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  1. That end sentence was so perfect. Also, it’s really interesting to see some of the impact of Joanne’s actions, knowing what was really going on in her mind. I always love seeing the ‘other side’ of something. It’s also so heartbreaking to feel Gus’ heartbreak knowing why Isaac disappeared. I think you’re going to have your work cut out for you to make us involved in the love triangle now, since Isaac is such a fleshed out character, but I have no doubt that you’ll manage. As always I am bowled over by the quality of your writing. The chapter was worth the wait!

    • Ah, thank you!!! Honestly that sentence gave me some trouble when I was trying to word it, so I’m glad that you found it came across perfectly in the end, lol.

      I’m also immensely glad that you enjoyed seeing the “other side” of what happened because that conversation wasn’t in my original draft! I just had the swimming/goofing around and the attempted kiss, and I went in and added that because I wanted to tie this fully back to the main story and give it more context–like when all these events are happening, why Joanne never once mentioned them in her story, and of course just in general another perspective of that time. I love seeing things from different points of view too, so it was fun for me to write and figure out myself.

      God, I know right? Knowing the reason made this all the more sad and frustrating to experience his reaction in fact. I especially cringe when Gus says “I hate him actually and I hope he’s fucking miserable right now because I really fucking hate him!” Of course Gus didn’t actually hate him or wish terrible things to happen to him and it’s just said out of anger and hurt, but in reality, Isaac really was in that moment the most terrified and miserable he’s ever been. Torn away from everything he knows and essentially trapped by an inordinately restrictive rule in which making one false move could have cost him his very family and home….*cringes again* Truly heartbreaking all around.

      Hahahaha my work cut out for me, eh? I gladly step up to the challenge 😉 The tide will likely shift again, and it’ll be interesting to see what the result will be 😄 My hypothesis is that in the end, you’ll be all be rather split….but I base that hypothesis on my own opinion, lol. Already knowing everything, I currently find myself split. ….and so, likely, will Augustus. Damn.

      Thank you again, truly. I’m continuously humbled and so encouraged by your words! I’m so excited to show you all what happens next!

    First of all, the pond scene was just so sweet. Issac and Gus are truly adorable together, which is obviously gonna cause problems for Gus and Patrick now that we know a lot more about Issac’s character. Patrick is super cute and he clearly loves Gus, but Issac is super handsome and the chemistry between them is just wowwwww. I also really loved some lines between them, too, like ‘because it means something’. MY HEART. Yep, this is definitely going to be one epically troublesome love triangle!
    I want to hug Augustus as well! It’s heartbreaking that he thinks Issac hadn’t loved him as much, and I think that is not the case at all. Clearly moving and cutting off all connections was completely out of his control (or so I think… was it explained before? I can’t remember lmao)…
    This was a really amazing chapter, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it was very well written! I am super excited to see what happens next!

    • LOL that was pretty much my exact reaction when I finished this. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Aww, hehe, I’m so glad you found it sweet. Those two had me constantly smiling. It’s definitely likely to cause problems now o___o Patrick is completely enamored with Gus and he’s incredibly adorable, but Isaac of course is incredibly handsome and their chemistry really is something else. BECAUSE IT MEANS SOMETHING. Yes!!!! I love that line too I have to admit, lol. And it’s just so true like…gahhhh MY HEART TOO. An epically trouble love triangle indeed….

      Very heartbreaking and as you said, that wasn’t the case at all. I mean Augustus had some difficulties fully understanding what Isaac said because his knowledge of Spanish only amounts to a couple high school classes, but he said, “You are, and always will be, the most important person in my life.” And Isaac definitely didn’t mean just as a friend. Moving and cutting off all connections was indeed completely out of his control, you’re right. His parents up and moved the family to his aunt’s place in Lucky Palms, confiscated his phone and computer, and basically told him that if he ever tried to contact Augustus again, he would lose his family and home too, which was the last thing he wanted. We of course keep seeing the dark side of Isaac’s parents, but they were actually pretty close and caring and so on…it’s just, apparently, that love was conditional. Ughh. They infuriate me.

