Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma II

Generation 5 Special- Augustus and Gemma II


Gah!! I know explanations aren’t necessary, but if you weren’t already aware this long hiatus has been due to the combination of a complete lack of inspiration and a ton of schoolwork. However, I will say that in the past month the main reason for my absence has been that I’M WRITING. I mean writing like crazy too, to the point where I have material stacked up to be photographed and posted—oh my goodness!

So, not only is there this update, but also an Augustus and Gemma III just around the bend. Then I have the outlines for more Augustus and Gemma parts, but probably after a Joanne update. I’m not sure yet….it might be Augustus and Gemma II, III, IV and THEN Joanne actually. I don’t know…they cross over at some point so it’ll need to coordinate with the intersection. I’ve got all the story boards outlined though and there’s currently 3 more chapters for Joanne and then her epilogue and like 7 parts (I’m really trying to condense this) for Augustus and Gemma and then possibly their epilogues?

I KNOW I HAVE LOST MY MIND!!!! It’s just, I’ve had the twins’ stories in mind ever since I wrote Chapter 5.5 and I recently got SO much inspiration to write them and I don’t know I’m really excited about this and I think you will be too once you start reading but I DON’T KNOWWWW. PLEASE ENCOURAGE MY INSANITY. I practically have three heirs now and right at the end of the generation wtf, help.

*coughs* So yeah, this installment takes place after Chapter 5.20—Milo was born at the end of July and it is now the last week of November in Gemma and Augustus’ junior year of college. You don’t technically need to be caught up to read this, but make sure you’ve at least read “Generation 5 Special: Augustus and Gemma I.”Oh and if their house on campus looks different it’s because it is—they aren’t living in the same one anymore!

Anyway, I’m really excited to hear from you all—it’s been far frickin’ too long and I miss everyone to a million pieces, seriously!!! The vast majority of my friends in life are the ones I talk to through my computer screen and that means YOU. Happy reading and I sincerely hope you enjoy! ^_^;



Screenshot-973 Screenshot-966

Gemma Winters looked from one monitor to the next, her sluggishly moving brain vaguely trying to derive meaning from the endless lines of data before her. Whenever she thought she had happened upon a significant connection though, the idea disappeared like a balloon whose string had been severed.

It was exhaustively disheartening, for all she wanted was to be a gleaming marble that could tip scales in the direction of enlightenment, especially because she felt that her cleverness was her primary (and perhaps only) source of worth. This self-deprecating mentality did nothing to fuel her inspiration though, so she stopped to close her eyes for a moment, taking deep, quiet breaths as she pushed the toxic thought from her mind. She hoped that doing so would help, but still instead of crisp light beginning to shine through the fog of her mind there was only untethered balloons.

“Gemma,” an uncomfortably familiar voice called. She opened her eyes, mentally bracing herself before turning around.


“Yes, Dr. Saint?”

“Hey—sorry to interrupt. I wanted to give you the heads up that the lab’s going to close early tomorrow.”

The curly-haired brunette was so startled by this announcement that despite who she was talking to, she blurted out, “Why?”

To her further bewilderment, Dr. Saint looked suddenly embarrassed. A light pink tinge underlay his freckled face and he glanced around for a second, as if checking to be sure that there was no one else in earshot. Once he had seemingly confirmed that no one else could hear, he sheepishly answered, “Well…I’ve uh—I’ve actually got a date.”


Gemma had been bludgeoned. It was the only explanation for the feeling that now overtook every miniscule particle that comprised her being. Someone had found a dense, blunt object, perhaps a bat, and they had mercilessly bludgeoned her. In fact, she was so convinced of this that she had to reach up to touch the back of her head in order to ensure that she wasn’t bleeding profusely.

The sound of laughter shifted her focus ahead, where Dr. Saint was bashfully wiping his glasses on his sweater and chuckling. He replaced them and then stated in a good-natured tone, “That’s how you know the state of your personal life is in disarray, right? When your students get stunned into silence upon hearing you have a date?”

“Oh, no, I—”


“It’s okay,” he continued in a reassuring manner, his sparkling blue eyes kind. “I don’t blame you. It’s been years, which is funny because I always imagined having a family as soon as I finished my schooling. Things happen and aspirations shift though. Oftentimes for the better, I think. At any rate I’m happy with what I’ve got….It’d just be nice to share it with someone.”

The figure with the bludgeon seemed to have returned, only this time it was hitting her repeatedly atop her head—as if she were a nail and not a human being. Gemma even thought she could feel her shoes beginning to sink into the yellowing linoleum.

“Too much information,” he remarked with another laugh, brushing away a lock of blonde hair that had obscured his vision. “Anyway, the lab will close early, around 2, but it’ll be back to normal hours on Monday…unless I say otherwise, I guess.”


“Okay,” Gemma heard herself reply.

“Oh and before you go tonight could you make sure the data from each machine has been saved to the Shared folder? People keep saving it on the desktop instead and then I can only access it from that computer.”

“Of course.”


“Thanks, Gemma. Have a good night, then. Don’t study too hard,” he joked with a crooked smile.

A feeble smile made its way to her lips and Dr. Saint turned to go, presumably back to his office nearby.

The young woman turned her fading attention to the computer screen before her, whereupon she discovered that she had plotted the exact same data point no less than seven times in a row.


Seven points of data in a straight line going nowhere.


