~*~Huggin’ All The Menz Contestant~*~


Hello everyone! As some of you might have seen, phyrcracker93 has decided to take on a dual-bachelorette challenge called Huggin’ All The Menz in order to choose his spouses for the next generation of The Huggins ISBI. As such, he needed some victims lucky contestants and I, enjoying mayhem creating pixel babies, signed myself right up.

So, allow me to present: Scotch Bonnet Pepper!


Scotch: Hola, mis amores.


LilyShadowWriter: …..Hmmm. So, um, Scotch Bonnet Pepper is named and modeled after er, well, Scotch Bonnet Peppers. Seen here:


As you can see, they’re yellow-orangeish in color and—


Scotch: Hot. Like my face. *suggestively licks fingers*


LilyShadowWriter: Heh…yeah…..


LilyShadowWriter: Oh! *shakes head* Okay, well, won’t you have a seat? I figure we could do a bit of interview so everyone can get to know you a little better. Is that alright?


Scotch: Anything for you, mi pajarita.

LilyShadowWriter: Oh. Little bird. That’s cute. Hehe. Um….


LilyShadowWriter: RIGHT, so, SEATS.


LilyShadowWriter: Okay, so welcome to whatever this is, Scotch Bonnet Pepper. I wonder if you could first—


Scotch: Espera…before we begin, I would like to know: Are the ladies in the challenge that you have submitted me to sexy….*deepens voice* or muy sexy? *pointed eyebrow waggle*


LilyShadowWriter: Oh, um, hehe. Well, hehehehe! Um—


LilyShadowWriter: Ouch!! Jesus! *rubs face* I don’t know, Scotch. Shouldn’t what’s inside matter more? Like their personality and the health of their organs and stuff?


Scotch: True enough….So are they sweet and loving then?

LilyShadowWriter: Uh, sure. Yeah. Let’s go with that description.

Scotch: ……..

LilyShadowWriter: Anyway, Scotch Bonnet here is from Lucky Palms and—




LilyShadowWriter: W-what!? What’s wrong?! D=

Scotch: I just miss Lucky Palms so much! It was the only home I ever knew!

LilyShadowWriter: Why did you leave then?

Scotch: The restraining order restricted my movement in the city too much for it to remain an enjoyable place to be.


LilyShadowWriter: Uh…….

Scotch: *UGLY SOBS*

LilyShadowWriter: Look I….I don’t even know if I should ask this: But why did you have a restraining order against you?


Scotch: *sniffles and slowly gets back into seat* It was Rosa…the love of my life. Or at least, I thought that she was.

LilyShadowWriter: Oh dear…What happened?

Scotch: *mumbles* I hired a mariachi band to sing for her below her balcony.

LilyShadowWriter: Awww! That sounds really sweet and romantic though!

Scotch: *wipes eyes* That is what I thought!!! So I hired the band, grabbed the largest rock that I could find, and then hurled it at her window in order to get her attention.


LilyShadowWriter: ……..

Scotch: The window broke, and Rosa raced out to her balcony yelling something about my psychological well-being.

LilyShadowWriter: Hmmm. Yes. Something kind about it though, I’m sure.


Scotch: I have no idea. I could not hear her, for the band had begun to play La Mejor de Todas.” Then Rosa yelled something down to me and I was sure that it was a declaration of her overwhelming love for me, so I pulled my grappling hook out of my backpack, flung it toward her railing, and then began my ascent to her voluptuous side. Once there, I enveloped her in my embrace, kissed her hotly, threw her over my shoulder, and then began to rappel back down to the ground so I could carry her off into the moonlight! But Rosa….she was so impatient to start her life with me that she started wiggling like mad, and I lost my grip and we tumbled to the ground!

LilyShadowWriter: Mmm.

Scotch: Then she said something like, “hijo de bonita madre!” and I was like, oh how nice of her to compliment my mother—


LilyShadowWriter: I am 99% certain that is not what she said.

Scotch: You might be right….because that was when she hit me =(

LilyShadowWriter: Oh my god…..