      Thank you so much and thank you for reading and commenting! I’m super excited to post what comes next too, hehe.

  3. Ah, come on! Not even one kiss? Just one? I was so looking forward to it! I mean, I’ll take a hug, a dip in the lake, somewhat declarations of love… but I still want that kiss. No wonder the tension between them in present day is sizzling! And even Patrick noticed it.
    Loved this chapter! Most importantly, I love Isaac. I definitely hate him too – but mostly, I love him. Saving some of his girlfriend’s cookies for his boyfriend was sweet, very thoughtful, a little weird, but overall – Sweet. And so is everything else he does/did. That picnic scene was PERFECTION! I wanted to see a kiss! And, I’m sure that if he had the time, their relationship would have flourished into so much more.
    Which is why his sudden exit stung like hell. I feel Gus’ pain. It was shitty of him to send his friends that generic text message. I get the feeling his parents sent that out, so I can’t really hold it against him. Even with a better understanding of what the situation was like at the time (for Isaac, that is), it still sucks.
    Everybody needs a friend like Floribel. Hell, can she be my friend? I love how perceptive she is, and I feel like she is the only one of his friends who truly knew he was gay. I hope she called him out on leading Elena on too!

    • Hahahahahahaha oh man I am right there with you!! I totally backed myself into a corner though by already making it clear in the last update that the minute Gus tried to kiss him, Isaac panicked, stumbled back, and was suddenly pointing out a turtle on the bank and then Gus barely heard a word from him since. Soooooooooo when I actually went back to write out these flashbacks, in order to make it fit what I’d already said, that’s what needed to happen, which killed me, lmaooo. So you get lots of hugs, soft moments, and I even snuck in a kiss on the cheek even though that might have been pushing it, lol. But hell, as you said, given that no wonder the tension between them in the present day is still there! It’s an instantaneous reaction they have toward one another and it’s so strong that anyone paying even the slightest attention would notice…and Patrick definitely noticed….and is feeling a little ill at ease now.

      LOL yes, a love/hate relationship for Isaac, but mostly love 😄 I get frustrated sometimes with Isaac too…and he gets frustrated with himself. If you’ll recall, he calls himself a coward, and I think, given the circumstances, “coward” is a bit strong, but there were elements of cowardice here and there and this has been an ongoing pattern in his life, where he may not take a chance he probably should have, or gives into something he wasn’t completely on-board with, all to keep up this false image; and on the one hand, that was protective because in his circumstances it wasn’t safe to be true to himself; but on the other, Isaac has a lot of mixed feelings of regret and discomfort when he thinks about everything he ever gave up all to ensure he kept his parents’ love. He sees this now; and he sees how they loved this false image of their son and not who he actually is; so he’s been trying to reverse that now–trying to stay true to himself even if it costs him. He’s finding that it’s difficult though, because it’s such a deeply ingrained pattern, but he’s working on it quite determinedly…..

      Lolollllllll the cookies! Well, Elena isn’t his girlfriend, he did turn her down by telling her that he liked “someone else” and the cookies were brought for the whole lunch table, but Elena would be lying if she didn’t admit that really she made them for him…she just tried to disguise it as being for everyone 😄 In general, even after the rejection, she was still under the impression that she could “win him over.”

      Awww, lol, thank you! I liked the picnic scene too….except for the horribly heartbreaking way it ended, lmao. But again, I already stated before that’s how it went, AND SO IT HAD TO BE DONE. EFF, LOL. With time though, definitely, their relationship would have flourished into so much more. Yes, Isaac was afraid, but gradually he WAS becoming more open about his feelings and even more open with things like talking to Augustus in front of people and the like. In the beginning he would mostly talk to Augustus outside of school, but at this point you see him going out of him to talk to him at school despite the fact that it would raise suspicions (and it did) and it would have kept going from there until finally Isaac would have taken his hand in the hallway too, consequences be damned =) ….but none of that got to happen because they were torn away from one another so suddenly.

