Chapter 5.12: Daisy

Chapter 5.12 Daisy

A/N: Nope, no writer’s block here! This is actually how long it took me to write, edit, and take pictures for this chapter, lol. On the bright side, I loved every minute of it ^_^

ANYWAY, this chapter is my baby a unique installment in Joanne’s story because it is written entirely in Gabriel’s point of view. This is because I love him there’s way too much going on in his head for me to accurately describe from Joanne’s point of view. Plus, his backstory is so heart wrenching detailed and important in understanding his character that I really wanted to give it the necessary spotlight.

On another note, there are a number of flashbacks in this chapter. They all take place in Bridgeport and range from when Gabriel was 18 (the first flashback) to 21 (the final flashback). The flashbacks are also titled as “tracks” on an album—in this case, the album on Gabriel’s past.

In keeping with how I’ve chosen songs thus far that suit Joanne’s vocals, since this chapter is in Gabriel’s point of view, I chose a song that fits his instead.

The song for this chapter then is “Daisy” by Brand New. I think it’s one of my favorite song choices up there with Chandelier and Already Gone because it just fits so well—even to the rises and falls of the music itself. Awesome song, guys. LISTEN TO IT. Anyway, the last stanza has another verse that’s sung in the background at the same time, so I actually just put that verse at the end, even though it’s technically sung with the other lines. It doesn’t make any difference, but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone wondered. Also, this is a long chapter.

Enough rambling though—time to cry for days enjoy!


Gabriel’s Point of View


And we sing this morning that wonderful and grand old message. I don’t know about you, but I never get tired of it. Number 99, Just As I Am…


I took a languid drag from my cigarette, briefly holding the hot smoke in my mouth before I inhaled it. There was a bird pecking at a newspaper nearby, evidently missing the memo that it should have gone further south.

I breathed out slowly, watching as the escaping smoke unfurled in the frigid air. The rising wisps brought my attention to the sky, blue-gray and choked within the grips of winter. I hunched my shoulders against the biting cold, mentally cursing its existence and vaguely wondering if spring would ever arrive.

“Shit, what happened?”

The bird flew away, clearly determining that soggy news did not make for a good meal.


I’m a mountain that has been moved

I brought the cigarette back up to my lips. “Nothing,” I answered quietly.

I took another long pull, resuming my surveillance of the skies. It would probably snow again today.

“Bull, you never smoke unless you’re stressed to high hell. I’ve known you too long, Gabriel—you can’t hide shit from me.”

I remained silent, gritting my teeth against my friend’s words. He was right, of course, but that didn’t mean I wanted to talk about it. It meant that because I was “stressed to high hell,” I’d much rather be left alone than engage in pointless conversation.

“Gimme one,” Ryan muttered as he stepped into view beside me. I raised an eyebrow at him. “What? If you go down, I’m going down with you.”


I’m a river that is all dried up

I snorted, reaching into my coat pocket to draw one out for him. He took it from me, opening his mouth to ask for a light, but I was one step ahead, already holding out my lighter to him. “Thanks,” he said, taking it.

I shrugged, shifting my focus to the snow. It was even grayer than the skies. Its purity had been marred by traffic and mud.


We smoked in silence and for a while I actually thought that Ryan was going to let this go, but it seemed he was only biding his time because soon enough he pushed again.

“Daisy always hated it when you smoked.”


I’m an ocean nothing floats on

I turned my head, shooting him an incredulous look. I hated when he brought her up—hated when he said her name. No matter how long it’d been the sound of it cut into my flesh like glass and he fucking knew that.

Ryan raised an eyebrow at me, ready to challenge whatever rebuke I’d typically throw at him for doing that, but I decided not to bite this time. That would give him the satisfaction of knowing he’d gotten to me. Instead, I clenched my jaw, looking back at the filthy snow and pretending that he hadn’t spoken at all…pretending that it hadn’t had any effect on me.


Pretending, however, did not vanquish reality. The name had been said, the incision made, and the memories streamed from the wound like blood.

Track 1: For You, Anything


“Ew! That’s going to turn your teeth yellow!” Daisy complained, snatching the newly lit cigarette from my hand.

I blinked, briefly surprised, and then turned toward my thief. “Cigarettes have been continuously linked to shit like cancer and emphysema and you’re on me about yellow teeth?” I asked, an amused smile playing at my lips.

Daisy flicked the cigarette onto the ground, stomping it out with her black, knee-high boots—the same ones she wore the other night when her lithe legs were wrapped around my waist.


“Well, of course,” she said, interrupting my thoughts. She seemed surprised that I’d even question her logic. “After all, you have such a beautiful smile and yellow teeth would just kill that.” She leaned toward me, tilting her head up to kiss me on the cheek. “You know I’m right,” she murmured.

I raised an eyebrow. “You’d think that my own wife would love me regardless,” I pointed out.


Daisy backed up a little, beaming up at me. “Oh, she does,” she said with an emphatic nod that made her dark pigtails bounce. “Only I love you even more with those pearly white teeth,” she added, reaching up to wrap her slender arms around my neck.

“Superficial twit,” I muttered, leaning down to kiss her forehead.

“Emphysema-bound dummy.”

I laughed out loud and she smiled, looking up at me with a false face of picture-perfect innocence.


“Okay, okay,” I sighed, snaking my arms around her waist. “For you, anything.”

Daisy smiled even wider. “I knew you’d come to your senses. After all, you don’t want to mess up that lovely voice of yours, do you?”

“I thought they’d give me a raspy edge.”

“Ugh!” Daisy scoffed, turning away, but I pulled her back, laughing.

“I’m kidding! I’m kidding. I said okay, didn’t I?”


“Yes,” she mumbled begrudgingly, and then glanced up at me with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “By the way, did you notice what boots I was wearing?”

“A purposeful choice?” I realized with a smirk, and then claimed her lips for my own.


Track 2: I Promise

Screenshot-1099Screenshot-1079 Screenshot-1089

“That was, by far, the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen in my life.”

I nearly spit out my coke, my nose burning as the fizzy drink attacked me. “Wait, what?” I exclaimed with a laugh once I’d recovered. “I mean, not that I care, but you think the so-called ‘greatest love story ever written’ is the stupidest shit you’ve ever seen?”

“Yes!” Daisy cried, folding her arms across her chest. “They both fucking KILL themselves at the end just because the other is gone! That is, without a doubt, the most fucked up shit I’ve ever seen!”

I couldn’t help but laugh again. “Wow. Way to kill the romance,” I teased.

“What’s romantic about stabbing yourself in the chest with a fuckin’ dagger?” Daisy asked incredulously, her blue eyes wide. “That’s not romantic—that’s sad as hell!”

“Well, it is a tragedy, as you’ll recall,” I said dryly, taking another careful sip from my coke.


“Still,” she muttered, seeming thoroughly and amusingly disturbed. “All I know is that if anything ever happened to me, the last thing I’d want is for you to go off yourself or something. I’d want you to, you know—move on and like…find happiness again!”

“Hmmm,” I hummed with a slight frown, staring at the credits as they continued to roll.

Screenshot-1107 Screenshot-1091

“Well isn’t that what you’d want for me?” she asked, turning in her seat to face me. Her eyes were bright, a fierce determination suddenly blazing within them. “Like if, god forbid, anything happened to you, would you want me to kill myself over it?”

“Of course not,” I answered, cringing at the thought.

“See? It’s terrible. That’s not love—it’s stupidity, that’s what it is.”

“I guess so.”

Daisy gave me an odd look and took my soda from me, setting it down on the table behind us and then climbing into my lap. I placed my hands on her waist, looking up at her questioningly.


“You have to promise me, Gabriel,” she said seriously, staring down at me with that fierce determination still in her eyes.

“Promise you what?” I asked, completely nonplussed by her behavior.

“That you’d never do that!” she exclaimed fervently. “Promise me that if anything ever happened to me, you would find happiness again.”

“Daisy,” I chided, shaking my head. “This is stupid, nothing is going to—”

“Well I promise!” she interjected stubbornly. “If anything were to happen to you, I’d be out of my mind devastated with the weight of my loss, but I would move on! I would find happiness again because I know that’s what you would have wanted for me, right?”


“Right,” I said uneasily, beginning to dislike this entire conversation.

“It’s your turn now.”

