Chapter 1.1: New Beginnings

So here we go! Chapter one of the first generation! I’m excited. Are you excited? I hope so! At least a little? Heh. As you’ll see I took a somewhat different approach with this first character, but I like her and I hope you will too ^_^ Now, without further blathering, I present to you, chapter one.


I could hardly breathe once the taxi dropped me off at my new home. This place was so…perfect. For me at least. It was beautiful, peaceful, and best of all, far away from the smog and chaos of Bridgeport, where I had lived my entire life thus far. I hated it there. I really did. I mean, not everything there was terrible- I did like my family and there was certainly never a dull moment, but you just couldn’t ever escape it.

Sometimes, I would go to the Butterfly Esplanade, stand right in the middle of it, and close my eyes, imagining that I was in a place far, far away from Bridgeport. I’d really feel like I was too, that is, until I opened my eyes. Then I would see the massive glass dome surrounding me and the fakeness of it all would hit me like a pack of llamas. I knew that as soon as I turned 18, I would leave- and that’s exactly what I did.

So now here I was, Aubrey Winters, a young adult now and in Neverglade, ready to start a whole new life. I already knew what I wanted to do- I wanted to grow a perfect little garden and live off my profits, have a family, and live a simple life. In Bridgeport, despite all the city chaos, my family had always maintained a small garden in the backyard. It had been there for years. I think it dated back to my grandparent’s time, when they lived on a massive farm in Riverview, but when a terrible drought hit the area, they were forced to leave and moved to the city where there were still jobs available. They missed it though. Farming. So they planted that small garden as a memoir. I had always been captivated by that story and the one time I felt completely happy in Bridgeport was when I was gardening- so of course I was going to make that my life.

As I reminisced, I closed my eyes, breathing in the sweet air of Neverglade and letting myself completely forget Bridgeport. And this time, when I opened my eyes- everything was real.

First thing was first though- as lovely as this tract of land was, I needed a home, so I immediately hired a small construction crew and got to work. I spent my days on the lot, telling the workers what I wanted and helping out where I could- despite my appearance, I wasn’t a girly girl. In fact, I got pretty ticked off when people underestimated me. Actually, I kind of got ticked off a lot. I guess you could say I have a bit of a temper. Oh, and my mom always went on about how childish I acted, but whatever. I figured I was just bitter because I didn’t like it there. In Bridgeport I mean. Perhaps here I could really start anew….

Man, I go off tangents a lot. Where was I? Ah yes, my days were spent on the lot helping out and my nights were spent at a small hotel in town. I would have rather stayed on my lot, but unless I wanted to sleep on a plank of wood that wasn’t exactly an option. One day though, finally, I arrived at the lot to find my first home completed. I didn’t have much money, so I hadn’t been able to afford to do much with it, but I didn’t care. This was my home and I loved it.

Unfortunately though, building this home pretty much took everything I had, so I had to get earning money- and fast. That’s when I planted my first seeds. You’ll probably think I’m weird for saying this, but there is no greater feeling than getting your hands in the soil and making life spring from it. It was such an incredible process. That is, the radical transformation these tiny little seeds would make. And I would make sure it happened. I kind of had a knack for gardening. Maybe it was all that time I spent outside in the garden back home, or maybe it was just in my blood, but regardless I could make any plant thrive.

And so I did. One morning when I got up to tend the garden, I noticed that the first signs of life had begun to sprout in my little garden. I was so excited that I immediately took a taxi to City Hall where I registered myself as a self-employed gardener. Now everyone would know who to come to if they needed any produce. Finally, my dreams were starting to come true!

As the days went by my plants grew more and more under my care. Everyday I weeded them, watered them, and even talked to them sometimes, partly because I hadn’t met anyone else yet and partly because I knew it would help them thrive. Soon enough I even had my first harvest to sell. I quickly, but carefully, harvested all my crops, put them neatly in a box, and headed to the grocery store, which I had heard was always looking for fresh produce to buy.

Luckily, what I had heard was true! The supermarket was thrilled to have locally grown produce to sell (probably because they could sell it for more since organic foods were in such high demand) and paid me a fair amount for my product- 171 simoleons!  Okay, so it wasn’t all that much, but still, I was happy.

“Woooo!” I cried out as soon as I left the store. “I just got some money, I just got some money, I just got some moneyyyyy, for my awesome crops!” I sang.

“….did you just sing that to the tune of Freezer Bunny’s Clues?” a voice asked from somewhere to my left, sounding incredulous, but bemused.