      That situation DOES suck. OH and so the text, yeah so, his parents did indeed confiscate his phone and in the middle of the night Isaac snuck into their room and stole it back for a moment to send out that message to his friends. The message was generic as hell so that if he’d gotten caught/his parents had seen the message, there wasn’t much to be angry over necessarily. Of course he would want to tell his friends he’s moving. Nothing questionable here. And lo and behold, he was actually WAS caught so first thing in the morning they shut off service to his phone. That’s why by the time Augustus wakes up and calls him, he hears that message. The text was a last desperate attempt to get at least SOME word out, and afterward he still got in such trouble for it that he dared not pull a stunt like that again. Once again, there’s the elements of cowardice…completely understandable given the circumstances, but at the same time frustrating too.

      Haha, I know, right?! Floribel is great and she was certainly quite perceptive. She didn’t actually go so far as to suspect he was gay, but she did notice the way Isaac and Augustus interacted and began to wonder if maybe Isaac was bisexual or something, because to her there was clearly something between them. The most telling hint was the way Isaac looked at Augustus. She’d never quite seen him look at anyone else that way, and although she wasn’t sure of exactly what was going on, she was certain that there had to be something to it. She didn’t get the chance to bring it up to Isaac though before he left. However, if he had stayed, she was planning on pulling him aside privately and asking about it–not in an accusatory way, but in a genuinely curious manner. Elena, meanwhile, remained blinded by how much she liked him and was rather in denial about it all. Floribel even tried making little comments like, “Isaac sure has been hanging out with Gus a lot lately” and “They seem to get along very well, don’t they?” but Elena was so in denial that she didn’t pick up on it at all, lmao. She’d just be like “Yeah. They’re friends. And?” Hahaha. Had she not been so blinded by her crush, I think she’d have seen it too though :3

      WOW! Just noticed I wrote you an essay as a reply, but your comment made me think of a whole lot, which is fantastic! On that note, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and commenting!!! I really appreciate it and am thrilled that you liked it! I’m excited to post what comes next =D

  4. Seriously, now it’s really hard to figure out which way I want the love triangle to be resolved. It’s like, Patrick is a sweetheart, but the whole backstory with Isaac is so heartbreaking.
    You’ve done it again. Great chapter!


      Lol, in all honesty though, I thought I had everything planned out so well, and now all sorts of things are shifting and I’m no longer as certain about what the outcome will be. Both Patrick and Isaac have become so much more fully-formed than I ever planned for them to be considering this was only supposed to be a couple side-arc parts and now I’m like, “……damn,” lol. The next part too is when we dive more into Patrick’s background which is pretty much just as shitty, not gonna lie, and ahhhhhhhh the tide will shift again and what to do!?! What to do?!? Now I see how it could happen in both directions….The question is, which way will it ultimately sway?

      Thank you and thank you for reading and commenting!

  5. Oh my god I need those tissues where are they AHHHHHH! SERIOUSLY.
    Im sooo freaking mad at issac for doing that to Gus like seriously I wanna go to where ever the hell he is and demand an explanation. (Unless there is an explanation somewhere else that I haven’t read yet)
    And they where sooo close to kissing dammit! And all those scenes between them where so cute and MY HEART HURTS OMG.
    Great chapter! I seriously loved it but brb crying now.

    • *gives you a box of tissues* *pats shoulder* There, there. It’ll be okay…maybe. >.>

      Hahaha yes, so was Augustus, but he did actually recently hear the explanation in Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma III. That’s the last “present day” update I did for Augustus and Gemma. This was a flashback I wrote after that explanation came out because I wanted to tell Isaac and Gus’ backstory and why it’s such a big deal that Isaac is suddenly, 5 years later, back in his life. So you could totally just go to that link and skip to that scene, and in general the Augustus and Gemma arc stands alone enough that you could probably read Part I, Part II, and Part III as its own separate arc and you’d pretty much have the twins’ whole story with minimal spoilers.