* * * *



The day was bright, cool, and cloudless as Augustus leaned against the trunk of a tree, absently sketching on a notepad he had propped open on his thighs. He had originally planned to draw the scene before him—the crystalline fountain, the verdant fields, and the young trees—but the drawing was turning a little more surreal—rolling hills marked by tufts of spiked grasses and streams floating up and around gnarled trees. It used to irk him, this failure to capture what was intended, but now he was growing to appreciate how art was ever shifting. It meant that it always felt new.

His phone vibrated in his pocket and Augustus took it out, smirking when he saw a simple text from his boyfriend, Patrick: three sleepy emojis followed by a skull emoji. Augustus had warned him that Professor Kettleton was drier than the sands of the Atacama Desert, but he’d unwisely figured that he could handle it. Suppressing a laugh, Augustus sent him back a smiley face with its tongue sticking out—about the closest he’d come to saying, “I told you so.”


A snap of a branch above abruptly shifted the young man’s gaze skyward, but upon seeing nothing he went back to his drawing, envisioning a creature much like a rabbit, but with scaly legs and thin, leathery wings.

The vivid picture in his mind was only just coming to life on the page when all of a sudden there was a loud CRACK and a terrified shout!


Augustus yelled too, covering his head with his arms as a massive tree branch fell down beside him along with a dull thump and….



“Sorry!” the pale, auburn-haired boy yelled, sounding completely panicked and mortified. “Sorry, sorry—” He glanced up and his dark brown eyes widened before he gave a heavy sigh of relief. “Oh, it’s just you.”


“What do you mean it’s just me!?” Augustus growled angrily. “Is it somehow ‘okay’ now that you’ve realized it was your own brother you nearly murdered?”

Tobias groaned, pushing himself slowly onto his hands and knees. “No, my neck isn’t broken and no, I didn’t shatter my knees—I seem to be just fine thanks,” he sarcastically drawled, and Augustus responded by grabbing his sketchbook and whacking him sharply over the head with it.

“Now your head hurts! What the fuck were you doing in a tree? You could have died!”


“Ouch,” Tobias scowled, cowering and reaching up to rub his head. “Don’t be mean.”

Augustus clenched his jaw, both waiting for an answer to his question and vaguely wondering how the hell he was expected to be perfectly pleasant about the fact that his younger brother had blatantly put himself (and others for that matter) in such a stupidly dangerous situation.


“I was tracking down a parakeet,” Tobias finally replied, as if this were a regular activity that people engaged in, like eating or watching television. He sat back and then began to elaborate, “I think someone had it as a pet and decided they didn’t want it anymore, so they threw it outside. Problem is, 1.) It may not be able to provide for itself, and 2.) Since it’s not native to this area it’s an invasive species, which means that if it proliferates it could cause substantial damage, such as choking out native species who share its ecological niche or otherwise causing harm to the already existent natural balance. It’s like iguanas in Miami contributing to erosion by digging burrows next to seawalls. Not to mention the extensive damage that they do to native flora.”


“And what would you have done if you’d caught it?” Augustus casually asked, resting his elbow on his knee and trying not to think too hard about how their conversation had jumped from safety concerns to concerns about rogue reptiles in the south.

Tobias scratched his head. “I dunno….I hadn’t thought that far ahead.”


The older boy briefly closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose and willing patience to return to him. He knew it technically wouldn’t be his fault if Tobias crushed a classmate with a falling tree branch or got kicked out of the dormitories for hoarding small birds, but still he felt he had a responsibility to at least try to prevent these events from occurring.

Sighing heavily, Augustus unzipped his backpack, securing his sketchbook inside it and then pushing off from the ground to stand. He held out his hands to Tobias, who took them gratefully, wincing a bit as his brother helped him to his feet.


“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, just don’t tell Mom and Dad,” the auburn-haired youth requested, brushing bits of grass off of his jeans. “I sort of promised them I’d keep the whole ‘climbing trees and sticking my hands into burrows’ thing to a minimum while I’m here.”

“At least you haven’t done the latter yet,” Augustus remarked encouragingly.

Glumly, Tobias held out his hand again and this time Gus noticed that his index and middle finger were marked by 4, scabbed-over puncture wounds. “Angry mama vole,” he explained with a squirm of embarrassment. “I could have sworn the nest was empty, but don’t worry, my tetanus shot is up to date.”


“Why on earth would I worry?” Augustus responded sourly and Tobias laughed, playfully bumping his shoulder into his brother’s.

“I’m fine,” he assured with some exasperation, the two beginning to walk toward the Fine Arts building. Or rather, Augustus beginning to walk toward the Fine Arts building and Tobias following him. “Oh, and that drawing you were working on was pretty cool! Or you know, the quick glimpse I got of it. Was that a rabbit/dragon hybrid? RAB-GON. DRA-BIT.” He burst into laughter at his own invented names.


“Rabgon,” Augustus repeated with a shake of his head, and Tobias laughed even more. This might have been annoying, but his younger brother was rarely like this and when he was, it only around his family. He typically kept to himself, more than content to spend the majority of his time alone, outdoors, and studying wildlife. Occasionally he’d be up for a talk though and he was always a goofball. He’d even been known to completely incapacitate their mother, her dark brown eyes shimmering with tears as she doubled-over laughing. Even though it was his third year, the memory made Augustus feel homesick. He was glad that winter break wasn’t all that far away.