Scotch: I know. She slapped me and said that she never wanted to see me again, and the next thing I knew I was behind bars. Literally. She called the police to have me arrested!


LilyShadowWriter: I’m so sorry, Scotch….but…can you maybe see why she might have reacted that way?

Scotch: I should have carried her off into the sun, not the moon, for her hair was the color of purest gold…like the sun.

LilyShadowWriter: Okay, well, actually I was going to say—

Scotch: Anyway, so that is why I am here now—for another chance at true love!


LilyShadowWriter: Awwww…..Well, how about we talk about something a little less frighten—err, sad now….like your hobbies! What do you like to do?

Scotch: I like to garden.

LilyShadowWriter: HAHAHA. Let me guess, with a grappling hook?

Scotch: Err, no. I use standard garden tools.

LilyShadowWriter: Wait, really?

Scotch: ….Yes? I mean I’ve got a watering can, a shovel, a hoe—every man needs a good hoe.

LilyShadowWriter: …….Are we still on the topic of gardening tools?

Scotch: What else would we be talking about?


LilyShadowWriter: Uh…..*awkward silence* Err…….

Scotch: *smirks*


LilyShadowWriter: *STANDS UP* WELL, THERE YOU GO: SCOTCH BONNET PEPPER! I do hope you enjoy having him in your game, Nate, and I wish him the best of luck at finding true love!


Scotch: Gracias, mi pajarita…..Que bien te ves con la luz en tus ojos brilliantes.

LilyShadowWriter: *blush, giggle, snort, giggle*



ALRIGHTY THEN. Ignoring the fact that I probably need to remake my dang simself, can you guys guess what 5 traits I gave Scotch?

I’ll give you a second.












Let’s see if you were right. Scotch Bonnet Pepper is: Flirty, a Hopeless Romantic, Inappropriate, a Green Thumb, and Overemotional! I figure “inappropriate” and “overemotional” are his negative traits—not because emotionality is a bad thing in and of itself, but because the game specifies that this trait takes it overly so. Hopefully that’s alright.

Also, Scotch Bonnet Pepper’s favorite color is orange, his favorite food is firecracker shrimp, and he loves listening to Latin music. He’s also a Cancer =P

Now before we end this, let’s have a tiny fashion shoot so you can check out his…well, fashion. Hah.


Everyday                                                                    Formal


Sleepwear                                                                   Athletic


Swimwear                                                                    Outerwear


I really do hope you like him, Nate, and thank you a thousand times for allowing me to be a part of this! I had a lot of fun creating him and I can’t wait to see how this unfolds! *dances around*

I shall email you his file and the link to download his hair—otherwise he uses all EA content.

Hope everyone else had fun reading this too!

❤ LilyShadowWriter



35 thoughts on “~*~Huggin’ All The Menz Contestant~*~”

  1. Bahaha!!! His interview had me rolling! And perfect time for you to post this. I just finished cleaning the kitchen, and was about to open my game! XD

    He’s hysterical! Especially that part about the “sexy? or muy sexy?” I could totally picture him saying that… Then again, I read all of his dialog with the voice of a novela actor. Like Jencarlos Canela (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HVsFawyh6M) or Carlos Ferro (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIQ-2uK1r1c) (and yes… I did just google famous novela actors to get my point across. XD )

    I got your email, so I shall put him into my game, along with another contestant that I received. He will definitely be an interesting addition to the BC, and I’m going to have fun throwing in random spanish words. XD

    Gah! I’m so excited!

    Ps. Overemotional is a fine trait for one of his negatives. 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad!! I was laughing like an idiot at my own jokes, while at the same time hoping I wouldn’t be the only one who found them funny, LOL. He seriously cracks me up too. I can vividly imagine that scene with Rosa XD *wipes away tears of laughter*

      Omgggggggg yessssss, totally that is how I read his voice too, especially the second video with Carlos Ferro. Yesssss, he sounds a lot like that!!!