      AND I KNOW. That almost kiss kills me!!!! I already said that it happened before I actually wrote out the scene and oh my god, it was so much more painful having to experience that in its fullest instead of just knowing that’s what’s happened. Gahhhhh =(

      Thank youuuuuuuuu. They’re so incredibly cute T_T My heart hurts too, especially when I think of where they are now ;_______; *gives more tissues* Thank you again and thank you for reading and commenting!!! ❤

  6. It felt so good to see the Winters again 🙂 I loved this and right now I can’t remember if I was rooting for Patrick or Isaac 😀 I think I would be both happy and sad with who ever Augustus chooses. Both parts were all really well written. Great job. I hope you write more sooooon 😀

    • Ahhh, thank you!!!!!!!! I get the feeling lots of people may be feeling the same way after this, hahaha. I think a lot of people will also feel both happy and sad with whoever Augustus chooses…including myself!!

      Thank you again!! I hope I have the time and inspiration to write more soon too!

  7. Oh dammit. LOL. I was really hoping I’d get to see Isaac’s point of view about everything that happened, but it’s ok, it’s not my story, LOL, which means it was done perfectly just the way you wanted it to be done. 😄

    I feel really sad for Augustus of course, and I don’t even think he’s out of line for being angry at Isaac. That’s what happens when explanations don’t get an opportunity to show themselves. The text that was sent to all Isaac’s friends that seemed robotic should have been the first sign that maybe Isaac was being controlled or something. That being said I don’t blame Augustus for any of his feelings. I can’t even imagine being on the verge of being in love with someone, them showing it back, and then them getting ripped out of your life with no explanation. It’s what the fuck, it’s how the fuck is one supposed to feel?! LOL. So I think you did a great job with that actually, Augustus’ feelings LOL cause wow, that’s just like one of the worst things anyone can ever feel.

    • Hmmm! So this flashback is from Gus’ point of view, which is why we don’t see Isaac’s, but it’s interesting you should bring that up because I’ve actually had some transitory feelings of wanting to write his point of view too, particularly at the point their paths diverge because obviously Augustus was completely kept in the dark about what was really going on, and making the switch to Isaac’s point of view would show clearly what went down and how. Two main things keep me from doing that though, 1.) Time, and 2.) ….god it’s so fucking twisted and painful. His panic, his fear…being torn away from everything he knew and strangled by an inordinately restrictive rule in which making one false move could have cost him his very family and home. And of course we only really hear about the dark side of Isaac’s parents, but the family was actually close and caring….up until the point where you discover that apparently all that love was conditional–reserved for him if and only if he was the son that they envisioned. And for a long while Isaac tried to be….until he couldn’t take it anymore. Until he realized he was putting all this energy into having them love a false image of who he was. And that’s when he finally stood up to him (when he was 18, as he says in the last update). He’s not proud of it. He has a lot of feelings of discomfort and regret around it all, but at the same time he was acting in a way that would keep him relatively safe, and it wasn’t until he got older and had more freedom that he was able to take a stand because now, well, if he gets kicked out then fuck it, he’s 18. It would have been challenging, but possible. But surprisingly, given the choice of accepting their son as he is or losing him forever, they did chose to tell him to stay now….and they’re working on the acceptance part. I’m not so confident they’ll ever get there, but….I guess it’s something. Still, I’m quite glad that Isaac is out of that home now….and so is he.

      Ah, thank you so much! That’s exactly how it was. You’re spot on! He was right there on the verge of being in love with someone and having them show it back and then suddenly had it ripped from his life with no explanation. It really is one of the worst things anyone can ever feel and even Gemma, who we all know finds most emotions silly and illogical, had to admit that everything Augustus felt was 100% understandable. In fact, she probably would have been more concerned if he wasn’t angry.