“So how are you anyway?” he asked, purposefully shifting the conversation.

“Ah, you know, alright,” Tobias began, kicking at a pebble in their path and watching it skitter into the grass. “Struggling to keep up with my classes because I always seem to end up in a tree instead of writing research papers.” He smirked and then glanced briefly at his brother before looking away and awkwardly adding, “Truth be told it’s kind of bad. I’m…sort of in danger of failing one of my classes.”


Augustus drew in a sharp breath and Tobias hastily continued, “But I’m going to figure it out, okay? I promise. It’s just…I prefer hands-on stuff or, in general, I need to connect material to something tangible—something in real life and right now it’s all theories and…..And those are excuses I know,” he admitted with a sigh. “I’ll figure it out.” Tobias stuffed his hands into his pockets, his shoulders hunched as if bracing himself for his older brother’s response.

It made Augustus feel bad that he was expecting a harsh reprimand, so he took in a few quiet deep breaths before calmly asking, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Just send me the occasional guilt tripping text asking me if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing,” Tobias answered with a laugh, and then upon receiving no response added, “I’ll let you know if there is.”

“That’s all I ask.”


The two brothers continued walking for some time, until the massive clock tower in the center of campus chimed twice, signaling both the time of day and the changing of classes. Sure enough, the already busy sidewalks gradually became even more crowded, some students returning home while others went to meet up with friends or hurried to their next classes.

“Oh, I should go. I’ve got class in about five minutes,” Tobias said, glancing briefly at the clock tower.

“No problem. You really will let me know if you need anything?” Augustus asked seriously, adjusting his bag on his shoulders.


“I will—promise. See ya,” he chirped, and then smiled and waved at someone behind his older brother before racing off to the other side of campus. Augustus turned to see who Tobias had waved at and instantly found his attention caught by a mess of bright purple hair which looked even more brilliant in the glow of the afternoon sun.


“H-hey,” Patrick shyly greeted, and then flushed when, despite the many people currently in their vicinity, Augustus moved forward to embrace him tightly. It opened up the risk for uncomfortable stares or potentially even a rude comment if they were particularly unlucky, but the dark-haired young man found that he couldn’t quite bring himself to care as Patrick wrapped his arms around him too and buried his face into his shoulder.

It made the stress Gus hadn’t even realized he was feeling miraculously dissipate, but it returned all once when Patrick apprehensively asked, “Are y-y-you okay?”

Augustus internally winced, not having meant to worry him, so he pulled away and gave Patrick what he hoped was a reassuring smile as he told him that he was. Even as he said it he knew the words weren’t entirely truthful, but Gus had already inadvertently made him nervous and he didn’t care to add to that.


“Okay….” Patrick hesitantly replied, as if he were torn between doubting his boyfriend’s answer and trusting that he’d be truthful.

“So how was class?” Augustus asked in another attempt to divert a conversation in his favor.

Patrick cast him one last questioning glance, but then absently ruffled his hair as he mumbled, “It was awful. You w-w-were right. I m-m-mean not that—not that that’s a rare thing. I j-j-j-just mean he’s really b-boring. Like beyond what a-a-anyone would expect. Which is w-what you said and it’s not that I d-d-didn’t b-b-believe you I just—”


Augustus stepped forward and cut him off with an abrupt kiss, reaching up to gently hold the back of Patrick’s head as he drew him close. The taste of mint and apples flooded his senses as the purple-haired young man deepened the kiss far more than he’d intended, causing Augustus’ heartbeat to quicken.

Highly aware of their location, Augustus reluctantly broke the kiss, but still could not quite bring himself to take a step back. Patrick’s cheeks were once again a noticeable shade of pink, but it was difficult to discern whether this was because of the kiss or because he’d been stammering quite badly.


Patrick cleared his throat and then cast an uncertain glance up at Augustus before tentatively saying, “You know I n-n-never know if you do that to shut me up, or b-b-because you somehow find my r-rambling endearing.”

Augustus flushed, momentarily worried that he’d offended Patrick, but he couldn’t have that badly if he returned kiss like that, so he took a breath and then playfully joked, “Eh…primarily the latter.”

Patrick let out a light laugh. “F-f-fair enough,” he sheepishly replied.


Feeling relieved, Augustus smiled and ran his hand down Patrick’s forearm before taking his hand in his and stating seriously, “But no, truthfully? I find everything about you endearing.”

“Pfft,” Patrick said with a shake of his head, averting his eyes, and Augustus smiled even more as they started off to grab a late lunch as they usually did on days like this.


As they walked and continued to chat, the young man with the perpetually dyed purple hair became more and more relaxed, telling Augustus all about Professor Kettleton’s astonishingly dull class and then the one before it, in which someone (surprisingly not himself) had spilt paint all over a brand new set of canvases.

Augustus listened and he laughed, but there was still something off inside him and he knew it as keenly as he knew how uneasy it would make Patrick if he brought it up, so instead he made jokes about how the damaged canvases could be the start of some novel creative project and all the while the feeling that something was wrong within him, grew.


* * * *



Everything was fine. It was as it always was. Nothing essential had changed. This infatuation had always been illogical, unintelligent, unfounded, and yet seemingly impossible to give up. It only served Gemma right for the door to this childish idiocy to be shut even further. Perhaps now she could get over her abundantly pathetic obsession. Love was nothing but a falsity created by the firing of neurons and the subsequent release of neurotransmitters anyway. Not to mention the complete waste of time it was pursuing a long-term relationship—the majority ended in divorce. Everywhere one looked there were bitter people with bitter tastes in their mouths from learning the bitter reality of what “love” really was.