“What?” I asked, turning in the direction of the voice and feeling horribly embarrassed. Deny it, deny it all! “No, of course not. I’m not a little kid you know!” I harrumphed, putting my hands on my hips.

“No, of course not. Now where did your parents run off to?” he responded with a grin, putting his hands on his hips in what I realized was a ridiculous impersonation of me.

“Hey, what gives you the right to talk to me like that? You don’t even know me!”

“I doubt your parents would approve of that attitude,” the man tutted, shaking his head.

I clenched my fists angrily. Seriously, who WAS this guy? Who the hell just randomly mocks someone on the street, especially when they’re so clearly happy? This guy was irritating the crap out of me. And you know what? I DID have a bad temper and I was going to let him have it!

Before I could open my mouth though the young man laughed, shaking his head. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, relax. I just thought I’d break the ice. You’re new around here, aren’t you?”

I narrowed my eyes at the man for a second, considering him. What a stupid way to break the ice. Instead of using an ice pick he had thrown a reindeer. WHO DOES THAT? I was about to yell at him anyway, but a tiny voice that sounded annoyingly like my mother’s chimed into my head: “Hey, hey…it’s okay. He’s just introducing himself.” Sigh. Thanks, ghostly mom voice. I mean conscience.

“Err…yeah,” I said, forcing a bit of a smile. “Um…I’m A-A-Aubrey, Aubrey Winters.”

Ugh, now that I wasn’t angry, I suddenly felt so nervous and awkward. Did I mention that I’m horribly and painfully shy? Yeah…you probably wouldn’t know it after I just described that outburst to you…but I am. I’m good with people who are close to me…and I’m evidently pretty good when I lose my temper, but any other time meeting new people made my stomach churn, my palms sweaty, and my heart beating all erratically. It was awful.

“Suddenly so shy,” he commented, seemingly amused. “I’m Noah. Noah Danes.” He shot me a dashing grin. You know, one of those smoldering you-know-you-want-me grins. Wowwwwww. Who did this guy think he was?

“Cool,” I said stupidly. Cool? COOL!? ARGHARHGARGH. I was going to kick myself!!!  Or maybe him because he was still looking at me with that stupid grin on his face!!!! ….okay, okay, temper check. Maturity check. Deep breath. You are a grown woman now. “Nice to meet you,” I added politely. Sigh.

“And you. So…you like butterflies, I see,” Noah commented, shifting awkwardly and clearly struggling to find something to talk about. Hrmm. Now he seemed to be the nervous one. Wait, what was I talking about? Now it seemed we were BOTH nervous.


“I like fish. I mean I like to fish, you know,” he said, stumbling over his words at first, but immediately perking up at the mention of fishing. Apparently the very thought of it brought him great joy, which was fine. I guess?

“Oh, yeah, that’s fun. I’ve gone a few times. I just like, you know, being outdoors.”

“Me too.”

“Cool,” I murmured, averting my gaze.


Oh my gosh, I was about to scream from the awkwardness. My cheeks were burning and my heart was beating so fast I was pretty sure it was going to explode or something. I needed to get away…now.

“You just can’t take this, can you?” Noah suddenly teased, seeming to regain some of his confidence as he shot me another grin.

“WHAT?” I asked, angrily. “What kind of comment is that!? Does that actually win you women? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” I exploded, my shyness suddenly gone once again now that I was ticked off.

“I’m just kidding around! Good God, are you nuts?” Noah asked, looking alarmed.

“Urgh! You are so rude!” I said, clenching my fists and stomping my foot.

“And you need anger management classes!”

“OH YEAH! Well you-” I began, but stopped as I suddenly realized what I was doing. Why was I getting so worked up over this? I needed to calm down. I was an adult now. Young, yes, but still an adult. My mom was right. I was childish. “Never mind,” I mumbled. “I have to go. It’s getting kind of late.”

Noah looked surprised at the sudden change in tone. “Oh. Yeah. Okay.”

“Bye Aubrey….”

I turned away and gave him a little wave before setting off. Or rather, running off as fast as I could in the direction of my safe, quiet home. Great. The first person around my age that I met and I acted like a total spaz in front of him. I felt like such an idiot. Then again, he really was annoying. Ridiculously cute, yes, but annoying because he knew it. Ugh. Those kinds of people drove me nuts.

That night, it took me a while to get to sleep. I was so horribly embarrassed by the way I had acted. What was it about him that got me so mad anyway? …what was it about me? I wiped a tear angrily from my eye and turned on my side.

He might have been irritating and I might have made a complete fool of myself…but I realized that he was the first person I had really talked to since arriving in Neverglade. The thought made me feel incredibly lonely.