      So yeah….that’s the image Augustus has had for the past 5 years, and now Isaac is back and has told him everything he thought wasn’t true…and he doesn’t know how he feels. Doesn’t even know how he should feel. Relieved? Happy? Mostly he’s confused and doesn’t know what to do with this new information…and the fact that there does seem to be some lingering feelings for Isaac doesn’t help this situation at all. So he kind of wants to say “Okay, thanks for telling me” and then lock it all back in the past “where it belongs,” but….he did miss him. He missed what they had…he missed their friendship, and if there’s any chance that maybe he could gain even a little of that back…it may be worth attempting to navigate through this confusion and hurt. But can he gain back the friendship without the obvious non-platonic feelings that were there from the very moment they first spoke first? He thinks so, but time and distance may be leading him to underestimate just how strong that pull was from the start. And that’s where we are now.

      Thank you again sincerely for both reading and commenting!!!! I love how your comments always get me to think so deeply about the story. You help make me a better writer and I couldn’t be more grateful for it!!!!! Now to jot down some of these ideas racing in my head…..hehehe.

    • Jeez, I know right? I’ve known it was going to go this way from the very beginning, but that didn’t make it any less sad. Ughhh. My heart. This never should have happened to them ;________;

      Thank you, sincerely. As will Augustus be….as will Augustus o___o;

  8. OMG. I – clearly – have no context for this post and I will fix that soon. BUT HOLY SHIT that was good writing! I’m wounded. I’m flabbergasted. I’m… damn!

    • Oh wow, thank you so much!!!! Your comment put the biggest smile on my face, haha. Thank you sincerely and welcome to Different Winters! I hope that you continue to enjoy it ^_^;

  9. I think this is my first comment, though I’ve read it all (yours is one I try to check weekly in hopes that there are new chapters up. LOVE the story.) I do appreciate the fleshing out of the Isaac character, and am now thinking I’ll be okay no matter who Gus ends up choosing. My only hope is that Gus doesn’t cheat on Patrick. Taking time to figure out what he wants, I can totally see that.. but it’s tough for me to see Gus’ character allowing him to cheat. (And of course I’ve got a soft spot for Patrick so I don’t want to see him cheated on either. *hehe*)

    Also, completely not related to this chapter at all, but I hope Gemma gets her dream man as I like Gemma and he was possibly my favorite non-Winter character so far. ❤ (James holds my favorite Winter spot at the moment. 🙂 )

    (Also also.. assuming this will eventually swing around to Joanne's story again, I can't wait to see baby Milo grow up. All your sims are so gorgeous.)

    • I believe it is as I had to approve your comment: HI!!!!!! Thank you so much, both for reading this entire works and for taking the time to leave a comment! You check weekly?! Oh noooooo. I’m so slow with updating!! Lol. But I’m grateful that you check in anyway, just in case 🙂

      Ahhh, yay! I’m glad that you appreciated the fleshing out of Isaac’s character because as I said, I had some worries about the fact that I was going on yet another tangent, so hearing that it was welcomed and enjoyed makes me happy. Although, I’ll admit, I enjoyed writing this so much that even if people had been annoyed about it I’d be happy that I posted it anyway, haha. Just glad that it didn’t turn out that way 😄