      Okay, great! Haha. I’m REALLY looking forward to see your portrayal of him XD Yes, please, throw in lots of random Spanish words! *claps happily*

      Lemme know if it all works out or not! My game is being a HUGE meanie and not saving sometimes, so hopefully everything is fine.

      Weee! *dances away*

        1. YESSSS. I love that song, LOL.

          Now I am vividly imagining a scene in which Scotch dramatically sings along and dances to exactly this song….WHILE TRYING TO WOO ANNABETH AND REYNA. Can you picture it? Him sashaying his hips in circles around them? *falls out of chair laughing and crying*

          Thank you so much for these mental images =’)

    1. Indeed he is XD

      And yes, his intent with Rosa was definitely good! Just overdid it a bit though LOL. You’re too kind 😉 Hopefully he’ll be less uh….overzealous in Nate’s blog. Actually scratch that, I hope he’s just as overzealous–it’ll be hysterical! Lololol.

  2. I love him! he is very easy on the eyes isn’t he! The interview was too awesome. You really did a great job with your simself. She looks just like you! I would probably snort and giggle too if someone was looking at me like that and speaking lovely spanish lmao.

    1. Thank you!!! Hahaha, I am so very glad you think so, because I struggled over this sim for far too long in my attempt to make him “sexy,” LOL. Like, I can usually make “cute” guy sims, but they’re rarely ever “sexy,” hahaha. I do like the way that Scotch turned out though! XD

      And ahhh, thank you again! I literally took multiples photos of my face from different angles and messed around in CAS for ages….which I probably shouldn’t be admitting? LOL. I think it paid off though because sometimes when I see her my brain is all “……o_O”

      She’s wearing an outfit that I literally own in real life too. When my boyfriend saw her from over my shoulder he was like, “OMG, IT’S YOU” hahaha. So I’m glad she turned out well then XD

      Hehe honestly, my simself was probably 100% accurate in her reactions because I probably would too. Hell, I DO when my bf speaks in Spanish to me, LOL. Just. Can’t. Resist. Bahahaha! Hopefully Annabeth and Reyna can’t either! XD

      1. I never thought of making her after images of myself. I would always twear the face and then hand the mouse to Josh and he would do the finishing touches lol.
        But he did turn out super awesome and I can’t wait to see how he does in the challenge. I’ve only seen three contestants so far, including my own. This is going to be great!

        1. Haha, I did get my BF’s feedback at some point too…in which he said to make myself a little lighter. I UNDERESTIMATE MY PALLOR, LOL. If you can stand the awkward of staring at photos of your face while making your sim though, I highly recommend it! It’s actually really helpful, lol.

          I’m excited to see how he, Nepho, and all the others do in the challenge too! I think the rest of them are coming from Tumblr though…so they might post the bios there? If they have I haven’t seen them yet. Hopefully Nate will share the links when they do! I think this is going to be great too! Eeee!! ^_^

          1. Here’s hoping! I would love to see the ideas everyone comes up with. There was really a board range of Sims for Jax’s challenge and I have a feeling this one will be just as diverse.

            1. Hey! So I just saw your comment, which reminded me that I needed to reblog pics or something of all of the contestants.

              If you want to see them, you can go to phyrcracker93.tumblr.com/tagged/hatm_contestants

              At least… I’m pretty sure that’s the right link… XD

  3. Oh! *swoon* I think I am in looooove! 😅 He is beyond awesome, and muy sexy! The scene with poor Rosa was brilliant, how sad that it didn’t work out for him. Clearly, she can’t see what she’s missing. 😀

    1. Hehehehehe yassssss *swoons with you* He is definitely muy sexy! XD

      Thank youu, haha. Glad you liked the scene XD Honestly though, maybe it was a blessing in disguise, you know? Scotch deserves a woman who can accept his…err…passionate (?) side and uhhh…eccentricities (?), LOL. Well, his heart was in the right place…Rosa just didn’t see that…so now she misses out on all the sexy, like you said!.

