Happy Halloween: Have Some Treats!


Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

As I mentioned in my last update, grad school started back up again and as you can see, I haven’t had the chance to update. It’s actually been very frustrating…not because I never have free-time, because I occasionally do, but because during those small intervals of  free-time I just can’t seem to get my brain to write. Maybe my creative writing skills have been temporarily disabled in the face of formulaic writing, endless note-taking, and textbook chapters. Whatever it is, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself because that only makes me feel discouraged and sad….bleh. Inspiration will come eventually…and if it doesn’t on it’s own, I’ll find a way because I’m as determined as ever to continue Different Winters!

In the meantime though, to maybe make up for my extended absence a teeny tiny bit, I have some photo treats to share with you all! ^_^  If you follow me on Tumblr you’ve likely already seen many of these, but in case you don’t or you missed any, I’m posting them here too.  Some of the photos are Halloween-themed and some of them aren’t, but I hope you’ll enjoy them regardless. You even get some song lyrics that go with each generation and a sneak preview of a very special sim!

Enjoy! ❤


Generation 1: Aubrey and Noah Winters


I’m thinking it’s a sign, that the freckles
In our eyes are mirror images, and when
We kiss they’re perfectly aligned

And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay….

They will see us waving from such great heights,
“Come down now,” they’ll say,
But everything looks perfect from far away,
“Come down now,” but we’ll stay…

Generation 2: Reed and Marina Winters

ReedandMarina1SimblreenRM (5)

Mira corazón cuanto te extraño                         ♫ Look, my love, how much I’m missing you
pasan dias, pasan años                                            Days go by, years go by
y mi vida se revienta                                                  and my life bursts
como pompas de jabon                                             like soap bubbles

Como pude haberte yo herido                                  How could I have hurt you?
engañarte y ofendido                                               Cheated on you and offended you?
alma gemela no te olvido                                          Soul-mate, I won’t forget you
aunque me arranque el corazón…..                         Even if my heart tears in two

El verdadero amor perdona                                      True love forgives
no abandona, no se quiebra                                     It doesn’t abandon, it doesn’t break
no aprisiona, no revienta                                          It doesn’t imprison, it doesn’t burst
como pompas de jabon….
♫                                    like soap bubbles….♫

Generation 3: Tamara and Jiang Winters


When all the world is spinning ‘round
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down

I am nearly world renowned
As a restless soul who always skips town
But I look for you to come around
And anchor me back down

Generation 4: James and Candice Winters


In the end all you can hope for
Is the love you felt to equal the pain you’ve gone through
Are your eyes showing off for mine?
Your face in my hands is everything that I need

Bones, starved of flesh
Surround your aching heart
Full of love….

Generation 5: Joanne and Gabriel Winters


Am I loud and clear, or am I breaking up?
Am I still your charm, or am I just bad luck?
Are we getting closer, or are we just getting more lost?

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours first
Let’s compare scars, I’ll tell you whose is worse
Let’s un-write these pages and replace them with our own words….

Sneak Peek (Hey there, Milo!)




Hope you enjoyed these small treats. Have a delightfully sweet and spooky Halloween! ^_^

❤ LilyShadowWriter


26 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: Have Some Treats!”

    1. Hahahaha, YESSSS. I feel the same way! ❤ *DOWNLOADS ALL THE CUTE PLUSH TOYS*

      He's such a good mixture of his parents too. Although, it is a little hard to tell in the toddler stage….Hmmm, I get the feeling he'll grow up to look a fair bit like Gabriel :3

  1. LOVE these photos! James and Candice, so cute! And Milo, he’s so sweet! Looks just like his dad! I can’t wait till you have time and the inspiration for an update! Don’t study too hard!

    1. Thank you!!! James and Candice’s photo-set is one of my favorites too…Of course it helps that it’s one of my favorite generations modeled after one of my favorite movies XD

      Milo does look a lot like his dad! I think that means we can expect him to be quite handsome 😉 Hehehe.