      Hmm, that’s interesting of you to say. It is tough seeing Gus’ character allowing him to do such a thing. I think, if it happens (and obviously we hope it doesn’t!), it’ll be because he was swept up in the moment, maybe even feeling trapped and at a loss. We see this a few times, where Augustus will suddenly be so overwhelmed and at a loss for words that he just…acts. But the hope would be that, in taking the time to figure it all out, he won’t end up feeling cornered like that. In either situation though, it seems the likelihood for at least someone getting hurt is high, especially given the fact that thus far, Augustus seems quite in denial about still having feelings for Isaac. He brushes them off, occasionally mentioning that he dislikes how he acts around Isaac, but never putting into words what could be behind his behaviors. That could also pin him in a challenging situation if he doesn’t work these feelings out and instead continues not thinking about them, like so much else he pushes into the corners of his mind. So it seems the lengths that Gus’ character goes to protect and help others, and the lengths he goes not to dwell on uncomfortable thoughts, might actually be what ultimately gets him into trouble. Or not, hehe. Maybe it’ll all work out with minimal damage to the parties involved…maybe 😉 I mean we don’t even know yet what’s going on in Isaac’s head right now! Surely he’s moved on…just like Augustus has said he’s moved on? I guess we’ll see 😉

      You’ve got a love for Oliver, eh? Hahaha. I do love him as well ^_^ He was also one of those characters who grew on me unexpectedly and became much more than I’d originally planned. Whether Gemma wins his affections though I guess we’ll have to see. Right now it doesn’t look so good as he’s never expressed even a shred of interest in her, which keeps her from confessing her own feelings, but we’ll see, we’ll see 😄

      YESSSS. This will eventually swing around to Joanne’s story again! Actually my current plan is to do one more Gemma and Augustus special, where it sorts of leaves off with the current semester ending and holiday break starting, and then I’ll switch back to Joanne where we’ll see a cross of sorts since presumably all the Winters would return for the holidays. I’m rather looking forward to it 🙂 In fact, if I can get that crossover to coincide with the actual holidays (a Joanne post sometime in December) that would AMAZING. It all depends on school work and how long it’ll take me to write the next Augustus and Gemma installment. I’m eager to see Milo grown up too!!! Thank you, and thank you again for reading and commenting. I appreciate it more than I can properly express! Hopefully the next updates won’t disappoint ^_^;

  10. Continuing onnn~

    Scene 6. I really wish that girl would stop feeding Isacc. LOL I always just want to slap the food away 😄 Maybe it’s because I can’t stand being fed.. Idk. Anyways. Gus is so sweet ;-; all the things he wishes he could do with Isaac ❤ bahaha I liked their examples on the excuses they'd use to get out of class.. The chameleon eating his homework 😄 YESSS! In my last comment, I wanted them to makeout in the janitors closet and Isaac pushed him into one! ahhhhh hgjdgks *sits and waits for them to kiss* :3 when I first saw the picture of their feet, I thought they did kiss, but then I just saw them hug.. Oh well, a hug is still cute and sweet and I love it ;~; omg he called Gus cute. *melts* and then he kissed his cheek?? *is now a puddle of mush on the floor* awww and then how Gus is super happy now makes me happy too ❤

    Scene 7. Omg? The first scenery picture is so pretty *o* Aww, I really do love their little conversations to one another, the little banter and stuff. It's always so very subtly flirty but yet not, at the same time? idk. It's just cute. Gus says how important Isaac is to him? *sobs* Aw, it sucks that Gus' family feels that way about Joanne, but all in all, it's not hard to think those types of things when she never visits and such. Aww, the casual hand-hold T_T they're so sweet to one another, i cant take this. LOL then the hand squeezes??? my heart ;~; Hahaha I loved how they ran on the dock into the water, and how Isaac said "i'll stay by your side". It's just cute. Cute cute cuteee ❤ Then out os nowhere Isaac says Gus is important to him to?? ;A; all's I'm doing is sobbing quietly as I read these chapters lmao
    Omg.. This is it.. The kiss.. *shakes*
    Are you kidding me LOL ISAAC. WHATS WRONG WITH YOUUUU AHHHHHfjdkshagk Poor Gus is so embarrassed ;A; *cuddles him, pets his hair* Then the parents call and he has to suddenly leave? ughhhhh nooooo.. *lies on floor dead*

    Scene 8~ Ugh.. Complete silence after something like that is so heartbreaking. All I want them to do is talk it out, but I feel like it won't happen.. Isaac's not going to call, even though he said he would.. U_U I like Gemma. I feel like she's the voice of reason and really, really helps Gus and helps bring him back to reality instead of letting Gus beat himself up.

