So What Happened?

Alright then, here’s a brief update on my computer apocalypse situation.

Through sheer determination and stubbornness, I managed to crack into my laptop and make an updated backup of all of my documents, including Chapter 5.17 and the handful of pictures I’d already taken for it. Woo!!!! That’s the good news.

The bad news is that my laptop is evidently about as functional as a wooden glove on a foot. I’ve tried everything I (and Google) could possibly ever think of; including biting the bullet, wiping the entire thing, and doing a full reinstall of Windows using the recovery disk, but still NOTHING. I suppose the fact that the setup ran like molasses onΒ a completely flat surface should have been an indication that there was no hope, but again, I’m stubborn, so I waited it out…and the thing still crashes/won’t start up/gives me a big old middle finger. What the ever living–*incoherent spluttering*

Well FINE computer, FINE. *breathes heavily* Here is my white flag. EAT IT!!! >:O

Anyway…..*sighs* Clearly, I need to buy a new laptop before I can get posting again, so after I’m done writing this I’m going to go browse the web for recommendations/good deals. If you guys have any to supply as well, I’d be more than happy to hear them ^_^ I suppose I’ll also go look up what the most nutritional cereals are too while I’m at it since I’ll probably be living off it for a while…har har har.

Ah well, at least I know that my REAL friend–my beautiful AMAZING external hard drive–has everything ready and waiting to be placed on my lovely NEW laptop when I finally obtain it. *POINTED GLARE AT THE BARELY THREE YEAR OLD AND EXPENSIVE HUNK OF USELESS PLASTIC AND METAL LYING ON MY BED* I TRUSTED YOU!!!!!!Β 

*breathes again* *smiles* Hope you’ll all continue to be patient with me! Trust that I’m trying to get back as soon as possible. ….*kicks laptop* ….. πŸ˜€



36 thoughts on “So What Happened?”

  1. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for you but at the same time, I can’t help but laugh when you write things! You’re so funny XD :O

    1. WHAT THE POOP. Dumb wordpress ate my comment!

      I SAID: “I do feel really bad for you though. It’s not fair that it broke on you like that. Set it on fire and make it eat dirt! Or vice versa! So you don’t get third degree burns! Dumb piece of plastic poop!”

      1. Haha no worries- WordPress has done that to me before too, especially when I write a really long comment because it’s like it KNOWS I took a long time writing it out -__- lol

        Thanks for the sympathy. I’m still sort of mind blown that this even happened. I mean, one minute I’m watching movies and playing Sims on my laptop, and the next it doesn’t even know what a computer is. UM?! I can’t believe nothing I do fixes it either. The HDD must be completely fried or something. Insanity.

        Anyway, I’m about to impulsively buy the first good gaming laptop I’ve seen because IMPATIENCE, haha, but I am attempting to browse…..XD

  2. I am so glad you were able to get your important files. I’ve gone through so many laptops that I gave up on the things. I finally grabbed Josh by the hand and skipped into the computer store to buy a tower and monitor. When shit breaks now, Josh rips it out and replaces it and I don’t have to buy a new laptop.

    I remember in the middle of my second year of university I had the untimely luck of a cup with some water in it falling off the shelf and smashing into the keyboard, brutally murdering it upon impact. I also lost of whole paper on Water Conservation in Terrestrial Vertebrates. I know you’re feeling of fear.

    But we don’t have to worry now *relaxed sigh*. Think of this new computer as a reward for your hard work. You can think of it as “I’ve been working my butt off at school. I deserve a new computer.” Your other computer was just giving you… incentive? Thinking of your well being, as it were lol.

    1. You know, that’s exactly how I feel right now because this going to be my what, 4th laptop?! Only right now I move back and forth a lot between locations for extended periods of time so I need something portable. However, as soon as I’m more “settled in” so to speak I’m totally going to invest in a desktop too because this is pretty ridiculous. I can’t afford this habit, LOL.