“Daisy,” I pleaded with a bit of a laugh, “this is really—”

“PROMISE ME!” she demanded, clutching the front of my shirt with her small, but surprisingly strong hands. The laughter died on my lips. Who knew that watching a bad version of Romeo and Juliet could incite such anger? Shit, it wasn’t like she hadn’t already known the ending anyway.


“Okay, damn,” I relented when I realized that she wasn’t going to give it up. I raised my hands at my sides for emphasis. “I promise.”

“Promise what?” she asked in a low growl, her grip still tight and her eyes still ablaze.

“I promise that…that if anything were to happen to you, I’d find happiness again.”

“Because you’d know that’s what I wanted,” Daisy added firmly.

“Because I’d know that’s what you wanted,” I intoned with a nod.


Daisy grinned and then drew me in for a passionate kiss that set my heart racing no matter how many we’d shared. “Thank you,” she stated as soon as she pulled away.

I laughed a little, squeezing her legs. “You’re a bit crazy, you know that?”

“I’m crazy about you, Gabriel, and not just a bit! That’s why I’d always want you to be happy, even if that happiness wasn’t with me. Now that’s true love, don’t you think?”

“If I agree, will you kiss me like that again?” I asked with a smirk.

“Oh, you’re impossible!” she harrumphed, and then hopped right off of my lap to storm away, leaving me to realize that perhaps I should have rethought my answer….


* * * * * * * *

I’m a sky that nothing wants to fly in

I dropped the cigarette, stomping it into the snow and then running a hand through my hair in irritation. It hadn’t been a fair promise—it just hadn’t been. After all, it’s easy to make such a promise when the love of your life is still happy and healthy in your arms, but keeping it once they’re gone? So far, that’d proven to be an impossible feat.

“Come on,” Ryan said, throwing down his cigarette as well. “Let’s go inside. We can order a pizza or something. The game’s on tonight.”

“I can’t,” I said quietly. “I have plans.”

“You…wait what?” he asked, looking confused. I sighed heavily.


I’m a sun that doesn’t burn hot

“I’m meeting up with Joanne for dinner tonight…as friends,” I added when I took note of the gleeful look that began to overtake his face.

Ryan’s enthusiasm waned. For a moment he just seemed confused again, and then his mouth suddenly fell open, his eyes growing wide with apparent realization. “Wait, is that why you’re so stressed?” he asked with a relieved laugh.

I pressed my lips together, reluctant to respond, but my silence would be an admission all on its own, so finally I just muttered, “Yeah, I guess.”


There was more to it though—it wasn’t just the dinner. The dinner I could probably handle, but everything else concerning this? That’s what set my nerves on edge.

For instance, the look that’d crossed Joanne’s face after I’d suggested that we be friends—like she’d been drowning without any hope of someone rescuing her and I’d suddenly shown up to throw her a lifesaver. It hadn’t exactly been what I’d intended. Yes, I wanted to help her, and yes I wanted to jar her from that helpless, hopeless state she’d been in, but that look was too much pressure. She’d looked at me like I was her…her savior or something, and I was far from even resembling someone like that. After all, how could I be a savior to someone else when I hadn’t even managed to save myself?

Promise me.


I let out a sharp breath of air, pressing my fingers to my temples as the beginnings of a headache began to form deep within my skull.

“You know Daisy would be happy about this, don’t you?” Ryan asked.

I lifted my head, shooting my friend another dark look and wishing he would stop fucking doing that, but also knowing that he was completely right. I sighed, running a hand through my hair again. “I know,” I admitted.

Promise me.

“It’s been five years, Gabriel.”

“I know.”

Promise me.


Ryan was silent a moment, rubbing his neck and staring at the snow before he glanced up at me again. He looked as if he wasn’t sure if he should say what he was about to, but I knew he would anyway. He always did. I braced myself.

“Do you like her?”


I’m a moon that never shows its face


My eyes widened while my heart clenched hard in my chest. I looked away. Did I? Did I like her? My headache worsened as I considered my answer, though I had the vague suspicion that my heart already knew it.


I thought first about how she always seemed so fragile, so helpless, as if she’d given up on herself before she’d even tried and how much this annoyed me because she shouldn’t allow others get to her like that, shouldn’t be so quick to sacrifice the very essence of her identity.

I thought then of the brief moments when I’d see those gleaming eyes of hers flash, her hands clenched into small fists at her sides, and that steely look of conviction emblazoned on her face. Those brief moments were the ones that made me think that maybe she wasn’t as fragile as she seemed.


I thought of the varying shades of pink her cheeks turned when she talked to me….

I thought of her shining jet-black hair because damn I had a thing for dark hair.

I thought of her eyes and how they magically became a thousand times more striking against that dark hair. They made me wonder why they called her Jade honestly because yes, the name came from the color of her eyes, but I never thought they’d actually been that color, even against the blonde hair that muted them. Sure, jade was a green stone and her eyes were definitely green, but Joanne’s kind of green glittered as it reflected not just the light in the room, but also a light that could not have come from anywhere other than deep within herself. This was never more apparent than when she smiled. When she smiled, her small nose scrunched up so cutely that I thought the sight would kill me, Joanne’s eyes…her emerald eyes, sparkled.


“Should I continue to leave you alone with your thoughts?” Ryan asked wryly, his lips pulled up in the most irritating of smirks.


I’m a mouth that doesn’t smile

I covered my face with my hand. “Oh shut up,” I muttered, trying to strike down my embarrassment before it became too noticeable.

Ryan laughed, looking triumphant as he lifted his arms to lace his fingers behind his head. “I’ll ask again even though the answer’s obvious because I want to hear you say it: do you like her?”

My chest tightened. That insidious feeling was returning—the one that always seemed to have me in its grasps lately and kept making everything so much more difficult than it should have been.


I removed my hand from my face, trying to ignore it. “Yeah,” I admitted quietly. The feeling worsened with my confession. God.

I winced then as Ryan let out a sudden series of gleeful whoops and cheers from beside me, but he mercifully grew quiet when he noticed my reluctance to celebrate right along with him.

“Hey!” he said, nudging me so hard that I stumbled. “This is a good thing.”

I scowled, resisting the urge to punch him. He was always trying to convince me of that, but I still couldn’t see how it was, especially with this feeling strangling me from the inside out.

“Daisy wanted—”



“I know!” I exclaimed with a shout, unable to stand his pushing for even a second longer. “I fucking know! I’ve always fucking known so will you just fucking stop!?” My hands clenched into fists, my jaw tightening.


“I just want you to be happy, man,” he said, his face falling as he took a step back.


I’m a word that no one ever wants to say

Great, now I felt like an asshole.

“I know that too,” I mumbled, and then looked back up at the white-washed sky, willing myself to relax. After all, there was no use yelling at him when I hadn’t even explained myself.

“Look,” I said, finally giving into his stupid want to talk about this. “You act like I haven’t been trying and I have been. I’ve been talking to her more and I’ve tried to, you know, be nice to her or whatever and now I’ve even invited her out, even if it is just as friends, but that’s…that’s all I can fucking manage right now because…because sometimes…”

I paused, pressing my lips together and shaking my head as any last remnants of my anger fell away. There was a very good reason I hadn’t wanted to talk—it was because I hadn’t wanted to admit this. It was so fucking stupid and it honestly made no sense at all. Not after five whole years. Hell, over five years, at this point.


“Spit it out!” Ryan said, moving to jab me with his elbow.

“It makes me feel guilty!” I snapped as I dodged the blow, and then winced anyway because I hated that’d I said it so loudly. I sighed heavily. “Sometimes,” I began with some irritation, “when I think about Joanne being anything more than a friend it makes me feel like I’m being…unfaithful.”

Ugh. I jammed my hands into my pockets, sourly kicking at a small pile of snow by my shoe. Chunks of gray ice flew everywhere.


I don’t wanna be.
He wasn’t finding anybody when he was on a shelf

“Well, shit….” Ryan mumbled. He reached up to scratch his head, obviously not expecting that response.

“Gee, thanks,” I said sardonically, and then crushed one of the chunks with the toe of my shoe. Fuckin’ hopeless.


He looked at me, a flicker of pity appearing on his face, but all it once it disappeared as he suddenly brightened up, clapping his hands together once and then speaking with great enthusiasm. “Hey! Don’t worry about it, man. It’ll go away with time—I know it! I mean, it’s the first time you’re even trying, so it’s actually totally understandable, you know? Don’t let it mess you up!”