Gemma did not doubt that there existed exceptions to this in life (her own parents seeming to be one of them), but it seemed rather like playing the lottery. Sure, there were occasionally winners, but the odds were against you multiple millions to one.


“Where are you going?”

Gemma winced, nearly tripping over her heels at hearing her brother’s voice. She had not heard him come in and thus had been under the impression that he was still out with Patrick. As it was though, he’d evidently been sitting at the dining room table, sketching.


Her eyes automatically darted toward his drawing. “Interesting design,” she remarked, ignoring his question.

“It’s been coined a ‘rabgon.’”



“Nothing,” Augustus hastily dismissed. “Were you going to answer my question?”

“Just a lab get together at The Grotto,” Gemma calmly replied. “They do it every month and they’ve been on me about making an appearance so I figured I’d show up and mingle a little.”

“And your intention is to come back home afterward?”

“Yes,” she lied smoothly.

“Are you going to drink?”


“My god, what’s with the third degree?” Gemma finally snapped in annoyance, but Augustus appeared unperturbed, simply looking at her and waiting. She rolled her eyes. “I guess maybe a little? I’m not driving there anyway.”

The two looked at one another for a long unbroken moment, Gemma hastily putting up wall after wall and Augustus trying to see through them before her mental fortress had been completed. She thought she’d done an excellent job too until a crease of worry again appeared between his brows. “Did something happen?”

“Yes,” the eldest of the twins began caustically, “My little brother seems to have turned into my father, which I’m sure has placed me on the forefront of a life-shattering identity crisis.”


Augustus’ face darkened and he leaned back against his chair with his arms folded across his chest before he retorted quietly, “Fuck you, Gemma.”

Even on her best days, she would not have been able to hide the flash of hurt that swept across her face, but she tried not to let her brother see it. “I just fail to see why you’re getting on my case,” she defensively explained. “It’s as though you don’t trust me to look after myself or something.”

Augustus didn’t respond, returning to his sketch with his shoulders tensed and his jaw clenched. It irritated his sister to no end, but no matter—if he wanted to sit there and sulk now then fine.


Without another word Gemma walked out the door, but as soon it closed behind her something crumbled within her. The feeling was almost enough to compel her to turn around and apologize, but pride and remnant annoyance ultimately stopped her from doing so.

He shouldn’t have intruded on her business anyway.


* * * *


“And I said to them, ‘That’s not a ghost, it’s my lab coat!’”

Gemma gave a feeble chuckle as everyone else listening to the cheerful redhead’s story began rolling with laughter, leading her to wonder whether one drink could really impact a person’s cognitive functioning so profoundly or whether she was missing some integral part of the apparently hilarious tale. Not caring enough to deliberate on the question much, Gemma took the moment to bring her own drink to her lips, taking small sips and trying to pretend it didn’t taste like fruits marinated in bleach.

She’d never liked drinking much. Besides the fact that she found the majority of drinks foul-tasting she didn’t like the feeling it gave her—like thick churning clouds were gathering in her mind. It made her dizzy and unable to think as clearly as she was used to, and this she always found to be a frightening experience.


Still, in moderate doses she found that it at least made her fellow research team members more tolerable, and so it was that she listened to Kelsey begin yet another story, this time about a squirrel she once encountered that looked remarkably like a Chihuahua and her subsequent rabies scare. Gemma laughed lightly at the appropriate parts while both deciding that she was an idiot and surreptitiously scanning the room. There were a few people who she had caught stealing glances at her and one young man in particular was rather intriguing as he had looked in her direction multiple times and at one point had even looked like he was going to approach her, but upon seeing the large crowd she was in, evidently decided against it.


He was drinking a beer and playing pool with a few of his friends, his long black hair falling into his eyes as he kept a watchful eye on the game. Gemma couldn’t help but notice that he was quite attractive, and so it was that the next time she anticipated him to look her way, she briefly caught his eye and then shyly looked away, taking yet another sip of her drink. She made a charming comment (“What a nutty tale”) to her fellow colleagues, listened to them nearly die from lack of oxygen at laughing so hard, and then excused herself under the pretext of getting another drink.


There was every possibility of course that the young man would not take the opening, but not even a minute later Gemma caught a glimpse of him setting down his pool cue, saying a few quick words to his friends, and then making his way toward the bar. Gemma pretended to be debating on a drink, slightly tilting her head so as to look cutely puzzled. She wasn’t sure yet what most appealed to him, but he’d taken well to her pretending to be shy, so perhaps he would like this too.


“Hey,” he said as he came up beside her. Gemma pretended to be startled, looking at him in surprise and then smiling a little before looking away again.

“Hey.…” she said, feigning embarrassment, and glanced at him once more, taking note of the lopsided smirk that had appeared on his handsome face. Oh, he definitely found this enticing and she had no doubt that by the end of the night she could make it so that he’d be desperate to fuck her.


So Gemma hoped at least because there was nothing she wanted more than to chase away the deep-set ache that had settled in her chest, even if it wouldn’t last and even if it ultimately only made her situation worse.

The brief reprieve was worth it though and that probably meant something darkly significant, but Gemma couldn’t have brought herself to care if she tried.