    1. LOL, I’m glad! As with all my characters, even the ones I’m not writing out huge stories for, I can’t resist trying to give them a unique voice XD

      And ahhhh! Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! *TACKLE HUGS YOU TO THE GROUND* You’re too kind! *wails*

      I’ll definitely add your nomination to my previous post on this. And then I’ll edit it to add your questions, or answer them on your post once I get the chance! THANK YOU AGAIN!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Omg I love him LOL My cheeks seriously hurt from smiling so much from the interview and he really is hilarious (even if he isn’t aware of it >_>) Good luck to him in the challenge!

    1. Aww, haha, thank you!!! I’m so glad you like him =) There’s always a small part of me that feels a little embarrassed/self-conscious when I write silly things like this (and Kaleidoscopic Khaos, omg, x_x lolol), so all this positive feedback has seriously made me so happy. Gah ❤

      Thanks again! I'm wishing him all the luck toooooo! TEAM SCOTCH XD

  5. Bawhahahaha! This so made my day! 😀 I’m glad I wasn’t drinking milk while reading or it would have squirted out my nose I was laughing so hard. I could visualize the Rosa debacle so vividly. Mariachi bands are really loud. Can’t blame Scotch for mistaking her red angry kill-you face for her red blushing passionate face. (In my head they look similar) Poor Scotch. So confident of himself yet so clueless. XD

    I love that he was based off a plant. I read this post on mobile so I couldn’t see the picture while reading “Scotch Bonnet Pepper is named and modeled after er, well, Scotch Bonnet Peppers.” Since I am a plant imbecile (no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I still don’t know what poison ivy or oak looks like!), I thought it was a real person… or a band. That would have been really hard to combine several people into one. Impressive though. So anyway, it was an actual pepper. And I was all “whaaaa….??? O_o… That’s. Genius. ROFLMAO!!!!”
    For, well, yellow-orange-ish/name reasons, he reminds me of butterscotch hard candy. I don’t particularly like butterscotch, but if Scotch likes it, I could pretend to like it too. LOL. Such a fun and funny post! 🙂 ❤

    1. Aw, thank you so much! It seriously makes me happy to hear that it made your day XD And hey, very good point–who could blame him for mistaking the two? 😉 Clueless little muffin *lovingly pats his head* LOL.

      Hehe, thank you! I actually got the idea from another contestant-maker who designed her sim after a type of carrot, so I was like hmmmm, how about a sexy, flirty sim based off of a pepper? Andddd then the idea all took off from there, LOL. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to plants too though, so honestly I had to google “types of peppers” and ended up choosing the one that inspired me. I thought the Scotch Bonnet Peppers were very pretty…and I freaking loved the name, XD. Thanks!

      Hmmm yeah, I could totally see butterscotch hard candy too, though I think it tends to be darker. Scotch prefers spicy foods though, so I can’t see him being a huge butterscotch fan either. So hey, for him I’ll be the biggest dang fan of spicy foods ever, LOL.

      Thank you again!! Just as you said this post made your day, this comment totally made mine! ❤

      1. *forehead slap* I’m sure I’m wrong on the butterscotch candy, lol. It’s just the way I remember it from many moons ago. This is based off childhood memories of it in a bowl full of various other hard candies at my grandma’s house or in her purse. When I bake with butterscotch it is a tawny color, but whenever I think of the candy, I always think of an orange-y tinge. Which was probably an actual orange flavored candy or neither or I’m imagining the existence of it entirely! And I just believed it was butterscotch because reasons and will likely forever believe this error because I don’t like hard candy and refuse to try it again just to find out if I’m wrong. (I hang my head in shame at my childishness 😛 ) As a rule, I never go passed the chocolate section of the candy aisle. However… I suppose if I venture out into the wilds of non-chocolate and look at the labels I could learn the same info as eating it would give. But without the gag reflex. (Wow, good ideas CAN come out of thinking adult-ly!) 😀

        My tongue does like spicy foods, but my stomach does not. Hmmm… I will have to make a sacrifice and am very grateful that it is for spicy foods and NOT hard mystery flavored possibly imaginary candy! XD Gracias Scotch!
        btw, I love the color– both of the actual pepper and the sim pepper! The different shades on Scotch the sim are beautiful together.