I shot him a skeptical look, wanting to believe that was true, but unable to decide if I actually could.

“It will go away,” he said again, as if he’d never been more confident about anything in his life. “Just, you know, take it slow or whatever. Nothing wrong with that, right?”

“I have been though,” I muttered sulkily, flattening another ball of ice on the ground.

“Well keep with it! And Gabriel?



He grabbed my shoulder, startling me. “You have to tell her,” he said firmly, “so that she understands. You have to tell her everything.”

I saw him in my dream….

Track 3: If I’d Known


The atmosphere was electric. I could feel every molecule in my body vibrating with anticipation, my fingers itching to soar over the strings of my guitar and my heart ready to passionately sing every last lyric into that microphone. There was nothing like the energy during a concert—the flashing lights, the thrumming bass, and all those people screaming. It was a drug unto itself.

“Will you watch from the sidelines tonight, or out in the crowd?” I asked loudly so as to be heard over the speakers blaring music for those waiting for the concert to start.

Daisy didn’t answer, so I turned around to face her, wrenching my gaze from the awaiting stage.

“Are you okay?” I asked, noting that she looked awfully pale.


“No,” she admitted, and her face paled even more. “ I’m…I’m actually feeling kind of sick. I think I’m going to go home early.”

“Oh.…” I said, my face falling some. Daisy never missed a concert. “Well…let me take you then, at least.”


She looked up at me and then smiled softly, running her fingers through the lock of hair that I always let fall into my eyes…mostly because I knew she liked it. “I’ll be fine,” she assured me. “Besides, don’t you think the band kind of needs their lead singer?” she asked, poking me in the ribs.

I rubbed the place where she’d poked me, frowning slightly. “True…I guess.”


Daisy laughed and I couldn’t help but smile a bit at the sound. “Alright—I’ll be home right after the show though. No manning the merch table or autographs tonight.”

“The ladies will be so disappointed!”


“Ah, but only the feelings of one lady concerns me,” I said, giving one of her pigtails a playful tug. She giggled and I smiled, pulling her close to me. “I love you more than anything,” I said, leaning in for a kiss.


“I love you too,” she murmured, and then suddenly pulled away, looking sick all over again.

I furrowed my brows, frowning slightly. “You sure you don’t want me to walk you back?” I asked.

“Positive,” she affirmed with a quick nod of her head.

I opened my mouth to respond, but then looked up as I heard someone shout that there was five minutes left before show time. “Be safe,” I said quickly.


Daisy smiled. “I always am.”

Track 4: Ignorance is Bliss

Screenshot-1320Screenshot-1314Screenshot-1303Screenshot-1334 Screenshot-1287

♫ Our perceived perception of perfection,
Altered when challenged with reality.
Dreaming is deception!
Living, vitality ♫


“Ah! That was incredible! I’m literally shaking!” Sammy squealed. “I was gonna strangle you when you went unplugged at the end there, but holy shit Gabriel, you really pulled it off! And did you guys hear how awesome my solo came out!?” She tightened her grip on her drum sticks and vigorously replayed it in the air, nearly knocking out our keyboardist in the process.

Dante dodged out of her way at the last minute, having to do a sort of awkward pirouette to do so.


Ryan cracked up instantly. “It’s like Swan Lake …only the performers are drunk!”

“He even has the fuckin’ tights,” I added, and then choked as Dante pulled me into a headlock. I retaliated by bringing my left elbow back and straight into his gut, laughing when he shouted and leapt backward. “Look, an inebriated jeté!” I announced as everyone burst into more shouts of laughter.

“What the fuck is a jaytay?” Dante asked with a scowl.


“Jeté!” Sammy corrected, reaching out to hit him upside the head. “Like this!” she said, and then demonstrated by lifting her arms above her head and dramatically leaping forward.

“Whatever,” Dante scowled, rubbing his head. “Gabriel loses his man card for knowing that.”

“He has an excuse. The ol’ missus loves ballet and makes him watch it with her,” Ryan teased with a laugh.


“I still can’t believe you’re fuckin’ married,” Dante muttered, while Sammy suddenly cooed out, “Aww, that’s so cute!”

I raised an eyebrow at her as Ryan and Dante promptly began snickering. “You just lost me my man card again….”

“So,” Ryan choked out through his laughter, “cute!” I jabbed him in the side and he fell into Dante, who responded by pulling Ryan into another of his headlocks. I held my leg out, bursting into laughter when both of them tripped right onto the floor with panicked shouts.


“UGH! Boys are so cognitively deficient!!!!” Sammy wailed, hopping out of the way.

“I don’t even know what that means!” Dante called out from the ground, and I completely lost it, doubling over in hysterical shouts of laughter that brought tears to my eyes.

“Oh, my god! I hate you all!” Sammy cried, and then screamed when Dante suddenly jumped off the ground, pulled her into his arms, and began tickling her. “AHHHHHH! I REALLY DO HATE YOU GUYS. WHERE IS DAISY ANYWAY!? SAVE ME!”

“Sorry, she went home early,” I informed her with a laugh, but it gradually died out as I remembered how pale Daisy had looked.


None of them heard me anyway though because Sammy had just managed to get away and now both Ryan and Dante were chasing her across the bar. I used the moment to check my phone, but there weren’t any calls, or messages from her. That was kind of strange…she must have fallen asleep.

Realizing then that I’d said I’d be home, I slipped my phone into my pocket and zipped up my sweater. Winter was fast approaching and already the usually lively town of Bridgeport was shrinking away from the impending freeze.


“Hey! Where ya goin’?” Ryan called to me just as I was leaving.

“Back to the apartment.”

Ryan frowned. “Dude, there’s a lot of fans waiting….”

I smiled a bit. “Only one I’m worried about right now.”


Track 5: To See is to Suffer

Screenshot-1435Screenshot-1436 Screenshot-1437Screenshot-1439 Screenshot-1442


Screenshot-1443 Screenshot-1445

I’m a mountain that has been moved

Screenshot-1469Screenshot-1475 Screenshot-1450

I’m a fugitive that has no legs to run


I’m a preacher with no pulpit

Spewing a sermon that goes on and on……


Well if we take all these things and we bury them fast

And we’ll pray that they turn to seeds, to roots, and then grass

“Is he eating?”

“Has he slept?”

“Has he spoken to you?”

“Has he spoken at all?”

“He hasn’t even cried yet.”


“Do you think he’ll be okay?”

“I don’t know. I can’t get through to him.”

“None of us can.”

“What should we do?”

“What can we do?”

“There must be something….”

“There may not be…..”


Bridgeport Police are currently investigating the murder of a 20 year—”

“Shut that off! He doesn’t need to hear th—”



“Fuckin’ told you! Damn!”


“Please, Gabriel….just a few bites.”


“Thought you might want it near…just in case.”


“Hey, come on. Talk to me, Gabriel. It’s been months, please. You’re really freaking me out here.”



“Okay, man, whatever. Just…just try to sleep tonight, alright?”

He turned to go.



“I can’t,” I hastened to answer before he left. My voice was so hoarse from disuse that I wasn’t even sure he’d heard me, but all at once Ryan halted in place, his shoes scuffling against the worn carpet as he sharply turned around.

“What was that?” he quickly asked, startled to hear me speak.


I let out a steadying breath and then slowly lifted my head, the small movement seeming to take every ounce of energy in me to perform. “I can’t sleep,” I repeated, closing my eyes. “I…I see her die every time I do. I’ve dreamt it so many ways…there’s always so much blood….”

“Oh, Jesus,” Ryan said in a hushed voice, sounding pained. “I don’t even k…Jesus.” He was quiet for a moment, shoes scuffling against the carpet again, but this time, anxiously. I wrung my hands.

“This wasn’t your fault, man,” he finally said. “There was…there was nothing you could do.”


I nodded absently. “I know,” I said, my throat tight and my heart beating hard, “but that’s just it—don’t you see?” I whispered. “The worst part of the nightmare isn’t watching her die—it’s knowing that no matter what, there is nothing I can do to stop it.”


Track 6: Your Sick Fucking Promise


It’d be all right, it’s all right, it’d be easier that way

There are many things about you that are becoming harder to recall, no matter how hard I try to focus. The exact shade of blue of your eyes; the notes that comprised your musical laugh; the sound of your whisper in the middle of the night; the feeling of your lips as you pressed them against mine.