It was all so very stupid and yet it clung to her like leeches.


* * * *


To Gemma- Text Me (1)

Augustus ran his hand roughly through his hair and heaved a heavy sigh. He should not have lost his temper with his sister—should not have given up on their conversation so easily. Something had happened to upset her, he knew that it had, and yet he’d allowed his frustration to get the better of him and let her walk right out that door. The result? He hadn’t heard from her since the brief text she’d sent him late last night stating she’d be staying out.

It shouldn’t have given him that much cause for concern, but it did because when Gemma sent such texts she usually came home before the sun rose and now it was approaching noon and Augustus still hadn’t heard from her. It flooded his body with dread, causing him to lose his appetite and his focus for anything other than glancing at his phone every few minutes in the hopes that he had somehow missed a text or a call. He had received a few texts from Patrick while he was at work and those at least had been momentarily distracting, but mostly every time he received one he couldn’t help but wish that they’d been from his unsettlingly silent sister instead.


Finally sick of being a slave to his cell phone, Augustus slipped on a pair of shoes and ventured outside. It was a chilly morning, the brisk air immediately causing him to stuff his hands into the pockets of his hoodie as he wandered off in the vague direction of campus. As it was Saturday there wouldn’t exactly be much going on, but it was more about him walking a familiar path rather than heading for any particular destination.


It was silly to worry anyway. Gemma could take care of herself and it wasn’t his business what she got up to as she was perfectly free to make her own choices—even if the choices weren’t ones that he personally agreed with. Then again, as her brother, wasn’t it his right to at least express his concerns if he had them? He had always been open and accepting of her choices up to this point, after all. He accepted the fact that they shared different views on some subjects and he rarely tried to stop her from acting on her decisions. Lately though, it all felt different. It didn’t feel like she was “having fun” and it didn’t feel like she was simply “acting on completely normal human impulses.” It felt wholly…off.

So yes Augustus was concerned and yes he was going to bring it up and fuck he shouldn’t have lost his goddamn motherfucking temper because now she was god knows where with god knows who and—



Augustus collided with something, or rather someone very solid and if he had been even a few pounds lighter he would have been knocked backward onto his ass. As it was, the person who he smacked into was the one to be sent reeling and loudly swearing in Spanish.


“Sorry,” Augustus gasped, instantly horrified. “I wasn’t watching where I was—” He stopped talking, his mouth slightly open in mixed surprise and something else he didn’t really care to place as he realized that he knew the person he’d nearly barreled over. “….Isaac?” he asked incredulously.


The tanned young man’s brow momentarily creased with confusion as he rubbed his likely aching head, but then his familiar hazel eyes widened with recognition. “Gus?” he asked, also in surprise and with that unsettling trace of something else and then, “Augustus!” boisterously before he broke into a warm laugh. “Holy shit! I didn’t recognize you at first. Your hair got long.”


“Oh…yeah. I uh, guess it did,” Gus confirmed, self-consciously reaching up to touch it.

“It suits you,” Isaac replied with a smirk, and then before Augustus could respond said, “I didn’t even know you went here, man. I mean I remember you saying you wanted to come here, I just didn’t know it’s where you ended up. HI. Damn.”

“Hey,” Augustus said, smiling weakly, and then cleared his throat before adding, “I uh—I didn’t know you went here either.”

“I don’t! Or well, didn’t,” he corrected with a shrug of his shoulders. “I’m transferring in next semester—just dropped off some paperwork today they said they never got. I guess I could have mailed it again, but since it got lost the first time….” Isaac rolled his eyes. “Anyway, so you’re still painting, yeah?”

“Yeah. And you’re still—?”


“Doing fuck all because I have no clue what I want in life?” Isaac interrupted with a knowing smirk. “Sort of—I spend pretty much all day on the computer designing and playing video games, only now I figure I may as well try and get paid for it, yeah? Damn! That reminds me of that stupid puzzle game I had you test! The one where like halfway through you called me up all pissed saying it was impossible to solve and even your sister couldn’t figure it out? Do you remember that?”


“How could I forget?” Augustus dryly remarked. “It turned out that you’d ‘accidently’ made it unsolvable.”

Isaac began cracking up and had to take a few breaths before he managed to say, “It WAS an accident! A programming error! And you were complaining like ‘I’ve been at this for three hours, Isaac!’ HAHAHAHA. Damn, let’s hope my games aren’t that shitty now, huh?”

“I’m sure they aren’t,” Augustus felt compelled to reassure him, and then feeling his face heat up haltingly added, “Well, you know, judging by the ones I played. Like even that one I mean, it wasn’t shitty up until that point.”


“Thanks,” Isaac said, and the same handsome grin spread across his face, his bright hazel eyes twinkling in amusement.

Augustus tensed and averted his gaze, firmly attributing the skipped beat of his heart to his continued surprise at seeing an old friend and not how well that lazy smile suited him. Of course, “old friend” wasn’t exactly the right term, but what else would you call a mutual crush that never went anywhere because you were both too hesitant and too afraid to pursue it seriously and by the time you’d mustered up the courage to take a chance it turned out maybe he wasn’t interested after all and then he literally moved the fuck away?


Deciding that “old friend” was as good a description as any, Augustus cleared his throat again and then conversationally asked, “So…you went to community college then?”