        1. I ended up searching for “Butterscotch candy” on Google images and all the different shades of yellow and orange that appear basically remind me exactly of Scotch, so you aren’t wrong at all–you remembered perfectly! I think I was thinking more of the caramel hard candies, which are indeed darker, lol.

          Ahahaha yes, the sacrifice might be worth it XD At least spicy food is yummy! Well, unless it’s “make you cry a lot spicy,” which I don’t find particularly enjoyable, LOL.

          Thank you! ❤ I'm a pretty big fan of the colors too. They seem to blend really nicely together and make me think of warm things, sunsets, and YES GOOGLE IMAGES CONFIRMED IT: Butterscotch candies! ^_^

  6. “LilyShadowWriter: I am 99% certain that is not what she said.” – LMAO! Scotch, Scotch, Scotch.. *shakes head*

    Reading Phyrcracker’s comment, I realized I pictured him talking like a telenovela actor as well, LOL.

    That was hilarious! “Shouldn’t what’s inside matter more? Like their personality and the health of their organs and stuff?” What is he, an organ harvester?? HA HA I laughed so hard at that. Also Scotch falling on his knees at the mention of Lucky Palms. I died.

    Well good luck to Scotch! Hardened criminal that he is. Aherm.

    Your simself is adorbs! ❤

    1. Yes, poor oblivious baby *pats his strong, chiseled cheek* ….mmmm. LOL.

      Hahaha, no worries because that’s basically what I had going in my mind too, so it all works out! 😉

      So glad you found it funny! I was cracking myself up as I wrote it while also being concerned that I’d be the only one who found it humorous, LOL, so all this positive feedback has me smiling until my cheeks hurt!

      LOL no, not an organ harvester! XD I just meant it would speak to their health and well-being in general, but that certainly would be a twist! Hahaha, yes, poor baby–he so loved Lucky Palms! Unfortunately, I don’t think Rosa will be getting rid of the restraining order any time soon…..

      BAHAHAHA, yes, thank you! My spicy little convict totally appreciates your kind words!

      And aw, gah, thank you for that as well! I’m really happy with the way she came out. I even gave her an outfit that I have in real life XD

  7. Usually I’m like “Noooo must catch up before reading new posts because I don’t want to catch spoilers!” But I figured this was okay.
    I started reading it totally normally with a nice cup of ‘juice’ (really legit juice tho), and then Scotch started to lick his fingers and I nearly destroyed my computer. Anyway, basically he’s quite hilarious and reading this made me laugh XD

    1. Hahaha, I’m the same way when catching up with stories, but this post is definitely safe to look at it XD It has nothing whatsoever to do with Different Winters!

      LOL, WELL, I’m glad that you NEARLY destroyed your computer, but didn’t actually 😉

      Thank you, thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. LMAO his story about the restraining order was so sad but so funny at the same time. I’d never seen your Simself before, you’re super cute! 🙂 I hope that Scotch is doing well in the challenge. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Jane the Virgin, but every time Scotch talked, I heard the voiceover guy from that show. LOL.

    1. LMFAO thank you! I actually just read this again to remind myself of what I wrote and I admittedly had to laugh at it again, like, omg XD I can’t help but picture the whole scene vividly XD

      Aw, thank you!! I haven’t updated her since I changed my defaults though, so I’ll probably need to go back and tweak her a bit more. Still, it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to looking like me as when I made her my boyfriend even looked at my screen and said, “Hey, it’s you!” Hehe XD

      Hmm well, it’s difficult to say because no one’s been eliminated yet, but Scotch did make an intro in an extremely memorable way (he arrived half naked), SO I THINK HE’S DOING STELLAR. LOLOLOL.

      I haven’t, but I think I know what you’re talking about and yeah, he probably sounds something just like that XD

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