      I’ll try! I can’t wait until I have the time and inspiration for an update either! T_T

  2. Ahhh this was perfect!! I love them all so much and I miss those other generations but Milo is adorable and I can’t wait to see more of him! Plus Milo is such a cute name oh my goodness! ❤ and I can definitely understand not writing after so many essays and whatnot. They're very draining! But I am glad you're determined to continue with the Winters because they are too amazing to go!

    1. Thank you!!!! I miss the other generations too–taking these photos made me feel so nostalgic! It also made me really excited for the future too though….MILO!!!!!! *dances around happily* He’s my sweet muffin child and I am so looking forward to spamming him in chapters to come, LOL. And aw, thanks, I love the name Milo too! It just SOUNDS cute…and then his little face *CRIES* He is perfect ❤

  3. *sniffles* Oh, this has made me miss Reed and James. T_T These shots are just perfect! They really capture the essence that made up each relationship. T_T I may have to reread this once school ends.

    Milo is such a cutie! I want to be that weird lady that pinches kids’ cheeks! XD

    Hope you had a happy Halloween! ^_^

    1. I know right? Such nostalgia! T_T Thank you so much!!! That’s exactly what I was trying to do. Well that and have fun with dress-up, haha.

      Milo really is such a cutie! I want to be that weird lady that creates a pixelized version of herself so she can go in game and pinch that kid’s cheeks! LOL XD

      I did have a happy Halloween ^_^ I hope you did too!

      1. Kind of? It’s the day after my general GRE test. My boyfriend and I took it together in the same city, just to cut down on travel costs. We took a train there, then walked about 40 minutes. It was raining the entire day. Now I’ve got the sniffles and he’s running a slight fever. Nothing serious, but enough for grumpiness.

        Other than that, we spent all day cuddled up in bed, watching old-school horror movies & Scooby Doo, and being sick together. XD Oh, and I guess hiding from trick-or-treaters.

        1. Ah yikes, so it sounds like the first half of your Halloween wasn’t all that exciting, but the second half was nice, hehe XD

          I spent my Halloween cuddled on the couch with my boyfriend watching Nightmare Before Christmas, Supernatural, and Igor. We also ate lots of chocolate and drank Rumchata mixed with Kahlua and milk. Mmmmmmmm, Halloween, LOL.

          Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!!
    I totally almost cried when I saw Milo!!!! *flusters and flaps before wiping away tears of joy*
    GAH!!!! I do follow you on tumblr but somehow I’d missed the Milo ones! I’m such a terrible person *whimpers* I love Milo, like millions!!!

    And I totally get the whole writing thing, I’m really struggling at the moment too, but I have found a few things that has helped, it might work for you too, so here they are…
    I try to focus on the parts of the story that excite me the most, and in the times when I’m struggling to write, I focus on those, the other thing is to just write, even if it’s bad and you hate it, never stop writing! You can always go back and change it, I do this A LOT, plus it builds up your confidence because you can see yourself progressing. If you see something in your day that makes you smile, say a bird or something someone says that makes you think, write it down! consider it as ‘note-taking’ life! It also might help if you can talk to someone about your story, someone who can get excited about it with you, maybe help you to work out any chinks in the story that you can’t figure out, failing that you can always wonder of into a make-believe world and work it out there (I’m sure this can be done during class…maybe, depends on the class) warning though, people will think you’re weird, and you will probably look like JD when you do it. I’m almost 100% sure that you do this already (becasue you’re 100% awesome, but just thought I’d better include it because it is the most reliable way to write stories) Remember; it’s ALL in your head 😉 (because you’re crazy….all the best people are!) *hugs*

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! When I saw him I mentally slid out of my computer chair and just sobbed in a puddle on the ground, LOL. You should see him with a pacifier looking up at you with those bright green eyes and that sweep of russet hair….INTERNALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW AT THAT IMAGE. And aww, it’s okay that you missed them! We live in completely different time zones, so a lot of my stuff is probably posted at odd hours for you, lol. That’s also why I included them here too though, so no matter what time zone you’re in or whether you’re on Tumblr or not, you can still see all these pictures ^_^ I love Milo like millions too! *MORE INTERNAL SOBBING* So freaking cute!