Sniffling, I hugged my pillow and tried desperately not to think of my house in Bridgeport. This was home now and besides my social life, everything was wonderful. It would get better. I was just new. Everything would be okay.

With that reassuring thought, I finally drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow was a new day, after all.


AN: So what did you think? Like it? Love it? Dislike it? Let me know! Constructive criticism is always appreciated ^_^ As I said, I went for something a little different with this first character, making her childish and hot-headed and seeing where it went from there. She’s certainly interesting, I’ll say that XD One minute she’s all shy in my game and the next she sneaking up behind people and scaring them. *shakes head* Keeps it fun though =) ANYWAY, blathering on just like Aubrey does, thank you so much for reading and I hope to have the next chapter up in a week, week and a half or so!! *fingers crossed*


60 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1: New Beginnings”

  1. It’s pretty interesting. I like the childish shy hot headedness she has. Makes her fun. And I really hope Aubry and Noah end up together. It would be fun to see that relationship spark.

    1. Orange!!!!! I love your Tragedy legacy!!! I’m always on the look out for updates ^_^ It’s so awesome to know you read mine =O Thank you ^_^;; [/fangirl] lol

      And thanks! I really like playing her. Sometimes my sims just don’t really seem to show their traits, or they only show one, but she’s always yelling at people, wanting to play tag or go into the sprinklers, AND does the little shy interaction whenever a new person walks along, lol. It’s fun =D And we’ll see about Aubrey and Noah, hehe 😉

  2. I liked the start, it was very nice. I also liked the llam referance at the begining, seemed like somthing that Maxis/EA (whatever it is) would do. Her appearance really does shout shy for some reason.
    The only advice I can give is to use the cheat “hideheadlineeffects on” to remove the plumbob/speechbubbles/skill meeters. It really does help for photos. Anywho cant wait to see more

    1. Thank you! And yeah…I think I will do that next time. I kept having to chop off the very tops of their heads to hide the speech bubbles…I forgot there was a cheat to get rid of those *facepalm* Thanks, lol.

  3. “What a stupid way to break the ice. Instead of using an ice pick he had thrown a reindeer. ” LOL!
    This was great! I love your writing style and Aubrey’s background. She sure is a character! I love her banter with Noah and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

  4. I really enjoyed the beginning! Your foundress reminds me of myself…not so much the childish stuff, but the shy and hot-headed combo. I tend to take life and other people WAY too seriously and generally want to run when in those awkward face to face conversations!!

    Also LOL at the same line Styx mentioned…you really have a way with words…can’t wait to read more!

  5. I’m new, coming to this a bit late. I loved this first chapter. Great way to introduce traits. I liked the interaction between her and Noah. He’s cute, so I hope he sticks around.

  6. I love it!
    The founder is so cute in a unique way, you know? And what an awesome personality. I love DITFT legacies<3
    Hahahaha I totally cracked up at the awkwardness w/ Noah 😉 I have a feeling they're gonna end up together. Adorableness!
    Love the beginning and off to read more!
    x carolina

  7. I’m newww. 😀 Hi! I’m coming to this kind of late, but hey, I’ll catch up. 😀 Styx mentioned you and so I decided to come and investigate your legacy and wow! I’m glad I did. 😀 😀

    I love Aubrey already! She has such an amazing personality and such a strong voice!! It made me laugh out loud at some points as well. 🙂

    Noah’s cute, too!

    *will shut up now* Don’t mind me, I’m just going to catch up on your legacy now. ^_^

    1. Welcome!! It’s not all that late really- only the second generation =D It’s great to have you and I’m so glad that you like my story! ^_^ Styx mentioned you too, so I’ll have to do some catching up on yours as well!

      1. Hehe, I guess not. Still, good use for a couple of hours of my time. ^^ I really enjoyed it! ^^

        And I’m only on the second generation too, so we’re in the same boat. Though you got there quicker than me! 😉

  8. I’m extremely late coming to this but gosh, I absolutely loved your first chapter! Aubrey is so unlike any founder I’ve ever read about and that makes me very eager to see where her story and her life will go. The interactions with Noah were just so hilarious, I was cracking up the whole time! Excellent job!