There is one memory however, that stands out like a lightning bolt, seared permanently into every crevice of my beaten, broken brain…sneaking up on me at every given opportunity.

Your sick fucking promise.


I fell to my knees before Daisy’s grave.

It was like a great middle finger to every hope and dream that we’d ever had. I gritted my teeth. My body was trembling.

Three months now. Three months of watching my wife die in my nightmares, three months of shuffling through all those painful days, three months of hearing that sick, fucking promise whispered in my ear—an omnipresent reminder of my continual failure.

“On that night,” I murmured out loud, “in that memory that’s carved into my brain, you said that Romeo and Juliet killed themselves just because the other was gone.”


“You were wrong.”

I dug my fingers into the ground. Blades of grass tore away from their roots, tiny flowers uprooted.

“Romeo and Juliet killed themselves because a life without the other…a life like this isn’t—isn’t— ” I stopped, my voice breaking. I hadn’t been able to cry so far, trapped within this agony with no way of releasing it, but now I felt my eyes beginning to sting. I took in a steadying breath.

Or if the sky opened up and started pouring rain

“Because a life like this, Daisy, isn’t fucking worth living!” I managed with an anguished shout. Hot tears escaped from my eyes. I was cracked open at every seam. “How could you doom me to this?! How could you make me promise such a…such a fucking impossible thing?!” I yelled, pounding my fists against the ground.

“I HATE YOU FOR THAT!” I yelled so loudly that it hurt. “I HATE YOU SO MUCH!” I shouted again, and then collapsed with the weight of my unending despair.


I can’t keep your promise, Daisy. I’m sorry, but I can’t.


Track 7: Inaudible

Screenshot-1543 Screenshot-1549

Like you knew it was time to start things over again

“You’re what?!” Dante exclaimed, looking horrified.

“I’m quitting,” I repeated, my voice an oddly subdued tone that I could not rid myself of no matter how much I tried.

“But—but you can’t!” he spluttered. “You…you’re the face of the whole damn band! Freezer Bunny is nothing without you—you can’t!”

“I can, and it’s done.”


It’d be all right, it’s all right….

Sammy’s brows furrowed, a look of deepest worry painting her face. “Gabriel,” she began in a voice one would use to soothe a child, “you don’t have to do this. We can give you more time, you know.”

“Right,” Ryan agreed. “We can give you all the time you need, but don’t give it all up. You’ve got a serious gift, man. She wouldn’t have wanted you to give it up…we don’t want you to give it up.”


I let out a breath of air, my heart sinking in my chest. “You don’t understand,” I said quietly, shaking my head. “It’s like—it’s like it’s all gone. I can’t hear the music. I can’t see the notes.…I just don’t feel it anymore.”


Ryan and Sammy’s faces crumbled into identical looks of dismay, while Dante’s contorted in anger. “This is stupid!” he snapped. “It’s been over a YEAR since she died and you’re still—”


“Daisy did not die!” I interjected angrily, white-hot rage burning through my veins. “Dying makes it sound peaceful and there is NOTHING fucking peaceful about being raped, murdered, and DUMPED in a fucking ALLEYWAY!” I shouted.


All three of my friends backed up, casting me simultaneous looks of deepest pity that instantly made me sick to my stomach. Sammy began to cry.

I didn’t want their fucking pity, nor did I want their tears.

“You…you’re right,” Dante said quickly. “I’m sorry, it’s just—”


It’d be easier that way

“My decision’s made,” I stated firmly. “I’m fucking done with this shit and I’m fucking done with Bridgeport too, so you guys can either fucking accept that, or go fuck yourselves because I can’t be here any longer. I just, fucking, can’t!”


Track 8: New, But Not Anew


Well if we take all these things and we bury them fast

“I’m going with you,” Ryan stated one week later as I packed my car. I frowned deeply, slamming my trunk shut.

“No, you’re not,” I calmly informed him.

“Yes,” he said, wrenching my trunk open again and then throwing his own suitcase into it, “I am.” He shut it firmly.

I clenched my jaw. “You know I can easily just dump your shit back out on the curb and leave without you, right?”


And we’ll pray that they turn to seeds, to roots, and then grass

“Yup, and then I’d follow you in another car, dumbass. You don’t get it, do you? We’ve grown up together. Your grandparents are like the grandparents I never had and my parents are like the parents you never had. You’re like a brother to me, Gabriel, and I’ll be damned if I ever let you leave like this…especially alone.”

I stared at Ryan for a long moment and then sighed in irritation, knowing that the damn guy would never stand down. “If we’re brothers then you’re definitely the younger one because you’re a real pain in my ass, you know that!?” I snapped.

“I love you too, bro,” he said with a maddening smile, and then hopped right into my car.


“Stupid prick,” I muttered as I walked around the car and got into the driver’s seat. I drove off angrily, occasionally casting the idiot beside me dark glances, especially when he started blasting Bob Marley tunes from my radio and singing along.

As the hours melted away though and Ryan listened to “Three Little Birds” for the fifth fucking time, I eventually felt my anger dissipate.

It’d be all right, it’s all right, it’d be easier that way


“I’ll stop, I’ll stop!” he cried, hastily turning off the stereo. “Just don’t throw me out of the car!”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not going to throw you out of a moving vehicle, idiot.”

“Oh,” he said, not looking entirely convinced. “Then what?”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, and then glanced over at him briefly. “You know…for being a stubborn little fuckface.”

Ryan burst out laughing and I simply shook my head, wondering if I’d ever feel that carefree again.


* * * * * * * *


Or if the sky opened up and started pouring rain

“Gabriel…? Are you okay?”

“You’re still a stubborn little fuckface, aren’t you?” I asked absently.


I shook my head, clearing it of its unnatural fog. “Nothing,” I sighed. My gaze turned toward the sky again, as it was always apt to do. The sun was dipping beyond the horizon, its last light suffusing the gray with slashes of orange and yellow.


Like you knew he was tryin’ to start things over again

“You should get ready,” Ryan pointed out. He rubbed his hands together and blew on them in a futile attempt to warm them. The temperature was dropping; falling with the sun.

I said nothing at first, still staring. An uncomfortable tightness was beginning to descend upon my chest. “It’s too much, isn’t it?” I asked quietly. “Too much baggage. Joanne deserves better than that. Better than me.”

“I thought you hated pity, Gabriel,” he remarked with a smirk.


“I mean it,” I continued in a low voice. “It’s…it’s not like I’m blind, you know. I see how she looks at me and it…it just drives me so nuts because I’m not the person she sees me as…nor will I ever be.”

Ryan cast me a sidelong glance, looking sadder than I’d ever seen him. I sighed, burying my hands further into my pockets and hunching my shoulders. It really was getting frigid now.

“Do you think you’re deserving of happiness?”

I hesitated, furrowing my brows. What kind of fucking question was that?

“Because the way you’re talking it sounds like you don’t think you are. Isn’t that a little fucked up? Do you hate yourself that fucking much?”

No,” I began to say impatiently, but Ryan cut in again, effectively silencing me.


It’d be all right!

“Then let her decide, Gabriel. Let her decide if it’s too much baggage; let her decide if she thinks she wants ‘better’; and definitely let her decide what kind of person you are because maybe, just maybe, she sees you more clearly than you see yourself.”



“IT’S WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE WANTED!” Ryan shouted with sudden and unexpected impatience. “It’s what DAISY would have wanted! She would be so FUCKING angry with you right now, and you know it! She never would have wanted to see you like this! Never! Not fucking playing music, self-pitying, and so…so fucking miserable!” he said, jabbing me in the chest.

“For once, TAKE this opportunity. For once, seriously TRY to be happy, and if it all blows up in your face and she can’t handle it or doesn’t even like you or you can’t handle it then FINE, but at least you would have fucking tried! That’s what she would have wanted,” he finished with a growl.

Promise me.


It’s all right….

I pressed my lips together, staring down at my damp and frozen tennis shoes. I had nothing to say. I already knew all of this. It was always the same argument, not only made by Ryan countless times, but by own mind as well. Just like that fucking promise though, it was all very easy to say, and yet seemingly impossible to enact—not that I wasn’t fucking trying.


Ryan seemed to realize this though because he sighed heavily, shaking his head a bit before speaking once more.