      Oh my gosh though, thank you SO much for all the advice. I think the “focusing on the parts of the story that excite me the most” bit might seriously help me, because part of it is me struggling to write raising baby Milo. I feel like I need to do a bunch of research because I have no idea what it’s actually like raising a newborn (besides being exhausting), which I’m dreading because I already do enough research for school, but then again I really want to get this right and ughhh. x_x I’m so stuck….writing it all out of order may help.

      I DO do the daydream thing, ESPECIALLY while I’m reading textbook chapters, but I realize that all of it stays there because I’m telling myself, “No, focus on your school work,” so I never write any of it down. Then when I do have free-time to write though, I’ve forgotten everything I’ve thought of, so I should really just write it down then. And like you said, even if it’s bad and I hate it, I can always go back and change it….the main important thing is to keep writing, because now not only do I feel uninspired, but I feel totally rusty too! Like it’s gotten to the point where I re-read this chapter the other day and I was like, “How the hell did I write this? I can’t write anything even close to this now! Was this even me writing? Was I POSSESSED? WHAT IS THIS?” Gahhhh, I feel so disconnected!

      I’m definitely going to take your advice to try and slowly reconnect though. Worst case, November is the last serious push because classes pretty much end the first week of December, so for sure I’ll have a LOT more time then. So to not be so hard on myself, I’ll aim to have the next chapter posted in December….but I really kind of hope it’s sometime THIS month and not next =/ We shall see. I mean, I am totally crazy, so maybe I’ll be able to manage it! XD

      Thanks again for your encouragement and advice! You’re the best! *hugs back*

  5. Sooo cute!

    I’m trying to catch up on all the blogs I’ve fallen behind on. The fact that you’ve had to post slowly is good for me, at least now 🙂 :). Here’s hoping you get the clear mental space for your writing again soon. I’m sure it’ll happen.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Hahaha, I totally know that feeling–sometimes delayed postings are actually a good thing because it helps me catch up on blogs too! XD I do hope you enjoy what there is though =)

      Gah, thank you again, yes I hope so too! I’m pretty sure it’ll happen too…just less sure of WHEN =O

  6. Gah! I love them all! Happy Halloween to you as well. I know this is belated now but it’s all good right? lol.

    You are very right not to be hard on yourself to not wanting to write during grad school. I mean, you explained it really well already. You’re constantly writing about case studies and taking notes, when you finally have a few minutes to yourself, do you really want to spend it doing more writing? I know it’s a different kind of writing, but it’s still writing. I listen to the phone ring so much at the office and help with calls that some nights, I just let my cell phone go to voice mail so I don’t have to talk on the phone. Two different things, but they are one in the same XD.

    I am super excited for another chapter, but you’re working on an important chapter in your life which is very important. Because in todays world, we really need more councillors. Just make notes of your case studies and throw some of them into your writing in the future. That will make for some wonderfully diverse relationships and situations.

    The moral of my rambling story is is as follows: 1) Photos are awesome. 2) So glad you’re so focused on school and that is awesome. 3) Excited for another chapter but don’t want there to be any pressure, and 4) You rock. I think that covers them all lol.

    1. Lol, it’s totally all good, thank you!! ❤

      And gah, your comment made me smile so much and made me feel a bit better about this whole situation. What you do with your phone is exactly how I feel about writing once I have free time! The only writing I've been able to manage is short little captions on the informal Tumblr legacy I have going and even then sometimes I'm like, "I don't feel like captioning these photos today…." lol. Luckily it's super informal though–just a way for me to still have fun sharing the occasional game-play =)

      I know it's a good thing to be focused on school and it's definitely paying off (all A's so far…*fingers crossed*), but at the same time I'm also super excited to continue and fdjfhdjfkshkfjdska. At least November is like, the last big push for these classes because they're pretty much all wrapped up the first week of December. So worst case, I'll just wait for then, and in the meantime maybe try to write some small snippets in order to hopefully help spark my inspiration. I don't even have to end up using any of it….The goal would just be to keep it going!

      Oh, December, you can't come soon enough! =O

      Thank you again! You rock as well, seriously! *hugs*

  7. Happy belated Halloween! 🙂 The pictures are beautiful, I especially love Aubrey & Noah floating in the forest, but you probably knew that already from Tumblr. 😉 I may have had a small heart attack from all the cute in that picture.