    *runs off to read the next chapter*

  9. ERG Blogs like this make me jealous 😛 It makes my Legacy look cruddy :/ ugh, but so far i LOVE this! But is still don’t know what a DIFT challenge is (or what ever its called, you know what I mean 😛 )

  10. Just read the first chapter. BTW: My aunt is OPB. I was randomly asking her if I could read any other blogs. I found this one and asked her if I can [answer: yes] and Aubrey REALLY reminds me of my sister [forgot her username] Anyway, I know how its probably gonna end up: Audrey and Noah get married eventually. Remember to read my blog: This blog so far has a lot of potential, though.

  11. This is great! Had your story recommended to me by a few people, and I love it so far. What a wonderful, real founder you have created! I love her temper, and her awkwardness, but I have to ask–why did you spy on my interactions with people? 😀 She is great, can’t wait to read more.

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my story! I’m so glad you did because I found yours as well! How have I not seen this before? It’s super cute and I love Aubrey so far, and look so forward to reading more! I love that you are several generations in so I wont have to wait for new chapters to come out! 🙂

    1. Haha, that’s exactly how I felt when I found yours: “How did I not see this before!?” I’m really glad you like it so far and hope you’ll continue to enjoy it ^_^ I find that the tone begins to change the further you get into the generations, but hopefully you’ll still like it! 🙂

  13. Only just started playing the sims after a really long hiatus. I’ve always wanted to do a blog story for mine, but have been really intimidated. Reading yours is giving me some inspiration, though! Aubrey seems like a handful. I love sims like that.

    1. Creating a blog story can be intimidating, but I find the best thing to do is to just take the leap and see how it goes! You never know until you try it 🙂

      Aubrey is definitely a handful, lol. She was a ton of fun to play!

      Also, welcome ❤ I love to see new faces here and thank you for the comment!

  14. Thanks for following the Mendozas 🙂 Can’t believe I never found your story before! I love Aubery, she’s refreshingly different.
    I would love to write a proper story like this, I don’t think I have the patience XD

    1. Oh, no problem! I’m actually in the midst of catching up on it and it’s given me more than a few laughs! ^_^

      Thanks! That was definitely the goal with my founder. I know that founders often fit one personality type or another, so I really just tried to go for something a little more out there so as to be at least somewhat unique, haha.

      Not gonna lie…it does take a lot of patience XD However, since I enjoy it so much it ends up being worth it!

      Thank you again and welcome to Different Winters! I hope you continue to enjoy it ^_^

  15. Hello! I thought I’d skip on over to your story now that I have some free time and I’m mostly caught up on other stories. Plus I wanted to read yours too, since you have left me such kind comments on my story. 🙂

    Now about the chapter. Heehee.
    Aubrey certainly is a cute girl, I love her glasses. She seems to be really defensive, LOL, it was funny when she kept randomly getting upset with Noah, almost like she didn’t really understand how to joke around with someone she didn’t know. I like your interpretation of the hot-headed trait.
    I felt sad for her when she was crying angry tears as she was going to sleep. Poor girl, LOL, she just needs to figure out that people aren’t picking on her when they ask her things. At least I don’t think Noah was trying to be mean. XD

    Great start, and I will be reading when I can, in between real life and writing my own story. 🙂

    1. Haha, she is definitely defensive! Plus, it doesn’t help that in addition to her hot-headed trait, she has the childish trait, which often leads her to behaving and reacting to situations in less than ideal ways, lol.

      Noah was teasing her, but you’re right, he wasn’t doing it a mean way XD He’s just a bit of a jokester. I’m pretty certain he has the “good sense of humor” trait, although it’s been years since I wrote this generation so I’d probably have to go back and look to be 100% sure. On that note, gosh I can’t believe it’s been so long, lol. I admit, when I go back I kind of cringe sometimes, as the style of my blog has changed sooooo much this first generation, but ah well, it is what it is! Hopefully you’ll still enjoy it! ^_^;

      Thanks so much for taking a look! I look forward to seeing what you think 🙂

  16. Wow, 2011! You have been at this challenge for quite some time. I guess comments on the early chapters feel a bit out of place 4 years later, but still. 🙂 This DITFT challenge seems pretty similar to the EPIC, isn’t it? At least in the beginning? Anyway, yours is the first I read so I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. Aubrey is a sweetheart, albeit an angry one, haha. I hope her temper doesn’t get the better of her! I loved that background story about the drought and her grandparents’ city garden. Made me want to jump on the bandwagon and move to the country myself!

    1. Haha, a bit out of place maybe, but certainly no less welcomed!

      I’m not actually super familiar with the EPIC challenge, but I think you’re right in that they begin in similar ways. After that though I think they diverge quite a bit because this challenge is focused primarily on each generation being “different” from the last. So it starts out with farming, then business, then adventuring, etc etc etc and there are objectives to fulfill in each one.