      I also had a massive laptop failure in college, which was so bad I remember I literally cried, lol. Ever since I’ve tried to regularly keep backups of my stuff, although I’m not always super on that. Now I think it might become an obsession: …must….back…up….*twitch* XD

      You know, that’s a wonderful way of thinking of it! It’s funny too because the thought of a new laptop had sort of been floating through my mind anyway, but I had no real reason for doing so until now. Every cloud has a silver lining, eh? lol. AND it’s my birthday on the 5th, so honestly it’s not only a reward for hard work, but also a birthday present to myself! It just works out in general I guess! *dutifully eats my ration of cereal* XD

      1. Haha happy early birthday! You can maybe ask for money for your birthday or maybe food stuff donations lol. You know what the old saying is. “If you wish a man well, bring him food”. Out of curiosity, what is the most healthy/ nutrition packed cereal?

        1. Thank you! Hahahaha yeah maybe. As for the cereals, there’s apparently lots of them because when I Google “healthiest cereals” I get lots of top 10 lists and they all seem to have chosen varying brands. At least I know I’ll have variety in my diet XD

          1. haha make sure you get some with some dried fruits lol. Get some form of fruits in your daily diet. If I win the lottery on Friday I’ll help you out lol.

              1. yea I’m the same way. I always see it and think “What a good idea”. And then, the idea is gone and so is the coupon. Where did it go? Not a friggin clue lol.

                1. LOL. That is exactly what happens to me. I even tried the phone ones and it was as I was leaving the store that I was suddenly like “….damn it!” lmao. The struggle is real XD

  3. Since you used your recovery disc to reinstall Windows, it’s not considered a clean installation, which is why your system is still acting up. It does not permanently delete all of your files and programs off of your system. So I would suggest buying a Windows 7 disc to do a custom clean install to ensure that everything on that system has been permanently wiped out. πŸ™‚

    1. You know, I realized that too and considered doing just that, but it’s to the point where half the time the HDD light won’t even come on and the screen just sits there for ages unresponsive, so I’m almost certain it’s a hard drive failure. Plus, even if there was some kind of funniness say, with the registry files for example, I doubt the recovery disk would have taken an entire day to run, only to freeze up in the end when actually attempting to start Windows. I should have been able to get in and delete the old files.

      I could be wrong, but at this point I’d rather take the plunge and go for the new laptop since the thought had kind of been vaguely crossing my mind lately anyway. I just didn’t have a good reason to justify that expense and now…well, I guess I kind of do…..o_O

      1. Ah, okay. Yeah that sounds like it about had it. I got mine with credit from Fingerhut because I couldn’t afford to out right buy it, lol. Well at least you were able to retrieve some files! I wasn’t so lucky with that when it happened to me.

        1. Hahaha I know exactly what you mean in both regards x_x

          I wasn’t so lucky the first time it happened to me in college. I was so devastated I literally cried, which I guess is kind of sad because in the end it’s just a material object, but STILL. So much of one’s life gone T_T Awfulness. So sorry you had to go through that too!

          1. Oh don’t feel bad, I cried too. LOL. My livelihood tends to live in my computers, hahaha! Plus I couldn’t play the game for several months so I was completely bored out of my mind, haha. After I got it back running again, I purchased my desktop as a backup. Pathetic, right? LOL.

            1. Hahaha see I have no idea how you even survived for several months! I’m sitting here using my trial of Amazon Prime so I can get free 2 day shipping LOL

              Not pathetic at all seeing as I essentially did the same by buying my entirely unnecessarily massive external hard drive, lmao.

              Oh what technology has done to us XD

              1. LOL! I know, right? If our great-grandmothers could see us now, they would’ve probably died of shame or whacked us over the heads. Even my husband just shook his head at me when he saw how crazy I was going, hahaha!!

                1. Hahaha. My BF seems to get it, but my dad says I’m “possessed” by it. Not “obsessed” he stresses, but “possessed.” LOL

                  Also, OMG–apparently the worst part of this by far is reinstalling all these Sims games. My god this is going to take hours. The crap we go through for this game! XD

  4. I’m so glad you got your files, at least! Is there any kind of genius team you can take it to for evaluation? I know that the Apple Store has the Genius Bar, and some stores have an equivalent service for Microsoft products.

    It does sound like a hardware failure, though :(.

    1. Thank you! I am too. It was SUCH a relief. I had to go about it in a really strange way, but I don’t even care, lol, at least I got those files!

