frustrations will be forgotten 🙂

      LOL yes, so many available babysitters XD

  15. Ooh Tamara is very promising!
    Ah I already feel nostalgic watching Reed from his kid’s POV.
    Heehee, Tamara, for someone who was totally against boys, you should turned around quickly XD

    1. Hahaha it’s always a bit strange initially when I switch points of views and then view the previous heir through another’s eyes. It makes me miss them all over again. It’s like, they’re there, but they’re not, if that even makes sense, lol.

      Tamara definitely has quite a story of her own to tell too though, so hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy Different Winters 🙂

      On that note, thanks so much for reading and leaving all these awesome comments! This won’t be the last time I say it, but I really appreciate it! ❤

      Lastly, heh heh, she really did, didn't she? But I guess it's easy to say boys don't matter when you don't have a crush…and a little bit harder to say the same when you do XD

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