    And Milo!!! Part of me just wants to DEMAND a new chapter, who cares about grad school. 😉 OK I guess you probably do?? But seriously, don’t overdo the research for your creative writing. Research is a trap in itself. Just trust your imagination and fill in the blanks with research, not the other way around! I’d even say fill in the blanks with time jumps or just change the subject. Make it easy on yourself, not by not writing at all but maybe by cheating a little bit in your text? And if the chapter absolutely isn’t writing itself, try something completely different. A scene twenty years into the future, or a conflict you might never use for something, or a dialogue out of the blue.

    Sometimes I imagine a text being a meal, and me being hungry. Say I have 1 hour before I’m chewing on the furniture, or maybe just 20 minutes, and based on that I would have to come up with either a pretty good spaghetti sauce or just noodle soup. Either way, the “meal” has to be finished within an hour or just twenty minutes. It’s a decent exercise when you have writer’s block, to time yourself and adjust your expectations accordingly. I’m not promising miracles, because cup noodle soup isn’t a miracle either, but it will make you write, and even just writing a little can work wonders in the long run. I second everything TheSimEater said, too. Good advice. Writer’s block is a bitch, but I’m a firm believer in the healing powers of churning out really bad text, until it becomes good. 😉

    1. Thank you!! Aubrey and Noah are clear Tumblr fan favorites. One of their posts even got over a 100 notes! =O Granted, BerrySweetBoutique reblogged it, but still! My jaw still drops when I see it, lol. Yesssss, so much cute!

      Hahahaha oh I know–it is so tempting to throw it all away when I see Milo’s sweet little face! He’s too cute for words. But yes, I do care about grad school, lmao. And gah, I know. I just get so paranoid about depicting something incorrectly, which doesn’t make a lot of sense considering it’s not only FICTION, but also an informal sim story, but still the deeper I get into this, the more I want to ensure, as much as I can, that it at least feels right. I may actually end up taking your advice of time-skipping though. I do seem to be particularly stuck with Milo as a baby, so maybe if I started a little bit later it’d be easier for me.

      Still, it does come down to the fact that November is by far the most insane because it’s the last legitimate month, so every presentation and every paper I have is due this month, plus finals come at the end of it and the first week of December T_T On the bright side, I’m totally free after that point.

      Maybe doing little timed sessions would help though? At least to make some cup noodle soup that I can improve on later! Plus it would help the fact that I often don’t feel like I have time to write, even during those hours when I clearly have free-time. 20 minutes clearly wouldn’t break my day…especially when I know full well that I waste far too much time on Tumblr when I’m procrastinating!!!! *kicks self* lol

      The biggest block though, besides the lack of inspiration, would be like autumnrein said: Since I spend so much time writing for school, the last thing I feel like doing when I have free-time is even more writing! Still, sometimes I do feel like it, and within those moments, I should set that timer and get crackin’ =P

      Worst case though, there’s always December.

      Thank you for your kind words and advice!!! ❤

    1. Right?! I really loved taking them out again, especially because for me I literally hadn’t seen them in my game for YEARS. Plus I just had fun in general setting up all these shots, lol.

      DOUBLE RIGHT?!?! HE IS MY LITTLE MUFFIN CHILD AND I LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH. He is the perfect mix of his parents *UGLY SOBS* I think though he’ll grow to resemble his daddy a little more than Jo though…I think. I guess we shall see! ^_^

  8. I love your long photos a lot. And the short ones too, LOL, of course. Dude, it’s been so long I forgot that Joanne had a boy, LOLL. Ahh man… I really enjoyed seeing the past couples gazing into each others eyes. How cute.

    1. Thank you!! I really like the long photos too, though nowadays I usually just post the long ones on Tumblr and the short ones here. Still, as you’ve seen I do like to occasionally incorporate them =)

      LOL oh my god, I know. It’s been MONTHS. After I write Augustus and Gemma Part IV I’ve made a serious pact to myself that the next Joanne chapter WILL GET DONE. This generation WILL end and I will start another one! lol XD

      Hehe, thank you ❤ I really enjoyed getting to see everyone again too. So many memories!!! ^_^

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