Fine,” he said in mild exasperation. “Just ask yourself this as you’re getting ready for whatever the fuck you want this to be, okay? What hurts more—the pain of being with Joanne…or the pain of being without her?”


It’d be easier that way.

* * * * * * * *


You’ve done enough to be saved

Atlantis was a tourist trap. Nestled on the coast, it was a prime location for beach-goers to dine, and if you weren’t careful, you might end up in a seat that’d been previously occupied by someone wearing nothing but their wet swimsuit and an oversized t-shirt. This often led to awkward conversations about why one’s ass was damp.

In winter the story was different. During this time Atlantis was mostly occupied by locals—families, friends, and couples all dressed up decently to spent time with one another. It was just like any other restaurant, really, except for the explosion of oceanic décor that smacked you in the face as soon as you walked in.

I stared at what looked to be a massive carp bolted to the wall, horrified by the fact that it was currently wearing a bedazzled Santa hat. The holidays were fast approaching and evidently even taxidermied fish needed to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus.

I tore my gaze away from the gaudy adornment, reaching into my pocket to grab my phone. According to the blue numbers that gleamed on its face, it was 7:05 PM.


But you’re gonna miss out

That meant she was late. I frowned. What if she’d decided not to show up? What if she’d changed her mind, figuring that continuing to seclude herself was better than the prospect of having a friend?

I sighed, leaning my head back against the wall and looking up at the ceiling. I half-expected to see a school of fish wearing elf ears, but the ceiling was mercifully devoid of questionable decorations.

As long as I don’t see a nativity scene featuring various species of mackerel, I’ll be fine, I thought to myself.


Now you don’t know your rights from your wrongs

7:10 PM.

Is she okay?

I pushed off the wall with my shoe, too restless to stand still any longer, and began to walk.

They were playing a generic, Caribbean instrumental over the speakers. There was a child throwing a crab leg at her father because she couldn’t open it. There was a couple laughing in the corner. There actually was a statue of a school of fish and every one of them was wearing a tiny pair of sparkly elf ears. Blessedly, there was no piscean nativity.


7:15 PM

Fuck. What if something happened to her?

I halted in my tracks, closing my eyes for a moment and determinedly pushing the thought from my mind.

I was being stupid. There was probably traffic, or perhaps she really had stood me up. Nothing bad had happened to her. Life wouldn’t be so cruel as to do that to me again anyway.


7:16 PM

What the fuck was I thinking? Of course it would! It’d already done it so many times now, so why the fuck wouldn’t it do it again!? My parents in that fucking car crash that prevented me from ever knowing them, Daisy, my grandfather….

I leaned against the wall heavily, my chest beginning to feel tight.


7:17 PM


Please, no. Please don’t do this. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! I was being stupid….I’ll let her decide! Just don’t do this, please! The pain of being without her hurts more, okay?! The pain of being without her hurts so much more. Please, not again…please!


It’s the greatest of love

God, I’d known that being without her hurt more since the moment I realized that I couldn’t stand watching Joanne turn into a shadow of her formerly bright existence; known that the moment I realized that even the idea of Joanne disappearing from my life hurt me more than I could even explain.

It was why I reached out to her in the first place; why I tried to get through to her; why I wanted to help her; why I invited her here. No matter how much I tried to avoid her, no matter how much I tried to convince myself otherwise, I just couldn’t deny it any longer—I wanted Joanne in my life. No matter the capacity, I just wanted her there because even with the frustrating guilt, the pain of being without her was so much worse.

Now don’t say you’ll be there and then leave

7:20 PM.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket with a shaking hand.

There was a couple taking a “selfie” with the crucified Santa carp. An elderly woman was complaining to a waitress that her food was undercooked. Two small children pressed their faces to the window, staring in awe at the flurry of snowflakes falling beyond the glass.

I retrieved my coat from the check-in up front, ignoring the questioning, concerned stares of the staff.


I walked outside, shoulders hunched. Snow floated steadily downward, quiet in its descent. Hurried footsteps raced through the cold, eager to get inside. There was a—

There was a—

My heart clenched painfully.


There was a young woman wrapped warmly in a blue coat, tiny white snowflakes sprinkled in her dark, wind-tousled hair. She raced forward, lace-up boots crunching quickly through the snow.


“Wait!” she cried out, panting to catch up to me. I stopped in my tracks, staring. “Please, wait!” she said again as she slid to a halt before me and showered snowflakes all over my shoes. “I’m so sorry I’m late! My stupid interview with Sixteen ran way longer than it should have so I raced home to get ready and it should have been okay, but then all this snow started and it trapped my car in the driveway and I couldn’t find a shovel anywhere so I found a cup instead but that was no good of course so I—”


Joanne let out a soft gasp of surprise.

I don’t think I even realized why until I noticed that my face was buried in her snowflake-covered hair, her body pressed flush against mine. I let out a soft breath, relief flooding my limbs as I held her because she was here and she was safe. I felt like a member of the damned that’d just been mercifully granted salvation.


“What happened?” she asked quietly, sounding afraid, but I didn’t dare trust myself to answer. My throat felt too tight—my chest aching. I took in a deep breath, trying to relax. Her hair smelled like vanilla. I let my hand run through it slowly; trying to reassure myself that yes she was here and yes she was okay. Oh…it was softer than I’d imagined. She was softer than I’d imagined. Soft, and warm, and god my chest was aching.


“You’re shaking,” Joanne whispered, and now her voice was laden with concern. She tiptoed a little, nestling her head comfortingly into my neck and sliding her hands down my chest to wrap her arms around my waist. I let out a sharp breath, struggling now to suppress the first tendrils of guilt that’d risen within me.

Promise me.


Or don’t mention all the hurt that you’ve seen

“It’s cold,” I mumbled in a weak explanation, and then slowly pulled away from her. My heart was beating hard.

She loosened her grip to let me go, her arms falling by her sides and her brows furrowed in confusion as she looked up at me. Her eyes were wet with tears—why, I had no idea. She always seemed to be crying around me and god, the more I saw it, the more it hurt to see it.


“What’s wrong?” we asked each other at the same time, and then, miraculously, softly laughed. I reached up hesitantly to wipe a tear off her cheek, watching as Joanne closed her eyes. I wondered what she was thinking—wondered what demons seemed to constantly haunt her. I took my hand back and she opened her eyes, green eyes gleaming as they stared into mine. I wished more than ever that I could read her mind.

I took a step back. “You first.”


“No, you,” she insisted. “You were the one to fall into my arms this time.” The look of concern had returned to her face. I flushed instantly, vaguely debating the prospect of marching right back into that restaurant and climbing into their fish tank. I was fairly certain I’d seen some piranhas in there.

“I—” I began, and then sighed hopelessly, opting for the truth. “I thought something had happened to you,” I mumbled.

Joanne stared at me, her mouth slightly open and her eyebrows furrowed. “I’m sorry,” she said in a pained whisper. “I didn’t mean to worry you.”


Or don’t say he’s in love

I winced, hating to hear her sound like that. “It’s fine,” I responded quickly. “I’m fine. I’m just…glad that you’re safe,” I admitted. “Glad that you’re here.”

She began to bite her thumb, still looking uncertain. I opened my mouth to say something else, but her gaze met mine again, causing me to hesitate. “You really do care about me, don’t you?” she asked faintly. There was a touch of incredulity to her words.

I sighed, sticking my hands into my pockets and kicking at some snow by my shoes. “Yes,” I affirmed with some exasperation. “Only…I hope that the next time you think this, it’ll finally be without all this disbelief.”


Joanne gave me a strange look, as if she were somehow seeing me for the first time. It made me feel anxious. “It’s your turn to answer,” I hastened to remind her. “Why were you crying?”

She blinked at me. “I…” she started, and then averted her eyes. “I was crying because…because I care about you too and…and so it hurt me to…to see you like that,” she explained haltingly. A deep, pink color crept onto her cheeks.

“Oh,” I said softly. That…I had not expected. My heart beat faster, another wave of guilt wracking my being, only this time I couldn’t tell if it was because I was happy to hear that she cared about me too, or if it was because I felt like an asshole for hurting her. It was probably a little of both.

Promise me that if anything ever happened to me, you would find happiness again.


The snow continued to fall and silence drifted upon us, but somehow it didn’t feel awkward as the two of us were clearly lost in our own thoughts. A child ran by, screaming as his older sister chased him across the lot because he’d just throw snow at her. She caught him quickly, subjecting him to a series of tickles and a snowball of her own.

