Delays and Dresses


Awww, babies, why so glum?

Jobriel*: Because you’re delaying our happy ending!
*Term coined by phyrcracker93—thanks, dude XD

I know, but that’ll just make it all the more sweet, right!? Although, on that note, how do you guys know you’re going to get a happy ending, HMMM!?! o_O

*Jo bursts into tears while Gabriel lets out a vicious string of curses*


*coughs* So, um, yes, little bit of a delay here everyone. This is due to the impending holidays, my extended vacation to Florida to visit my family during said holidays, and some writing issues.

Funny enough, it’s not writer’s block that I’m talking about, but rather the fact that I have TOO MUCH that I want to write. I’m actually constantly writing stuff for chapters, but a lot of it just ends up being random bits of fluff or drama that are, quite honestly, completely unnecessary! Therefore, it’s my job now to sift through what’s worth including, and what’s not, and to piece together the rest of this generation in general. Again, the biggest thing is needing to figure out what stays and what goes, and for the things that stay, when should they happen and how? Lots of thinking to do on my part, which can be pretty frustrating.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love writing more than anything, but sometimes I wish I could just figure it out already instead of daydreaming for hours on end trying to puzzle it out, lol. Then again, that makes the finished product all the more rewarding for me, so, you know, good things come to those who wait and all. *shrug*

ANYWAY, that’s on the delay…now on dresses.

LOOK, GUYS!!!!!!!!

Joanne Dress


I flipped the EFF out when I came across this little gem. You don’t get it—JOANNE IS WEARING THIS EXACT DRESS RIGHT NOW IN GAME AND I DESIGNED IT BEFORE I EVEN SAW THIS.

Okay, maybe not EXACT because this dress has heart-shaped polka dots and not circles, but STILL! She is even wearing black stockings and everything! I cannot handle this. Also, you can bet your butts that I bought this dress as SOON as I saw it.

I probably won’t get ahold of it until January, unfortunately, but hopefully I’ll be able to show this dress off to you all when I do! SO EXCITED.


So anyway, yes, these cuties will be back as soon as possible! I’m actually really hoping to post at least once before December comes to a close, but I guess we’ll just see how quickly (OR NOT) my brain can process all of this, lol.

Fireside Christmas

Until then, I hope you all have a beautiful holiday season filled with lots of love and happiness!!!!



14 thoughts on “Delays and Dresses”

    1. I’m glad it’s not just me who thinks that, lol. I was definitely pretty biased since it really does look JUST like something Jo would wear.

      I love the term ‘Jobriel’ too, which is funny because I usually find the combining of couples’ names to be obnoxious. Maybe it’s different when one actually cares about the couple, hehe. It just rings nicely, doesn’t it? Jobriel XD ❤

  1. Bahaha!!! I usually hate couple names too! I was just being completely random. Glad you liked it though. It was either that, or Gabanne (O_O)

    I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced that type of writing problem. I wish I had too much… I feel like my brain can only come up with “Just enough”. XD One thing that my brain does do, though… Is come up with ideas for things that aren’t even in the current generation that I’m on. Like, seriously… I’ve had the basic storylines for about 7-8 generations of Lees since I started the legacy (granted, Conrad’s generational outline ended up being different from what I had planned. XD).

    Haha! The second that I saw that picture, I thought “Hey! That’s Jo’s dress!” I hadn’t even read the paragraph afterwards. And of course the next step after seeing said dress is to buy it! I’d probably do the same thing (except that I don’t think I’d look very good in a dress… Seeing as I’m a dude.)

    I hope that you have an awesome Holiday season! And I can’t wait to see what happens next! 🙂

    Ps. I really like that last picture of Jobriel!

    1. Jobriel > Gabanne o_o; lol

      I think there’s pros and cons to both honestly. There are times when I wish I could shut up parts of my brain because it can be so annoying to constantly be daydreaming scenes that will never even make it into the blog, but there are other times when I welcome it, haha, especially if it comes up with a really cool scene XD I think in advance too, but not that much, wow! That’s impressive. I currently have ideas for Generations 6 and 7, but nothing after that. Whomp, whomp, lol.

      I hope you an awesome holiday season too! I also like the picture, hehe. Outtakes FTW ^_^

  2. Take your time and keep all the funny little moments as add ins that you can. You thought of them for a reason! Have a great holiday vacation with your family and I can’t wait to see the happy/ or not happy ending you have planned for these two! Take care!

    1. Hehe, thank you. I’ll try not to be too harsh in my cuts. It’s just sometimes I’ll be writing like crazy and about 8 pages later I’ll realize: “None of this had any bearing on the plot, whatsoever.” -___-
      So that’s when I end up removing scenes, or at the very least, shortening them. This generation has been really heavy as of late though, so perhaps I should be a little more lenient with at least the funny moments 🙂

      Thank you very much! I hope it won’t be delayed too long. Take care as well!! ❤

  3. I read this the other day in the car so I wasn’t able to comment right away. When I first saw the post in my reader I was like Squeee! But then I saw the pouty faces and that the new chapter wasn’t ready. Good things come to those who wait though and I am sure the next chapter will be well worth it!

    I love the Joanne dress so so much! I was tempted to order one for myself but I should wait until after the holidays. It’s so pretty!

    1. Aw, sorry for getting your hopes up! I can say that I think I finally have the next chapter written out the way I want it, but my plane ride is tomorrow, so I’m not sure when I’ll get those pictures o_o Hopefully you’re right about it being worth this wait :O

      I totally love it too! I’m not typically big on fashion, but I am dying for it to arrive so I can wear it! Haha.

  4. Couple-names are my guilty pleasure. And I totally get what you mean about it being annoying when it’s a couple you don’t care about, but adorable when it’s a couple you do! I couldn’t care less about “Brangelina” or “TomKat,” but I loooove Jobriel!

    If you do write some fun/funny fluff scenes that don’t make it into the main narrative, you could still keep them around to post as “outtakes” or “bonus deleted scenes” to keep us hungry readers sated when you need a break! Just sayin’! >.>

    Adorable dress, and I hope you have a safe and very merry Christmas with your family!

    1. I love Jobriel too! Now I find myself using it in regular conversations with people about my blog, ROFL. It’s so catchy and I just love them in general 😛

      Hehe, I have considered that, but then pieces of all the outtakes usually make their way into the final chapters anyway, so it’d be a bit redundant. If it’s ever not though, I may ^_^

      Thank you very much!! Likewise ❤

    1. Thank you! I know right? That’s why I totally freaked out and immediately ordered the dress when I saw it. However, I was so disappointed when it arrived because although the design is the same, the blue was more of a navy blue and the white was more of a cream. It’s still a pretty dress of course, but it’s not exactly a “Joanne” dress. I do have a blue skirt and polka-dotted shirt that I like to wear with it though that’s a bit reminiscent of Jo! I wear it with boots too, although mine are black, not blue XD hehe.

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