“Yup,” Isaac answered with a nod, slipping his hands into the pockets of his torn jeans and rocking back on his heels. “Went for two years and now I’m here—and lost as hell. Sorry about crashing into you like that. I was trying to figure out where I was and didn’t think to check what was in front of me,” he admitted with a short laugh at his expense.

“Oh, um, it’s okay.…Where are you headed?”


“Ah, the parking lot?” Isaac began uncertainly. “I mean there’s probably more than one, but I remember it was huge..…You can tell I’m real creative by my awesome description. I’m clearly going to make a great video game designer.”

Augustus smiled a bit. “It’s fine. There are many parking lots to be honest, but there’s only one that’s of any decent size and that’s literally straight across the other side of campus,” he said with a nod in the exact opposite direction Isaac had been walking.

“Awesome. You can tell I’d make a good navigator too. I’ll keep that in mind as a back-up career.”

“Then maybe a stand-up comedian as a third choice?”

“I mean I’d have at least one fan, wouldn’t I?” he asked with a wink, and Augustus bit his lip as he mentally debated whether this was or wasn’t solely a friendly remark. Before he could decide though Isaac energetically followed up with, “Hey, maybe at the start of the next semester you could show me around this place?”


The dark-haired young man hesitated in answering. His stomach felt like it was twisted up in even more knots than it had been this morning and though the sun was shining directly upon them he still felt cold.

It was only an informal tour of the campus to help someone out though, so why was he getting so uptight about it? In fact, he’d sound like a real dick if he didn’t agree to help, and anyway anything between them had been a whole five years ago, so finally he managed to reply, “Uhh, sure. No problem. We could find your classes and I could point out the main buildings and all. Like that—that’s the clock tower,” he stated inanely, gesturing toward the very prominent and very obvious campus structure.


Isaac turned look at it and then opened his eyes wide in apparent fascination as he exaggeratedly exclaimed, “Holy crap! What a clock! WOW. Yes. I can see why they call it that. Fucking genius.”

Augustus found himself laughing before he shook his head and commented, “Good to see you’re still an idiot.”

Screenshot-1442 Screenshot-1443

“I aim to please,” he said with a small, mischievous smirk, and Augustus found that he had to look away again, now definitely feeling uncomfortable.

Isaac seemed to notice this time though because he quickly cleared his throat and followed up with, “Ah…sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

“No, it’s fine. It’s just that I’m actually see—”


“It’s just so wild running into you, Gus. I mean, we were…good friends,” Isaac cut in haltingly, and then averted his gaze when Augustus looked up at him with his eyebrow raised. The brown-haired young man’s long bangs fell into his bright eyes and he reached up to absently toy with his ear piercing. “Sucks we fell out of contact…but things happen that aren’t always in our control, you know?”

Augustus frowned slightly, feeling somewhat puzzled as to what he was getting at so he carefully replied, “Actually, I’m not sure what you—”


“Shit!” Isaac abruptly hissed, smacking himself in the forehead. “I just remembered that it’s my day to pick up my brother and sister from school. I gotta get going. Your number’s still the same?”

“Huh? Oh, uh yes, you—?”

“Great. Take care, yeah? I’ll see you around!” he said with yet another grin, and then took off running in the opposite direction.


Augustus stared after him with his mouth slightly agape. He felt like Isaac hadn’t so much as had a conversation with him as smacked him upside the head and bolted. The odds of having bumped into him (literally) had to have been incredibly low and somehow Augustus couldn’t help but feel that the fact that he had wasn’t a lucky happenstance, but an unfortunate one. It stirred up too many memories—memories he had no desire to relive.

Firmly establishing that his attempt to clear his mind by taking a walk had failed spectacularly, the dark-haired young man slowly began to make his way back home. The wind picked up, a group of clouds covered the sun, and with a heavy heart, Augustus wondered not only how he could have been so unlucky, but also how such a simple conversation could have left him feeling so damn guilty.


* * * *



Gemma was awoken by a thin beam of sunlight casting a long stripe across her eyelids. She tried to turn away from it, but was startled when she bumped into another person. For a millisecond she panicked, but then the memories of the night before cascaded into her mind like marbles being poured across a hardwood floor—swiftly and jarringly. Gemma stifled a groan, covering her face with her arm as she lay against flat, faded gray pillows. A dull ache was throbbing in her head from having had one too many drinks and the presence of the relentless sun made her heart sink as she realized she’d accidently spent the entire night and it looked like, most of the morning.


Thinking she could still hopefully avoid any awkward conversations, Gemma slipped out of the young man’s bed as carefully and quietly as possible, bare feet padding across worn carpeting as she played an undesired game of hide and seek for her clothing. For a while it looked like she was going to be forced to leave her damn panties in some stranger’s apartment, but then she found them in the living room, lying abandoned by the front door. Oh, right….

Finally fully dressed, Gemma made to leave but then realized that though she had her clutch she didn’t have her cell phone.

Screenshot-1521Screenshot-1518 Screenshot-1520

Doubling back, she re-entered the bedroom and then winced as she found the dark-haired young man not only awake, but dressed in a pair of sweatpants that hung low on his hips and smoking a cigarette as he massaged his shoulder blade. He looked up when she entered and smirked in delight, causing Gemma to automatically steel herself for the worst.

“Thought you left,” he remarked.

Gemma gestured dumbly to her cellphone sitting on the nightstand. He looked over at where she pointed and then merely stated, “Ahh.”

