Chapter 3.7: Inter Spem Et Metum

Chapter 3.7 Inter Spem Et Metum

A/N: Hello again!! It hasn’t been too long, right? Right. >.> ….anyway, regardless of how long it’s been, I come bearing chapters! That’s right, plural! This chapter was originally one chapter, but it was incredibly long, so I made the executive decision to split it. That being said, this one is very short and ends abruptly, while the other is much longer and jumps right back into it. This chapter and the next also have the same title (Between Hope and Fear), only one is in Latin, the other, English. I know, I’m so clever…haha. Additionally, the next one might not be posted immediately…depending how long it takes me to lesson plan and the like tonight. Also, one last note…this chapter is rated higher for language and violence! You have been warned. All good? Okay…on with the story!



The sun shone brightly upon my skin, overheating it and causing tiny droplets of sweat to run down my face and back. I took in huge gasps of air, my heart pounding as I urged my legs onward; taking delight in the burning sensation that had begun deep within my calf and thigh muscles. With this kind of speed and strength, there was no way I wouldn’t move up in the ranks at my job. No way.

And in fact, I had gotten a few promotions at the stadium…and more than a few looks of interest as well. Maybe, just maybe, I’d eventually get a spot on that coveted soccer team.


Coming across my destination at last, I slowed to a jog, stopping only when I reached the bank of a secluded pond. I took in deep, slow breaths, reveling in the peacefulness of the mountains and contemplating diving right into that pond. The water was sure to be cool and refreshing, and my skin and muscles felt like they were on fire.

It was a good feeling. In general, I was in high spirits. Not only had I gotten those promotions at work, but my family was also thrilled to have me back AND my sister was due any day now, so soon I’d be meeting my new little niece or nephew!

Yes. Life was good.


I stayed there for hours, watching the light glimmer off of the pond and the occasional fish that would splash near the surface. I wondered if the ones that jumped the highest were actually just curious about what was outside of their world. ….or maybe I was just projecting my feelings onto a bunch of trout. Clearly, I just wasn’t meant to stay in one place for too long—no matter how happy I was.


“Fancy seeing you here,” a voice suddenly came from behind me. It was oddly familiar, but somehow different…deeper. My body reacted before my brain could place the voice though, a jolt of fear unlike any other I’d felt before freezing me to my spot. I felt like I’d died right at the prompting of a simple sentence. Still, I somehow managed to turn myself around, my body rigid. “What, no ‘good to see you’?” the voice entreated. I could hear the smile in his words.

“N-n-no,” I whispered, the only word I could manage in that moment. I didn’t even know what I was saying “no” to…his words, or his very presence.


“No? It’s Trey Forest. You might remember me,” he said matter-of-factly. “I know I remember you…and how you broke my heart.”

Those words were enough to snap me out of my frozen stupor, anger now taking over my entire being. “Broke your heart? How could I break a heart that never existed in the first place!?” I asked in a low hiss, my fists clenching by my sides. There was no way I was going to let this fucker get into my head. No way.


“You wound me, Tamara. Is that anyway to talk to your first love?” he asked with a smile.

“I never loved you!”

“That’s not what you told me before. Are you a liar too, Tamara?” he asked, looking at me with a questioning calm that unnerved me again. I ground my teeth together though, re-steeling myself against his words. I wouldn’t let him hurt me. I wouldn’t!


“You lost any feelings I ever might have had for you the night you tried to rape me,” I snapped bitterly. It was the first time I’d admitted the word to myself. I had to fight the cold chill that ran down my spine.

“Oh fuck you, Tamara. I wasn’t trying to rape you. Just…convince you,” Trey answered with a stupid, casual shrug of his shoulders. “And then what do you do? Kick me in the nuts and run out of my life! I hoped you learned your lesson though. How wasyour last year of high school anyway?” he asked innocently.

“Go to hell!”


“Is that the best you can come up with?” Trey asked, literally chuckling now. “Come on, Tamara, you know you loved me and I know you wanted it. I could see it in your eyes.” I opened my mouth to retort, but he kept talking, his gaze on me intent. “I can still see it, Tamara. I can still see how much you want me. You can still have me though. Just one word and I’m yours, sweetheart.”

“I would never, EVER sleep with you!” I yelled, rage coursing through my system at this point. I wanted to hit him. I wanted to kick him. I wanted to claw his fucking eyes out, but I stood my ground. I didn’t know how strong he was. I didn’t want to take the risk of even getting near him.


“Oh? Am I not good enough, Tamara?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. Every time he said my name I wanted to slap him. “Ahhh, but André Lefebvre was good enough to spread your legs for.”

All of my anger and bravery were sucked out of me at once at that one sentence, leaving me feeling cold and helpless. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to run away.“How did you know about that?” I whispered, horrified.