    Scene 9- Wha.. What?? Isaac isn't there? ;~; Oh nooo, now Gus is starting to think again that Isaac might be avoiding him.. I hope that's not the case. Smart of him to ask Elena and Floribel about Isaac, but it sucks that they don't know anything either! ahhhhgfsf but, finally a text! But it was just more sad news that breaks my hearttttt ;A;;;;

    Scene X~ That's so crazy how they just completely upped and left.. And there's no way Isaac can at least call him?? T_T I hate how Gus is beating himself up over this, too.. It's not his fault that Isaac moved out of the blue, nor is it that he let himself have feelings for him. You can't help who you love. Ugh, I got teary eyed when Gus finally broke down and started crying.. I feel so so bad for him and I just want him to go back to being happy ;~;

    LISSAAAAAAA *shakes you* WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?? *rolls away crying*

    • LOLLLLLLL. Elena super loves to cook and bake, but her greatest enjoyment of it is having people try her food, so of course she would want to feed the guy she’s head over heels for, hahahaha. But nooooooo stopppppppp. He’s just not into you!!!! At this point he’s even told her that he likes someone else, but Elena is still sort of holding out hope that maybe she’ll win him over. Sigh, lol.

      Hehe yessss. Isn’t he? So many wants, but he’s still like, so genuinely happy with what he has because he adores Isaac just that much? *CRIES* Lolol yes the chameleon! But paper would hurt him 😄 Lmao. I KNOWWWWW I grinned so hard when you mentioned the janitor’s closet because I was thinking of this scene. Not a kiss on the lips, but…a kiss nonetheless?!?! Ahhhh!!!! I’m as bubbly and fluttery as Augustus in this scene ^_^

      Ooooh, thank you! Pictures are so hard *cries* So I’m glad you think they look pretty ^_^ Hehe yesss. Writing conversations between them really is my favorite…that subtle flirty-ness, but it’s all technically innocent and it just flows so well and hfkjsafhkds. So important to him!! What would Gus’ life be without all the happiness that Isaac has brought him!?!

      Ah, I know, Joanne =/ But as you said it’s hard not to think those things types of things when she never visits. They knew nothing of what was going on with her, so what exactly were they supposed to think? =/

      They’re very, very sweet to one another. Honestly, writing them feels really therapeutic and healing sometimes because they are just so genuinely kind to and supportive of one another, and I dunno….I feel like that’s sadly pretty rare.

      Cuteness galore!! Thank youuuuuuuuu. I’m so glad you love them so much, hahaha. So, so important to one anotherrrrrrrr <3333333

      Uh oh….reached THAT infamous scene. Umm…..*chuckles nervously* Ummm, I mean, there’s like…good reason for it….but um….Gus never gets to find out? *flinches* But he will later! Like….much….much…. *coughs* five years *coughs* later…….Umm…*puts a blanket over your body and flees* LMAO. No, but really, oh my god, I know right? I was cringing right along with Augustus when I wrote this scene. I STILL cringe when I re-read it. Gahhhhhhhhhh. The worst! The worst!

      Gemma is often a voice of reason, but she sometimes comes across too harshly for people to listen. Augustus gets his sister though and knows where she’s coming from, so usually he can see through to her words, even if he has trouble believing them sometimes. But even just that moment of doubt is enough to keep him from sinking too much into despair. Gemma is so important .>

      Thank you again so much for reading and commenting. It means more to me than ever and just, ugh, THANK YOU. You’re amazing and your comments were perfect! ❤

  11. Yeah, I’m back and I’ve skimmed some of your replies to people and I don’t care I want ISAAC!! ::whines and throws things::

    But really, I just want everyone to be happy. That’s all.

