Different Winters:
A Differences in the Family Tree
Challenge Story


Generation One: Farmer

New Beginnings
Butterfly Friends
Such Great Heights
Sweet Baby
When the Bough Breaks
The Cradle Will Fall
Beauty in the Breakdown
Building Castles Out of Cake
As the Sun Sets, the Moon Rises


Generation Two: Business

A Little Bit of Magic
Broken Hearts Tessellate Tonight
Things Fall Apart
One Thousand Paper Cranes
Getting Down With Your Bad Self
As Easy as Breathing
The Unexpected
A Nightmare You Can’t Wake Up From
Give and Take
Babies, Brokers, and Birthdays
Life and Love
I Should Tell You
It All Ends Here


Generation Three: Adventurer

Surprise, Surprise
Decadent Decline
Etched in Sand
Cherry Blossom
Est-ce L’amour?
Like Fire
Inter Spem Et Metum
Between Hope and Fear
Shattered Bliss
Spinning Out of Control
Wish I Could [Save You]
Losing You
Gray Skies
Perfect [Good Enough]
An Adventure Worthwhile


Generation Four: Writer

The Favorite
Fractured Pieces
Foreseen and Unforeseen
Fading Fast
So Hard to Say Goodbye
The Fault Lies With Me
For a Reason
Falling Hard
I Just Can’t
Falling Into Place
Loose Ends
Not a Perfect Man


 Generation Five: Musician (Singer)
Note: Joanne Winters is the heiress for this generation, but her half-siblings Augustus and Gemma also have mini-story arcs, which are included in the “Generation 5 Specials.” They are intended to be read with the story in the order they were posted ♥

New Soul
We Are Broken
Already Gone
The Fear
Hope for the Hopeless
Who You Are
Good For Me
Beauty From Pain (Pt. 1)
Beauty From Pain (Pt. 2)
Four Walls
Little Light
The Bat and the Cave
Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma I
All I’ve Ever Needed
Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma II
Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma III
Generation 5 Special: So, What Are We Now? (Pt. 1 of 2)
Generation 5 Special: So, What Are We Now? (Pt. 2 of 2)
Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma IV (Pt. 1 of 2)
Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma IV (Pt. 2 of 2)
In My Arms (Pt. 1 of 2)
In My Arms (Pt. 2 of 2)


7 thoughts on “Chapters”

  1. Wow. Just finished reading it all. I love how you put so much….whats the word I’m looking for….LIFE into the characters. Even made me want to buy and download TS3. You’re a great writer. Don’t stop the story now…! :DD

    1. Thank you so much!!

      And haha, The Sims 3 is great! Just make sure you buy it at a time when you can afford getting addicted to something….you know, just in case XD

      I’m not stopping it : ) It just takes a while longer for me to get updates out now >.< Hopefully the next chapter will be up in a week or so though ^_^

      Again, thanks!

  2. I just realized our Sims have the same last name and actually your heiress for Generation 3 has the same name as me lol. I can’t wait to start reading. It looks so interesting!

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