“I have my ways,” he answered quietly, his eyes locked on me. “I know about André…I know about your random trysts with fellow explorers…I know about Farouk. Tell me, was he good? Did it feel good when he fucked you in that dirty old tent?” Trey laughed then, a bitter sound that held no joy in it. “God, Tamara, you really ended up living up to the old rumors, didn’t you? You’re a filthy whore.”

“I-” I began, trying to defend myself, but I was feeling too shaken, too sick to even speak. How could he possibly know about all that? My eyes burned with hot tears and my stomach lurched. I suddenly felt so nauseous.

“I’d still forgive you though, if you let me,” he said softly, his voice suddenly coming from inches away from me. He gently pushed a stray hair behind my ear…brushed his lips against my forehead. “I never did stop loving you, you know.”



“Get. Away!” I spat, pushing him hard in the chest and making him stumble backward. “Get the FUCK away from me! I hate you!”

“No,” he said it so quietly that it made me freeze for a second, straining to hear him. “You fucking love me and you’re going to realize it you whore!” I gasped and turned to run, bolting toward the trees, but it wasn’t long before Trey’s fingers locked around my arm so tightly that I could feel it bruising.



“Let go!” I shrieked, trying desperately to wrench my arm out of his grasp. He wasstrong though, throwing me against a tree trunk so hard that the breath got knocked out of me and black spots appeared before my vision. Trey’s body was pressed up against me now, pinning me between the tree and himself. He smelled like some kind of cheap cologne. I wanted to vomit. “Stop it!” I cried, trying desperately to push him off. I thought I was strong. …but he was so much stronger. I sobbed as he began shoving my clothes out of the way, struggling so hard against him that I could feel my back stinging as the bark of the tree tore at my skin.



“Stay still. You know you fucking want this,” Trey said in a low growl, his face much too close to mine. “Now spread your legs for me, sweetheart. Spread them like you did for André and Farouk!” He forced his leg between mine, but as soon as he did he left part of my leg free to move. Without even a second thought, I brought my foot down on his instep as hard as I possibly could, causing Trey to cry out and loosen his grip…but it wasn’t enough as he screamed at me and held me tighter.


It did, however, free up my body some, so I took this moment to thrust my palm upward to his nose, driving the cartilage back into his sinuses. This time he did led go, groaning as his eyes teared up from the pain. “Fucking, bitch!” he screamed, his voice slightly nasal. He aimed a kick at my body, but I twisted his leg and then aimed a well-aimed punch to his abdomen. My Sim Fu training was kicking in.


“Try to touch me again!” I shrieked as he doubled over, kicking him hard in the back of the knee. He fell with a cry, pathetically gasping for breath. “I FUCKING DARE YOU TO ASSHOLE. TOUCH ME AGAIN!” I shrieked as I grabbed his sweater with one hand and punched him square in the jaw with the other.


“Bitch,” Trey gasped with pain. “Fucking. Bitch!” He tried to reach for me again, but I stomped on his hand and then aimed another kick at his stomach so hard that I heard something crack…and then Trey wasn’t moving.


I froze and stared down at him, the adrenaline in my body suddenly burned out. His eyes were blackened, his face bloody. He was lying in the fetal position, his body limp. “What have I done?” I whispered, tears coming unbidden to my eyes. I didn’t- I didn’t mean- “Oh god.” I willed myself to approach him, bending low to check him…and realized that he was still breathing, ever so slightly. Jesus.


With a shaking hand, I pulled out my phone, dialing 911. “It was self-defense,” was the first thing I choked out.

The words hung in the air unnaturally, echoing in my ears.


“It was self-defense.”


Chapter 8 to come soon…..


26 thoughts on “Chapter 3.7: Inter Spem Et Metum”

  1. LOVED THIS! I’m so glad you’re back! 😀

    Ooh, what has Tamara done?!?!? He did deserve it though and at least he’s still alive. What a jerkface. >:[

    Anywho, I cannot wait to see what happens next! I hope Tamara doesn’t get into too much trouble. She was protecting herself from him, like she said, “self-defense.”

  2. :O OhmygodTamarawhathaveyoudone??

    He deserved it, but :O She’s going to get into a lot of trouble! And I wanna know why that ba***** knew about those 2 other guys! Humph!!

    I HATE HIM EVEN MORE NOW! Maybe she just cracked his rib…PLEASE let it just be the rib… 😦 Maybe multiple ribs, that would be good 🙂

  3. Yeah, kick his ASS, Tamara!

    In all seriousness, though, what an utterly terrifying experience. To know that he’s been stalking her for years…to have that altercation…and then to think that she might actually have killed someone, even a piece of scum like him. As if what he did to her before wasn’t enough…this is going to be even MORE traumatizing.

    In a way, I’m glad he’s not dead, because I don’t know how well she’d have lived with that. It would have made sure he couldn’t hurt her again, though. I hope he gets locked away for a long time, but there are no witnesses, and I’m sure he’ll claim she just beat him up with no provocation. -.- Slime.