Joanne watched them too, a soft look in her eyes. I couldn’t explain why, but it made me want to kiss her. I let out a slow breath, staring down at our buried shoes. I frowned.

“How the hell did we end up in the snow again anyway?” I muttered.

An outburst of laughter sounded, like the sudden scattering of dulcet notes. I looked up in surprise, watching as Joanne continued to giggle. “Sorry,” she mumbled then, looking a bit sheepish. “A-Apparently hanging out with me carries the constant risk of hypothermia.”


I couldn’t help but laugh.

“I guess it’s a good thing I’m willing to take that risk then,” I informed her with a smile, and then watched as another blush rose to her cheeks, her emerald eyes sparkling like the crystalline snow.

I promise.


It’s the greatest of love



40 thoughts on “Chapter 5.12: Daisy”

  1. It was a pretty good chapter ^^

    Now, it’s clear as day why he didn’t really want to be more near Jo ^^

    It was a sad chapter given what happened in Gabriel’s past 😦
    But at least, he’s finally starting to warm up ^^

  2. Wow is all I can really say. I forgot I was reading a Sims blog and got lost in the story and characters and the overall emotion of it all. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain, his true love being murdered and he was helpless to stop it. That part of his life will always be there and play a huge part in who he is but hopefully he can begin to let go and let himself find happiness with Jo

    1. Wow, thank you. That seriously means a lot to me! It’s always been my goal to actually write a book and get it published one day, so I’ve been seeing this blog more and more as an opportunity to improve my writing and get it to the level it would need to be in order to actually accomplish that goal. There’s still some limitations when it comes to the game, but I’ve been trying to look past them as much as I can.

      That part of his life will always be there and has shaped the person he is today to a large degree. I don’t think the effects of experiencing such a traumatic event will ever completely go away, but with time, well…there’s always hope to find happiness again ❤

  3. Oh Gabriel. I almost cried listening to his story! How heart wrenching. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be left behind when your love is taken away. So sad. I’m so glad that the two of them are starting to realize that they are worth loving and are willing to accept that they care about each other.
    Next order of business is that I totally agree with Daisy in the fact that Romeo and Juliet sucked. It was an amazing piece of literature to dissect, however it is just like all Shakespearean story-lines and they are riddled with mis-communication which ultimately results in unnecessary death, sadness, and pain (with the occasional 20 minute death speech :P). And the stories are therefore, very far from love stories for me as well lol. But I applaud her for encouraging Gabriel to find love if she ever leaves this world before him, and to me, that is true love. To put their own happiness above your need to be with them.
    And lastly, you did a great job tying past to present in this chapter. I didn’t get lost with the story line at all. Its difficult to do and you pulled it all together very well and I love the way you ended the chapter. It was a very happy one. Not crazily suspenseful, it just left me with a really happy, hopeful feeling. So another job well done! I can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses from here.

    1. HAH, yeah, that bit with Daisy actually came from my own thoughts about that play. It definitely is a wonderfully written piece of literature and great to analyze, but wow, what a messed up tale, huh? Tragedy? Yes. Romance? Yeah, I don’t know, lol. There are romantic elements to it sure, but in the end? Tragic as hell. Just as it’s a tragedy that Daisy’s want for Gabriel to be happy even without her actually became relevant in the first place 😐 Gabriel never quite imagined that kind of scenario–honestly, I doubt most people would. What happened in his past was completely unexpected, violent, and just plain awful.

      Also, thank you! I actually really worried about that and worried that me switching from the past to present would be confusing, so I did a lot of random little things to really try to make it clear, like setting up the photos for the flashbacks differently to set them apart from the present day photos. I was originally going to do black and white, but many of the pictures just came out so nice and there were so many flashbacks that I opted not to go for it. Plus, I actually had a lot of fun designing Gabriel, Ryan, and their friends in the past, hehe. Glad it wasn’t confusing with the color though.

      I actually rewrote that damn ending like 7 different times, so I’m glad you liked it, rofl. In every writing of it though, the point I was trying to convey was always the same–that of hope ^_^ ❤

      Thank you again! I look forward to seeing this unfold as well, as I haven't written any of it yet XD

  4. Oh poor Gabriel! And poor Daisy, poor Ryan, poor all of them. Super effective chapter; I really enjoyed hearing Gabriel’s perspective. My heart was in my throat when he was panicking over Joanne being late, and I loved how you picked such a realistic situation for him to start revealing his own baggage to Joanne… even though she’s got plenty going on herself, she can still support his healing, even as he supports hers.

    My thoughts on Romeo and Juliet are pretty similar to Autumnrein’s, but I love how you were able to use that story to show how different it will be for Gabriel and Joanne (and Daisy!) than it was for Shakespeare’s characters. They’re getting good advice from their friends and family, they’re moving themselves forward, and they’re working to open their hearts to one another… and to a future for themselves.

    So excited to read what happens next!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Also, I’m so glad you said that because that’s exactly how I intended Joanne and Gabriel to be–two people who can support each other in their healing. In fact, I know a lot of people were viewing Gabriel as the sole “savior” here, but I just kept thinking to myself “but Joanne can be his too!!!!” and now I was finally able to reveal that, hehe.

      The future is definitely filled with hope–let’s hope it all plays out okay 😉

      Thank you as always for reading and commenting!! ❤

  5. I didn’t know that I could love Gabriel any more than I did. His past is pretty awful. But he’s such a good man. Even more I believe that Joanne and Gabriel are going to be so good for each other. I want them both to find the peace they deserve.

    This was, I think, the most wonderful writing. I liked how it all paced together with the lyrics, the flashbacks, and then the present. It was actually kinda like listening to a great piece of music with the rises and falls and then the big crescendo finish.

    BTW, I too agree with you about R&J. I personally hate that play because of how stupid the two lovers are. I used to teach it and it would drive me NUTS when people talked about it as a love story. What kind of love is that? I prefer the Little Mermaid as it was written by Hans Christian Anderson. She gives her life so that he can have the love he deserves. That’s LOVE.

    1. I’m so glad that you love Gabriel ❤ I have the biggest soft spot in my heart for him, seriously. He has had an awful past, but he’s definitely a good man and way past due for happiness. On that note, Joanne is also past due for happiness, isn’t she? o_o; I can’t say anything too much yet, but let’s hope that they do find peace 😉 It’s been elusive for far too long now….

      Thank you so much! I always feel so humbled by your comments–not to mention that much more determined to continue improving and growing as a writer. Again, thank you.

      Haha, yes. It also frustrated me to death how stupid they were. Sigh. Agreed- the original Little Mermaid is a much better representation of what love really is.

  6. I know I’ve commented on this already but that was before I got to know Jo. I read Daisy before the rest of the Legacy. It took a few days but I started from the beginning and read it all. I even tested up at times as I got so caught up in the characters. Each of them is so deep and complex. I think Jo’s story has been my favorite though. Seeing her grow up and then watching her break was difficult. Seeing her dad helping her was heartwarming. He has come so far and I just hate seeing him worry. I can not wait to see what happens next. I’m totally in love with Gabriel too, they better work out or Ill be crushed lol

    1. Thank you so much!! Characterization has always been my primary focus with this blog–to the point where I’ll even rewrite entire sections if I suddenly feel like the characters were acting in a way that doesn’t fit their nature, so hearing that really brings a smile to my face!