Hoping that would be the end of it, the curly-haired brunette grabbed her cellphone and gripped it tightly in her hand, turning to go, but his voice stopped her in her tracks again, “Well, if you’re not in a rush I could make it worth your while to stay.”

Gemma raised her eyebrow inquiringly and he took a brief pull from his cigarette before adding, “I’m not a bad cook? Of course if you’re looking at me like that because you’ve got a different kind of hunger, I still say I could make staying worth your while.”

Resisting the urge to laugh, Gemma gave him an apologetic smile before saying, “I’m actually in a bit of rush. I was supposed to meet up with my friend a half an hour ago.”


“Liar,” the tall young man said quietly, but there was still a smirk on his lips as he once again brought his cigarette to them.

Gemma felt her heart rate increase, but besides having a vague sense of unease she didn’t quite get the feeling that he was going to do anything. Most likely, she rapidly deduced, he was behaving defensively because his masculinity had been injured by her rejection or something.

“I really am in a hurry,” she insisted. “My brother’s my roommate and he’s probably getting worried that I’m not home yet. He’s…a little overprotective, I suppose you could conclude.”

The young man, Takashi as she recalled now, narrowed his eyes, but gradually a tight-lipped smile appeared upon his face and he shrugged before lightly saying, “Suit yourself.”

It took a supreme effort not to sigh in relief. Not that she’d been lying at least this time—her brother was most likely worried and he was a little overprotective. In fact the only time Gemma could recall her twin ever getting in trouble was in the eleventh grade when he’d lost his temper after some idiot in the hallway thought it would be funny to smack her ass. Gemma had not shared his sense of humor, but before she could react her brother had shoved him into a locker. It’d been rather shocking actually and even the Dean must have thought so because Augustus had only received a one-day suspension out of it. He didn’t even get into much trouble with their parents because although Dad wasn’t happy and made it a strong point that it was an inappropriate way of reacting and that Gus should have known better, Mom, though also not thrilled, privately admitted to him later that she would have done the same. Augustus, meanwhile, had probably been harder on himself than anyone else—though he did admit, much to Gemma’s surprise, that he couldn’t quite bring himself to regret it.


Still feeling somewhat wary, Gemma sidled over to Takashi and tiptoed to press a tender kiss to his cheek and then the corner of his mouth. “Thank you for understanding,” she murmured in an effort to ensure that she didn’t leave him angry.

Takashi hesitated, seeming momentarily confused, as though he thought he’d figured her out and was now thoroughly doubting himself. He took a brief drag of his cigarette, exhaled, and then said, “Ah sure, no problem. Maybe we’ll even meet up again sometime?”

“Maybe,” Gemma replied with a shy smile, and then turned around to leave, honestly hoping that they never would.


* * * * *


To Augustus (2)

When Gemma got home it was to find that the large house her parents had rented for them was completely empty. The silence pressed on her ears and brought the omnipresent ache in her chest back to the forefront of her mind. Taking in a shaky breath, the young brunette took out her phone, seeing the one brief message sent by her twin hours ago, “Please text me as soon as you can.

I’m so sorry, Gus—I slept in,” she hastily typed. “I’m safely at home now. Where are you?”

Gemma chewed on her thumbnail while she waited for a response, absently humming a fragmented tune in a half-hearted attempt to break up the quiet.


Finally feeling stupid, she gradually made her way up to the second floor. She wanted to take a long, hot shower to wash away the lingering scents of cigarettes, alcohol, and cheap cologne, but she suddenly felt so endlessly tired. Climbing onto her bed, Gemma kicked her heels onto the floor and grabbed the nearest pillow to her, hugging it very tightly.

It’s okay, she thought to herself as her eyes began to burn. It’s okay. You’re okay. All of this will pass.

If Gemma hadn’t known that she was a well-practiced liar, she might have believed the logical words to be true.


* * * *



When Augustus arrived back at the house his first feeling was of mild confusion because although he had received a text from his sister stating that she was safely at home, she was nowhere to be seen. He stood silently, listening for some sign that she might still be there, but the place was quiet and exactly as he had left it this morning.


Feeling a little worried now, Augustus made his way upstairs and then hesitated as he noted the door to Gemma’s bedroom was shut. It explained where she was as it had been opened when he left, but still the sight did little to steady his nerves. She had told him that she was safe, but what if something bad had happened after all?

Finding it stupid to simply stand there debating whether or not she was okay, Augustus walked right up to the door and knocked. The sound seemed to reverberate throughout the house, causing him to wince, but evidently it wasn’t loud enough because he heard no response in return.

“Gemma?” he called, moving closer to the door, and then froze as he thought he heard a sniffle. “Gem….?”


The door abruptly opened and the next thing he knew the breath had been knocked out of him and his eyesight had become obstructed by a mass of fluffy brown curls as his twin barreled into him and threw her arms around him. Augustus stumbled, but somehow managed to keep his balance as she held onto him tighter and began to let out these horrible, gut-wrenching sobs that made him feel as though someone was digging a knife into his ribs.


“Shhh,” he hastened to hush her as he enfolded her in his arms. “Shhh, Gemma, please. What happened? Are you hurt? Did someone—”

Augustus stopped as his sister let out another particularly painful cry. A lump rose in his throat, his fear rising exponentially, but it was no use trying to get answers when she was like this, so instead he continued to hold her, occasionally mumbling phrases like “I’m here” and “You’re okay” as he struggled to both soothe her and keep his mind from getting ahead of itself. He wished he knew what his parents would say to her, for unlike him they always seemed to have the right words. Unlike him, they weren’t utterly useless.

