Hey Look, I Made a Thing!



I’m just dropping in briefly to let everyone know that I went ahead and created a Simblr (a Tumblr that posts primarily Sim stuff), which you can find by clicking the blue word in this sentence, or the banner I included in this post, because options are nice.

I was originally against this idea because it only sounded like yet another website to keep track of and update, but then I was going through my bookmarks the other day and noticed that about 80% of them were, yes, Simblrs. Realizing that I was already “following” so many people in completely roundabout, inconvenient ways, I decided to make it easier on myself to fuel my serious Sims addiction by giving in and making one of own so that I can properly stalk others. HOORAY!

On that note, if you have a Simblr, or a Tumblr, or also like having 100 Simblrs bookmarked (well I certainly didn’t delete them, gosh!), you can go ahead and “Follow” me and I shall “Follow” back. Then I’ll click the “<3” icon on your posts and we shall grin at each other through our computer screens. It will be great fun *waggles eyebrows*

LOL, but no in all seriousness, I’ll be posting when I publish new chapters and will also try and post updates on my progress, bloopers, and other fun stuff from my game since I do actually play it sometimes XD I also hope to use it to continue to connect with other simmers because I have very few friends in real life like to talk to people! ^_^

There’s really not much on it now and I find approximately 100% of it as confusing as a Sim being unable to use an object because a tiny xylophone is next to it, but I’m sure that I’ll figure it out in good time.

Hope to see you there!

❤ LilyShadowWriter


11 thoughts on “Hey Look, I Made a Thing!”

  1. Welcome to the dark side! Muahahaha!

    I remember when I came back to the Sims community after being gone for 3 years and the scene was entirely different. When Sims 2 was out and popular, so were forums. So imagine my surprise when I came back and everybody had these “Simblrs” for Sims 3. I registered on Tumblr, looked around and was completely confused that I abandoned the idea for awhile. Then once I realized mainly everyone in the Sims community had one now, I gave in too.

    I’m glad I did. I enjoy having one. Plus now that I have my own Sims 3 website for my downloads, I can have a separate place for Sims 3 junk on my Simblr. 😀

    1. Haha, your experience eerily mirrors mine! I also disappeared from the Sims community, only for about 2 years, and when I came back like you said, there were all these so-called “Simblrs” around. The things confused me so much that I didn’t even bother looking at any at all, but I’ve gradually grown more comfortable with how to navigate most of them and realized I regularly checked quite a few of them, so here we have it, lol.

      I’m a little worried about it taking up too much time (curse you infinite scrolling!), but I think I’m glad I made one too because it’ll be a good place to interact more with the Sims community and keep track of happenings. Plus now I have a place to post and share all the crazy/stupid things that happen in my game 😛

      Thanks for the welcome! XD

      1. That’s funny we both had similar experience. 😛 When I first started becoming more comfortable with the way it works over there, it did take up a lot of my time because I became obsessed with it, LOL. But yeah, it’s a great way to meet others and I actually met my best friend on there a little over a year ago! But do beware. There are a lot of Simmers over there that love to start trouble, so you will see a few instances of drama. Just try to ignore and stay clear. That’s what I do.

        1. That’s actually another reason why I didn’t create a Simblr o_o; From the ones I did look at I often noticed a lot of completely rude comments or undue drama, which I’ve almost never seen here on WordPress. As you said though, I plan to try and ignore it all. I like a peaceful life, and you can’t get that if you continue to feed the noisy trolls that lurk outside your home! XD

          1. Yeah it can get annoying at times. You can choose to turn on and off your Ask inbox at any time though in the event you don’t want to receive any anonymous hate messages. I keep mine on because I’m curious to see if I get any, lol. I have, but only less than a handful of times within 2 years. I think its funny how sad some people’s lives are that they feel they need to make someone else feel miserable about themselves for no reason.

    1. Bahaha, definitely know that feeling. I’ve been debating this for a while! Still not sure if it was a terrible idea or not, but so far I’m enjoying it ^_^

      Join the dark side! Mwahahahaha XD

  2. I read your post and instantly my brain asked (in a very posh British accent) What the Dickens is a Simblr………………….?
    Then I read Tumblr………….*scratches head*
    Errrrrrm. I shall google it.
    *5 minutes later*
    *10 minutes later*

    Please explain! *heavy breathing* I am actually a sim not able to use something because there’s something else in front of it…….or even more annoying! There’s a glitch and every time I try to use the toilet I fall through the floor XO In this scenario simblr is the toilet…….my actual toilet’s fine…..I think.

    1. Oh, yikes! I realize I should have explained that in the post LOL.

      *resetsim TheSimeater*

      A “Simblr” is a Tumblr that primarily posts only Sims stuff 🙂

      EDIT: There, I added a description XD

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