      I’m glad to hear that Jo’s story has been your favorite, especially because I’ve definitely had my share of doubts about it along the way. It’s been challenging, but a lot of fun too! I also hate to see James worry after all he’s been through, so hopefully I’ll be able to put Joanne back together soon! The journey, of course, will not, and has not been, easy D:

      Yes, Gabriel! So much love for him! ❤ I believe phyrcracker93 has coined the term "Jobriel" to refer to their relationship, rofl. Love it…let's hope they do work out. No guarantees though 😉 XD

      1. That’s what I like about your Legacy, it doesn’t always work out much like real life. Your sims don’t always end up with the soul mate that I had envisioned which is sad but keeps things interesting and unpredictable. I never know what is going to happen next, could be a fairytale ending or the opposite, I just love that! I could go on forever about how much I love the Winters LOL

        1. Hehe, I’m glad you feel that way because I’d be pretty sad if everything became too predictable. I do like to leave hints of what’s to come sometimes, but I’d hate it if there weren’t any surprises 😉 Thank you so much once again! Your comments never fail to make me smile ^_^;

  7. Wow… I am getting really lax with commenting… *smacks hand* bad Nate! Bad! Anyway!

    I had a feeling that Gabe experienced something similar to what actually happened. Granted, I couldn’t have anticipated the degree of hurt he went through, which explains why he appears to be so guarded and wary. That’s terrible… His wife was raped and murdered..? ;_;

    It never fully clicked in my head that it could be possible for Joanne to help heal Gabe’s hurts, she just seemed like such a broken character. I knew it was the other way around, but I have to say that I really like the whole ‘we help each other heal’ thing you’ve got going on. Jobriel Forever! XD

    I must have been torturous for Gabriel the fact that not only did he lose the love of his life in a terrible way, the good things that he wanted to remember faded, but the thing that remained was something that he didn’t want to remember… 😦

    I think the way you jumped from past to present and back to past was very well executed! I wasn’t confusing, and I was able to follow along perfectly fine. I agree with Tam, that is terribly hard to execute, and that’s why most people put a “filter” on past pictures, but I applaud you, because you did a very awesome job!

    I always found the story of Romeo and Juliet to be really stupid. I mean, I know Shakespeare wrote tragedies, but goshdarnit! But ironically, a couple days ago, my younger brother and I were talking about R&J, and he mentioned something that stuck out to me. While R&J both die in the end, and that part sucks, it has the element of the joining of two families, who finally put aside their stupid feud. It’s a heck of a lot better than Hamlet! (I’ve never read Hamlet, but I’m told that the ending is terribly depressing)

    Anyway, I’m gonna stop here before I end up leaving you a five page essay. XD Great chapter! Can’t wait to see the flowering of this relationship!

    Ps. So… I have a tumblr, and on said tumblr I do blog advertisements. I chose your blog to be my third one… So if you want to check it out, see how I did?

    Pps. I do also have a tumblr story, if you wanted to check that out! However, you are under no obligation to do so! XD

    1. Oh my gosh!! You just made my entire morning! I’ve been sick all weekend up until today with a bad cold and woke up unable to breath, so I admit I was pretty cranky when I started up my laptop this morning, but seeing this comment brought the biggest smile to my face! I can’t believe you chose my blog to advertise! I feel super, super grateful and humbled! Wow, wow. You did a great job with it too–I thought it was a very fair assessment of the blog, description, warnings, and rough 1st gen kinks and all! Thank you so much! If I had a tumblr, I’d be posting a thousand thanks and <3ing the living daylights out of it…or whatever it is people do on Tumblr *suddenly feels ancient* Rofl.

      Man, I had to stop halfway through typing this comment typing this comment TWICE to go fetch more tissues from my room, but you know, I don’t even care at the moment because I’m so happy now 😀 Thank you again! lol

      As for story-related stuff, I’m quite a fan of the whole ‘we help each other heal’ idea too, but I totally admit that Gabriel may have the harder time of it here because as you said Joanne really is pretty darn broken right now, which has made the transition into this next chapter difficult >.< Although that may also be the fever and constant sneezing o_O

      Also, LOL, you know, I was going to put a "filter" on the past pictures, but I found my editing skills to be so horribly woebegone (I was sitting there like, 'this photo now looks like bull poo') that I eventually just gave up and put special little edges on them instead. Glad my lack of photo-editing skills didn't lead to confusion though ^_^

      That is true about R&J and that is one aspect of it that I like, but it's still rather depressing that it took the death of two children to do so 😦 Such is the nature of a tragedy though I guess!

      Thank you again for not just reading and commenting, but also for your advertisement on Tumblr! That was so nice of you!

      Now, I'm off to (at least happily!) fetch some more tissues. *sneezes* Gah! lol

    2. Also, my own PS: So, I read your new story, Fading Quickly, and it’s wonderful! The curse idea is really interesting, the writing is great, and the pictures are just stunning! Harlequin is both feisty and adorable–love her. Tumblr, however, I do not love. It’s so confusing! Is there even a way to post comments on there without having an account? I honestly don’t have any plans to make one, but ah well, do know that I’ve at least bookmarked it and will definitely be checking in for updates 🙂 I guess if I ever want to leave a comment I’ll just find you somewhere around WordPress, lol XD Anyway, awesome start so far ^_^

      1. Why thank you!!! It was an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone, despite the fact that I hardly have enough time for my stories as it is… I just said screw it, and went with it. I’m actually trying to turn the whole, short life due to curse thing into a challenge, with rules and restrictions for each generation. I’m having some trouble with some generations, and have been asking around for some assistance. I could link you to the rules post if you’re interested! If not, that’s cool.

        Tumblr is… weird… You can’t comment or like on anything unless you have an account, and even then, you have to either have them follow you back, or at least be following them for two weeks. XD

        But once you get the hang of everything, it’s not so bad. There are definitely things about it that can be annoying, but I just find it as another way to meet other simmers, and read cool stories (and bachelor challenges! Those are super fun to follow, especially if you entered a contestant!). But to each their own! XD

        But thank you for the kind words!

      2. Oh! I just remembered! One thing that you can do on Tumblr, is you can “Ask” anonymously… Most tumblr sites have a section where you can ask a question, and if you don’t have an account, you can still ask… It’d just be anonymously. But hey, it’s all up to you. But feedback is always welcome. XD

  8. Okay. Completely disjointed thought jumble about to break through your screen. Prepare yourself….
    Best line: because damn I had a thing for dark hair. (love!)
    Sammy’s hair is amazing. Do you know where I could get a copy?
    The funeral scene was shot really well. It completely conveyed the feeling.
    The after funeral sequence was well written. It totally conveyed the feeling.
    I might love Gabriel a little bit.
    Dayum was he attractive way back when! I think it’s the hair.
    Love love love Ryan and Daniel’s relationship. They’re there to hate on each other and also to help them fly. And now let us step into some cheesy musical on the Disney channel.
    I am a sucker for heartbreaking backstories.
    Everyone needs a good death scene, and I’m really sad that Daisy didn’t get hers. 😦
    Did you have a reason as to why she was feeling so off that night? I’m just wondering, because at first I thought she had cancer….
    That being said, the rape-murder made it all the more heartbreaking and horrible.
    I think I ship them.
    Also, from the past chapter, I sort of had a flash back to Hannah Montana. I was thinking that they would never recognize Jo when not dressed like Jade (because I totally wouldn’t….) and then I was like, this is familiar…..
    But yours is so much better.
    That was amazingly heart breaking and I loved it so so much. I wish I could write that level of emotion.

    1. I love reading your completely disjointed thought jumbles! Prepare yourself now for my disjointed response, rofl. I’ll just go down the list:

      Oh man, I loved that line too 😉 I mean, Gabriel clearly does have a wee bit of a type, doesn’t he? 😉

      Sammy’s totally rockin’ hair can be found here:

      Thank you!!! I swear I must have rewrote those funeral and after-funeral bits about a thousand times. It was the part of this chapter that I had the most difficulties with, so it’s great to hear that the scenes accomplished what I wanted.

      I am definitely in love with Gabriel and also definitely spent an indecent amount of time staring at his “back-then” sim in Bridgeport. I also may or may not look back at those pictures from time-to-time *cough* It is totally the hair, but let’s face it, he really does rock that man-liner well 😉 Ughhhh such a sexy pixelated person! I’m hoping to maybe bring back some of that old style…he just looked too good to give it up entirely…XD

      Ahhh a death scene! Ya know, I really tried to write that out, but it never quite worked within this chapter since it was a series of flashbacks from Gabriel’s point of view and he obviously wasn’t present to witness the event (thank goodness). My main reason as to why she was feeling so off that night was actually that she was pregnant–however, this has never been officially worked into the story and I don’t think I’m going to, for I feel like it would add a whole new layer of pain, turmoil, and conflict, which this generation really doesn’t need….Thus, suffice it to say, she was feeling nauseous. Cause? Unclear….