    • Well hello agai–AHH! *dodges a flying book* Hey, I mean there will definitely be more Isaac…in what context remains to be seen but—OH MY *dodges a flying television* YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT ALONE LOTS OF OTHERS LOVE ISAAC TOO AND IT’S NOT YET OUT OF THE REALM OF POSSIBILITIES!

      ….everyone being happy though? Ah, well, at least for a while, that one probably IS an impossibility *creates a pillow fort to protect myself* >.> Lmao.

      But ah no really, one way or another, it’ll all work out….kind of 😄 ❤

      Thank you for dropping by!! ^_^; Hehe.

  12. I’m sore torn now. I thought I’d forever be team Isaac yet I can’t help but feel if he really wanted Gus he would have made it known and not left Gus guessing. I understand a lot of that was his parents doing and Isaacs own confusion and not wanting to disappoint his family. Ugh why did you do this to me? I love Isaac! I want Isaac to be with Gus! Yet I have this little kernel of doubt I didn’t have before. Maybe I waited too long to read this….mostly I hate the idea of liking someone but it has to be kept a secret. That’s what this felt like to me. I felt so bad for Gus because he deserved so much better. That almost kiss and Gus’s feelings afterwards not knowing why Isaac stepped away from him then Isaac leaving just broke my heart. I wish Isaac had tried harder to reach Gus and explain things instead of waiting. Basically if they had never ran into each other Gus would never have known and that lies on Isaacs shoulders. That last line is exactly how I feel what were they?
    Side point unrelated to Isaac it was interesting to see Johanna from the perspective of her brother. It’s sad that he felt so disconnected from her and from his pov she didn’t seem to care. That’s truly sad 😔

    • ARE YOU IN MY HEAD??? Or rather, ARE YOU IN GEMMA’S HEAD?????? Literally, and I don’t think it’s too spoilery to say so, Gemma is going to bring up some eerily similar points in the next chapter when she finds out Augustus and Isaac’s paths have crossed once more. And actually it’s funny because as I was writing it I was totally thinking “How has no one brought any of this up yet?” AND NOW HERE YOU ARE. Completely valid points! So valid, in fact, that Augustus will leave the conversation wondering the exact same thing: “Why didn’t he try harder?” It would have been so much better if Isaac had managed to get some kind of word to him what happened, so Augustus wasn’t left feeling so utterly betrayed and lost. He was left to feel that maybe he had never mattered all that much to Isaac after all, and given everything they’d shared and said that not only made little sense, but also hurt more than even Augustus cares to admit. Isaac should have tried harder. So, why didn’t he? This point will also come up in a much needed conversation between Augustus and Isaac, but it won’t happen in the next update unfortunately. Suffice it to say though that it will, and then we’ll see where your feelings lie after hearing Isaac’s defense 😉 Maybe it’ll switch you to Team Patrick, or maybe it will have you fully hoping once more that Augustus will be with Isaac 🙂 Either way it’s fun to look forward to, yes!? I’m probably just as excited since I haven’t solidified the choice myself either lol. I have both options mapped out….I’m hoping the right direction will become clearer to me as I continue to write!!

      And ahh, yeah, definitely, and perhaps not entirely unrelated to Isaac actually seeing as Augustus came to very similar conclusions about both Joanne and Isaac: They must not have cared all that much. Truly sad indeed, especially because in both cases he was wrong. They both cared deeply, but their reasons for not getting in touch are different. Still, it doesn’t change that this was how Augustus was left to feel :/ No wonder he has issues fully trusting…..

      Thank you sincerely for reading and commenting!!! I love that you’re already thinking about points that are going to be brought up in future chapters and I love hearing your take on it! We’ll see how/if your feelings change as more of the story unfolds, hehe. Thank you again! ❤

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