    1. I know right! Even though I’m the one who wrote it I still think it’s totally horrifying. And to go so long without having a clue either! But yeah, definitely pretty traumatizing….

      Also, I think Tamara would definitely agree with you about being glad he’s not dead. She hates him yes and he’s a scum bag….but death? I just really don’t think that would have settled well with her.

  4. Oh. My. God. Whhhyyy is this a cliff hanger?? It’s about time that Tamara stood up for herself. As I was reading, I was hoping that she wouldn’t let him take advantage of her. I can’t believe that Trey flipping stalked her for all of those years. He definitely messed with the wrong Winters 😉 Glad to see you’re back by the way 🙂

    1. Indeed. It’s interesting because Tamara is typically a very brave, strong person, but when it comes to men it seems scumbags like Trey have really shattered her confidence. Perhaps kicking Trey’s ass will help her regain some of that confidence! ….of course, the knowledge of what Trey did could also further damage it as well….


  5. Yes! I’m so glad she kicked him. I hope she broke a rib and every time he breaths he’s reminded of how she kicked his butt.

    As always, I love the voice you give your characters. I can’t wait to get the second part.

    1. “I hope she broke a rib and every time he breaths he’s reminded of how she kicked his butt.”

      How malicious! I love it! Hahaha. And although Tamara is probably pretty traumatized at the moment, once she really lets sink in exactly what Trey did, I’m sure she’d agree too….

      And thank you!! ^_^

  6. I always wait to read chapters so I have more to read and now I’m just sitting here going :O
    I absolutely loved this and know that I am scuttling off to read the next parts 😀

    1. Pfft, no! Although I don’t typically condone violence I took huge pleasure in writing Tamara beating the crap out of that scum-bag!

      He did get what was coming to him >.< And to be fair, it was self-defense! =O

      1. true it was self-defense, but not everyone always believes that
        O.o but so far, Tamara is my favorite generation! Reminds me of my current generation in my simself legacy actually (in a way) haha.

        1. Oh, really? Yay! I really loved writing Tamara’s generation. I felt like it was when I finally got into the swing of story writing, but I feel like it tends to be the least favorite of most of my readers, so I’m really glad that it’s your favorite! ❤

          I haven't read your simself legacy, but it sounds like something I should check out! ^_^

  7. Oh man… she nearly killed him. *cheers* LOL.
    I’m glad, but not glad, that he’s still breathing. LOL, I hope all she cracked was a few ribs… that would suck immensely if she somehow ‘owed’ Trey’s family stuff because she nearly killed their son or something, ugh, that’s the last thing she needs.
    Curious to see what will happen especially since she’s said immediately it was self defense. At least Dipshit Trey isn’t awake enough to manipulate the 911 operator. *Rolls eyes so hard at Trey* Oh and his last name is Forest? I had so hoped he would have gotten lost in a forest somewhere and died of starvation or something. XD I’m also curious how he managed to keep tabs on her at an international level. O_O

    1. LOL, yes! *cheers* XD XD Dipshit got what was coming to him! Of course, we do hope the damage isn’t too bad…not because we care about Trey, but because like you said something like that would be the last thing she needs!

      I think your last curiosity was answered in the next chapter, but to clarify he kept tabs on her by getting into contact with the people in each locale and asking questions/gathering information about her. Sometimes he even went to the places, but he stayed hidden/maintained a low key because he didn’t yet want Tamara to know what he was up to. He got off on the fact that she didn’t know actually. That is, until he couldn’t stand just watching anymore…..As I said before, total psychopath! D:

  8. I’m glad that she’s getting promotions at work and doing better and-
    Trey is putrid, creepy, fucking stalker, I’m glad that Tamara was able to defend herself against his attack, hopefully she broke a few ribs, I’m worried anything fatal would be traumatic for her, despite the fact that he deserves it…

    1. Hahaha, best reaction ever to putrid creepy fucking stalker dipshit Trey. Whew, that’s a mouthful, but feels totally satisfying to say because that’s exactly what he is. Looks like he definitely messed with the wrong woman though! Anything fatal would indeed be traumatic, but ya know, Trey could certainly do with a few broken ribs……

  9. Gah, what a horrible person… It’s sad how these people convince themselves that they are right. I most certainly hope Tamara does not get into trouble. That would be such an injustice. :/

    1. Right? It’s not only sad, but scary as well that someone could convince themselves that something so incredibly heinous and wrong could possibly be justified.

      I see you’ve already found out what happens to Tamara, but that certainly would be an injustice 😦

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  10. Ah damn O_o
    YES to Trey getting it
    NO to Tamara maybe facing charges.
    But it was self-defense! She’s good to go right? She’s probably got bruises on her arms and everything to prove it…*crossing fingers*

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