      I considered taking it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy or something like that, but I’m heavily leaning in the direction of it being a hardware failure too, so I don’t want to potentially spend hundreds of dollars only to get nothing out of it. Plus…I mean…I’d be lying if I said that now that I have my files, I rather like the sound of a new laptop πŸ˜›

      There’s a part of me that keeps whispering “What if?” but it hasn’t outweighed the “Weeee, new computer!” voice XD

    1. Thank you so much! I admit “hanging in there” got a lot easier once I’d managed to get my files. The main thing bothering me had been the fact that I couldn’t, haha. Now that I have them I feel like I can move on πŸ™‚

      The only bad thing now is since my chapter has been sitting for ages I find myself re-thinking entire parts of it! GAH! Bad! Stop it! lol XD


  5. OMG. LilyShadow, I had no idea you were going through all of this, and I don’t know what your status is as of yet, like if you have gotten a new laptop yet or not. T_T I’m glad you have your external hard drive though, that is awesome.
    I wanted to say that for gaming if you haven’t bought one yet, I have been told that an AMD A4 processor is good. That’s what my computer has, and it runs very well. I forget how old mine is, apparently I can’t find the picture of it that I took when I first bought it, but it’s definitely not new. The only problem I had with it was a bad memory stick, but that got fixed by just buying a new memory stick. It’s an ASUS brand, dual core, and it has Radeon HD Graphics. It has capacity for 8GBs of memory (two memory slots), even though I only have 4GBs (one memory stick) in it right now, and I have both Sims3 and Sims4 installed on it. It runs both versions of Sims flawlessly. I’m not bothering to tell you the exact model of mine since it’s a few years old, and the way technology goes, it is probably considered ‘obsolete,’ even though it works. *rolls eyes* LOL. So I just figured I’d tell you what it has in it, so if you wanted, you could use it as a guideline for finding your new laptop. I always run Sims on high graphics too, and it has no problem with it. Good luck with everything. ❀

    1. I have a new laptop now and in fact have since used it to complete and post both Chapter 5.17 and a Generation 5 Special, which should actually be visible I think? Unless WordPress is doing weird things…which might actually explain why I haven’t gotten many comments recently. Hmmm–I need to look into this now o_o; Do you see them when you look at this blog?

      I actually did get an ASUS though and I absolutely love it! It plays the game like a dream and everything looks so colorful and sharp. In fact, it throws me off so much that at first I even thought the game looked strange, lmao. I’m slowly getting used to it now, but sometimes it still catches me off guard. In a good way though, of course πŸ™‚ Plus, it is SO nice not having to wait 30 minutes to load up the game!

      Thank you for your concern! It definitely had me frazzled at the time, lol. So relieved that it’s all behind me now ^_^

      1. LOL, aww yay! I’m happy you got a new laptop. Heehee, I think ASUS is pretty cool. πŸ™‚ The graphics are definitely very cool.

        But yes I do see your Chapter 5.17 and your generation 5 special, I just couldn’t read them quite yet at the time, I was getting ready to go somewhere LOL. Sorry if I made you think WordPress was being a wierdo. I didn’t mean to. XD I just wanted to give you my two cents about laptops in case you hadn’t decided yet.

        You’re welcome, and I’m glad you’re all better. ❀

        1. Very cool indeed! I love that I can have things like super water on now and have it actually work and look gorgeous. I mean, my old laptop certainly wasn’t bad (well, ya know, until it BETRAYED me), but this one just has that extra cherry on top and it really shows ^_^

          Oh no worries at all. It just briefly confused me since I think I mention in those author notes that I got a new laptop, so I was like, “Ah, what if they’re not showing up!?” lol. Good to know though that my blog is not broken and I definitely appreciate the two cents! Funny that I ended up with the brand you recommended anyway, haha XD

  6. Oh boo! That sucks, but congrats on your new shiny laptop! I hope it will serve you well. And a very belated happy birthday to you. πŸ™‚

    1. IT WAS BAD, but luckily like I said I had everything backed up on my external hard drive. Haha, I don’t blame you for backing it up in multiple places. Sometimes I want to get ANOTHER drive just to make ANOTHER copy, but so far this system has been working out for me.

      Still, it was pretty awful. I was so worried that everything would be gone! =O Thank goodness it all worked out. I would have cried…a lot, hahaha XD

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