      As for recognizing Joanne, I actually debated that for a while, but I figured in the end when someone you know dyes their hair, you might not recognize them at first glance, but upon a second, closer look, you would still totally know that’s it them, so that’s what I went for–seemed a lot more realistic. I STILL don’t freaking understand how they did not recognize Hannah Montana as their friend. HELLO, her face did not change! *old pet peeve resurfacing…RAGEEEEE* lol

      Anyway, thank you again so very, very much! Your comments always put the biggest smile on my face 😀

  9. I like how both Gabriel and Joanne are seemingly broken people, both trying to just keep it together, but not realizing they don’t have to be alone in their struggles. I think Gabriel is less alone than Joanne because he has Ryan, but I feel like Ryan can be grating on his nerves, even though he has good intentions. I understand Ryan is trying to tell Gabriel that he doesn’t have to be sad anymore, but I also think Ryan would benefit from going about it a different way. Ryan has a little bit of the “Smile more,” attitude, which is not helpful. LOL. I understand completely why Gabriel was so irritated.

    I liked that graveyard scene when Gabriel vents his frustrations to Daisy. It’s very true, that promise seemed like such good intentions from Daisy, but it’s like Gabriel said, it’s impossible. It’s so much pressure to put on the survivor. I feel like with the way Daisy worded it, she somehow laced it with pressure and a little guilt, even though she probably wansn’t intending it to be mean. I just feel lke if she’d said something more like “Don’t feel like you have to stop living if something happened to me,” it might have been a lot less taxing on Gabriel. It saddened me that he became so depressed, but I think that it was a perfect state of mind for him to be in because he and Joanne seem to feel similar pain.

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about the constant “Daisy would have wanted this,” type of prodding. I think that it’s meant for good, but I probably feel like Gabriel did when he heard it, like it’s more annoying than helpful. I kind of wanted to scream, “OK! Daisy wanted it, I get it, but that’s not helpful because it doesn’t change how I feel!” I don’t think that Gabriel can let go of Daisy if Ryan keeps throwing her name in his face. Maybe that’s the underlying problem. I really hope Gabriel and Joanne can help each other through their shit. It was mighty sweet when Gabriel was thinking about Joanne’s eyes. Emerald is way more of a fancy word for green than jade is. XD

    1. Seemingly broken people ❤ That is a key point to keep in mind as you continue to read about Gabriel and Joanne. It's true that Gabriel is less alone than Joanne because of Ryan, but Ryan definitely can be grating at times. I think a lot of it though is that at this point, there's a bit of frustration on his side as well because it has been over 5 years since Daisy was murdered and still he sees his friend so miserable. That's very difficult for him, hell it downright hurts him to see, especially considering how close they've always been. Of course, Ryan being frustrated with Gabriel really doesn't help him much and typically just leads to Gabriel being frustrated as well. I will say though that Ryan does back off after he makes these sort of "confrontations" because he does see that what he's doing irritates the fuck out of Gabriel, lol. It's his hope though that maybe something will stick. And you know, sometimes it does 😛

      Daisy was always a bit of a pressure-er so I'm glad that you noticed that 😉 I mean, not in the Hannah sense, but she definitely liked people to agree with what she was saying and could get frustrated when they didn't. This you see when Daisy stomps off after realizing Gabriel isn't taking what she has to say seriously, lmao. Part of this though is also how young they were—I mean just out of high school really, so it’s hard to say whether she would be grown out of that, or if it would have gotten worse and Daisy would have become one of those nit-picky/controlling people. It honestly could have gone either way, but of course given the circumstances, we won’t find out which it would have been. Either way, the promise was indeed distinctly unfair.

      The “Daisy would have wanted this” can only go so far too. It’s only an external motivator and it’s a bit unfair (and twisted honestly), holding his murdered wife’s promise over his head >.< That’s why when Ryan loses his temper and shouts that that’s what Daisy would have wanted, Gabriel literally thinks to himself, "I had nothing to say. I already knew all of this. It was always the same argument, not only made by Ryan countless times, but by own mind as well. Just like that fucking promise though, it was all very easy to say, and yet seemingly impossible to enact–not that I wasn't fucking trying." Like you said, he gets it, but hello, the argument doesn’t change how he feels! Ryan does eventually realize this though because he drops the "Daisy would have wanted this" argument and instead asks Gabriel what hurts more for him, being with Joanne, or being without her? The "Daisy would have wanted this" prodding sucks, lol. It just makes Gabriel feel shitty and guilty! But maybe this new argument will work better 🙂

      We shall see if these two seemingly broken people can help piece one another back together 🙂

      It is sweet, isn't it? Hehehehe. Gabriel can be very sweet at times…..^_^;

      Also, sorry if you got a thousand notices about this comment. Every time I posted it WordPress kept deleting huge chunks of the comment, so I had to keep deleting it and trying it again. It about drove me nuts, lol. Hopefully only this one shows up in the end though because the others make no sense given their mutilated states, lol! Gah, sorry again!

  10. Gabriel was married to a woman named Daisy? I feel like there’s lots of foreshadowing going on when she bashed Romeo and Juliet and says that she’d want him to move on if anything ever happened to her. Was she a singer, like Jo, and did she suffer from the perils of B.S. contracts and labels forcing her to completely change or was it the perkiness, how driven she is, that Gabriel sees in Jo and this is why he cares for her? He really does care for her, I think it’s how he describes her eyes that shows how he really feels.

    Oh gods, my heart’s breaking for Gabriel so much, his wife was murdered?! That’s so horrible and tragic and… 😦 No wonder he feels guilty for liking someone else, he never really got closure with Daisy, he just has a promise that he has to find happiness, which seems impossible since he’s so encased in grief, even five years later. This chapter was so sad, however he seems to be gaining hope from Jo…

    1. Gabriel was indeed previously married to a young woman named Daisy. Foreshadowing….yes…do keep that in mind 😉 But no, Daisy was not a singer like Joanne–in fact she had little to no musical talent, though she was a huge fan of listening to it and was definitely Freezer Bunny’s biggest supporter.

      Joanne’s spark–her drive–is what Gabriel sees. However, there is something else unique and far stronger that he sees in her and that’s the aura of hopefulness that seems to surround her….a feeling that Gabriel has not felt since Daisy was murdered. He saw it in Joanne’s eyes the very first day he saw her at Valencia Records (“I knew I’d seen your eyes light up when you first saw her!”), but as consumed in his grief that he is, instead of pursuing her, he actually took efforts to avoid her….that is, until again, that fateful day when she fell to pieces crying in his arms. After that….well….it was so much more difficult to ignore her, especially because he saw that hope dying out, and that was the last thing he would have wanted to see. Plus, although Gabriel would be angry at me for saying this at this point, perhaps there is a small part of him that would like to hope again…..and as you did indeed see, he does gain hope from Jo 🙂

      Due to the fact he never got closure though, it will be very difficult for him…but maybe, just maybe, he can allow himself this……

  11. Oh, wow… Loved the flashbacks! Especially the part where there was no text just pictures. It’s really a sad story, dude must feel guilty about it 😞

    Hopefully he can move on now though…

    1. Thank you T_T I did actually originally attempt to write out that part, but in the end I found that sometimes the most powerful messages are conveyed without words. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

      It’s a real tragedy and there’s no doubt that despite knowing logically that it wasn’t his fault, he still carries much of the burden for her murder. “If I had only insisted I walk her home that night….” etc. It’s enough to weigh on anyone.

      I think it’ll always be a part of him too, but hopefully, he finds his peace.

      Thanks again for continuing to read and comment ❤

  12. How do you make me adore characters that we only see for a handful of pictures. Seriously, the entire band was so well defined and DAISY. Her character was just jumping off the page. Or, uh, screen. I really liked being inside Gabriel’s head. I always enjoy seeing characters from other people’s eyes.

    1. Ahhhhhhh, thank you!!! These characters are very much alive in my head, so the challenge is always trying to get them to come to life for you guys too and it makes me happy to hear that you felt I’ve done that! I love everyone in the band and Daisy was such a firecracker! She was bursting with life, which makes it that much more tragic that it was so quickly taken from her.

      Bit of a secret…I actually prefer being inside Gabriel’s head =P Joanne is sometimes tricky for me because funny enough, if I ever met her in real life there are aspects of her personality that I think would kind of get on my nerves, lol. I wouldn’t dislike her, she would just sometimes annoy me, so sometimes being in her head annoys me lmao. But I do love switching from time to time because I also love seeing characters from other people’s eyes. You gain insight on things you might not have before and you get a better sense of the character you’re stepping into the shoes of. Plus, it’s something a little different for a change and that’s always fun too!

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