      LOL Aubrey is an angry sweetheart isn’t she? That’s a perfect way to describe her.

      Thank you! I know right? It makes a farming life sound so appealing, hehe.

  17. I’ve been looking for ongoing legacies to binge read and I’m exicited that I found yours! I like Aubrey (and her starter house- it’s so quaint and lovely), she seems independent, a bit easily angered, but with good intentions. I cannot wait to read more. 🙂

    1. Ahh!! A new reader! *throws confetti and presses a button to make multi-colored balloons fall from the ceiling* Welcome!! Aren’t binge reads just the best? 😉 I’m very excited to have you aboard and I’m glad that you already find yourself liking Aubrey ^_^ She was definitely an entertaining character to write–especially since she’s so easily angered XD Hope that you continue to enjoy!

  18. So, now that i found you, i added you to my list. This first episode was hilarious 😀
    “Does that actually win you women?” – This was brilliant! I see you are well ahead in the story so I’ll try to catch up soon

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m glad that you found it funny XD

      The first generation or two are definitely more on the humorous and light-hearted side of things, but they gradually grow a bit darker and I think my writing style changes quite a bit. That’s probably to be expected considering the 4 year gap between this generation and the current one, but hopefully you’ll end up liking both styles 🙂

      Take your time and welcome to Different Winters! I do hope that you enjoy it ❤

    1. Hehe, thanks! Yes, you have plenty to catch up on 🙂 The best part of that is not having to wait to find out what happens next!

      Welcome to Different Winters and thanks for reading and following!

  19. What a fun start! I love Aubrey so far, and I love how we can guess the traits you gave her without you clearly stating them out.
    I’ve actually been meaning to read your story for a long time, but somehow I keep forgetting how I found it the first time! But now I’ve found it again (and saved it) and I have five generations worth of reading material!

    1. Thank you! Aubrey is definitely a dynamic character with some very strong (and interesting) traits XD

      I’m happy that you came across Different Winters again and that you decided to give it a try 🙂 I know that there are some bumps in the first generation or two, but hopefully they won’t be too off-putting as you work your way through the chapters =)

      Thank you for reading and commenting and I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy this! ^_^ Oh and of course, WELCOME!! (*^▽^*)~♪

  20. Hi!
    Just found your legacy (through Simsered) and I can’t believe you’ve stuck with it for so long! I have a lot to catch up on lol. Five generations… good job to you.
    I really like Aubrey’s character. It’s very unique and funny and quite cute! She made me laugh with that conversation with Noah. I look foward to seeing what happens with them next.
    I’ll probably spend this night reading my way through your legacy (I’m quite a fast reader). I am excited to see what stories will unfold!

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it for so long either, XD. I do/have disappeared for months at a time (and once even over a year!) though, so perhaps that helps, lmao. Still, I do find that I somehow always come back to it o_o

      I’m glad that you like Aubrey! She was a really fun character to write, hehe. I get a little embarrassed looking back at this first generation, but at least I can still say that I liked Aubrey’s personality, hahaha XD

      Welcome to Different Winters and I hope that you enjoy it!!! Thank you for reading and commenting! ^_^;

    1. Ah, thank you so much! She was definitely a fun character to start out with, which I think helped me get so invested in her story and the stories of her descendants.

      Thank you so much for commenting and welcome to Different Winters!! I hope you continue to enjoy it ^_^

  21. Uhh don’t mind me. Just gonna be going through trying to figure out where the heck I left off and refreshing my memory a bit. Anyways…
    Ahh Noah and Aubrey. What a great start haha.

    1. Lmao, no worries! I don’t mind in the slightest ^_^ ❤

      And hahaha, aw, I'm glad you think so! Certain parts of this generation really make me cringe, but….at least I did like the starting duo XD

  22. Aha! Told you I’d be here eventually. (LegendofSim since I think my name still shows up as ThePartySim) Finally made it! This is so cute. I love the stream of consciousness. I found myself smiling like an idiot while reading this. I can tell that Aubrey will be a fun narrator. Now to catch up on, what was it, five generations!? xD

    1. Hello!!!!! *waves frantically* WELCOME!!

      Thank you so muchhhh, haha. Aubrey is definitely a fun narrator. There’s been no one quite like her since 😉 Definitely one of a kind in the best way.

      And yes, lmao, five generations, but I update at the pace of a snail lately, so there’s actually a good chance you’ll be all caught up by the time I even release another chapter! =O

      Anyway, lol, welcome again and I hope to continue to enjoy Different Winters! ❤

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