“Gemma,” he forced himself to try again. “What—”


“I’m sorry I was rude to you,” she sobbed into his shoulder, her body trembling. “I know you were just trying to help. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I’m so stupid. I hate this. I hate me. I—”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Augustus interrupted, unable to stand Gemma talking about herself like that. “I was rude too and there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not stupid and you’re not to be hated. You—”

“I am though! I’m so stupid! I can’t…I can’t get over this and I hate it and it’s so dumb and—”


Augustus cut in a second time as he realized what she was talking about. “You’re not stupid and it’s not dumb! Not if it means something to you,” he insisted fervently, taking a step back and firmly gripping her arms. “Look, I know not everyone would agree, but I really don’t give a single fuck. If it means something to you, and it’s hurting you, then it isn’t stupid regardless of whether anyone agrees or not.”

Gemma let out a sharp breath. She seemed quite taken aback, an observation that made Augustus’ stomach turn with guilt. “Sorry—”

“No, don’t be,” she whispered. “I needed that. You’re right. I know you’re right. I’m so sorry, I just—”


Her voice cracked and Augustus drew her into his arms once again. Whether it was for her benefit or his though, he couldn’t be sure. All he knew was that he held her closely, as if by doing so he could somehow keep her from falling apart.


“He’s seeing someone now,” she continued brokenly, her voice muffled by her hands. “It literally changes nothing, but it still….”

“Hurts…?” Augustus tentatively supplied. “And no, that’s not stupid either. I get it, Gem.”

He wanted to say more, but didn’t know what else he could. His throat felt uncomfortably tight. There was little worse than seeing his sister like this…except, of course, being unable to stop it.


It was unclear how much time passed before Gemma sniffled and let go of him, futilely wiping her eyes. “If I was…If I was offered some sort of spell or magic potion or…or experimental procedure to forget that he ever existed, I would accept it in a heartbeat,” she uttered quietly.

“If I knew how to, I would invent it.”

The eldest of the twins took a steadying breath and Augustus watched her uneasily, both afraid that she would breakdown again and afraid because he knew that eventually, she would. It all seemed to happen in predictable cycles, in which she could appear perfectly fine for months and then all of a sudden crash before picking herself back up and starting the whole process again. Augustus would have given anything to break this insidious pattern, but so far nothing that he had ever said, done, or suggested had seemed to help. It made him feel powerless, and even though his twin always insisted that he was nothing but helpful, he continued to feel as though he was failing. It didn’t matter if he knew it wasn’t his responsibility to figure everything out for her; what mattered was that he wanted to, and the fact that he couldn’t made him feel so damn awful.


“I doubt if it’s even him that this is all about,” Gemma mumbled, averting her gaze. “I mean, what do I even know about him? And yet….” She gestured vaguely, her voice trailing off.

“Maybe…if you tried…getting to know someone else….Just as a…a friend maybe even,” he began hesitantly, and then stopped when Gemma’s unsettling lavender-gray eyes rose to meet his. “I don’t mean that in a rude way,” he hastened to clarify.

“I know you don’t, Gus. And you’ve suggested this before, but….” She looked away, absently biting her thumbnail and then whispered, “People don’t tend to like me very much.”

“I think they would if they really got to know you,” Augustus expressed.

“Of course you would think that—you’re my brother…and my best friend.”


The two siblings fell quiet for a long expanse of time, Gemma occasionally wiping her eyes and Augustus feeling both helpless and a little foolish. He genuinely believed his words to be true, but he also knew that it wasn’t that simple. If it was, she wouldn’t be in this situation. If it was, he’d have been able to fix this. Augustus knew it wasn’t simple, but that didn’t stop him from wishing that it could be.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Gemma mumbled, taking a self-conscious step back. “I smell like a sweaty ashtray.”

“Well I wasn’t going to be the one to say it,” Augustus remarked in a half-hearted attempt at humor, and his twin inexplicably laughed a little.


“I’m so sorry, Gus,” his sister said, looking up at him guiltily. “I keep doing this to you and that’s completely unfair.”

“It’s okay….You don’t need to apologize,” Augustus insisted. I do, because I keep failing you.

Gemma briefly bit her lip and then took in a deep breath. “Regardless, I promise I’m going to figure everything out. I can’t let this continue happening over and over again.”


Augustus kept his gaze downcast, uncomfortably aware that similar words had already been spoken—uncomfortably aware of how this meant he kept falling short. He cleared his throat. “I’ll do whatever I can to help….Even if it means hunting down a genie or a witch or something for you.”

Gemma let out a slight laugh. “I know, Augustus,” she said, and then after a pause softly added, “Thank you…as always.”

He nodded a little and Gemma moved forward, leaning up to kiss his cheek and then disappearing back into her bedroom.


For what felt like the millionth time that day, Augustus heaved a heavy sigh. He was standing on ice rent by jagged cracks and there was no way to tell in which direction it’d be safest to step. Every path looked risky, and so he stood, aware that the ice had begun to splinter beneath his feet, but able only to stand very still and hope that somehow, it wouldn’t give way.



To be continued soon.


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      Hehe, yes, I try and give my characters quirks and traits that I’ve seen in real life (or even do myself) to try and infuse a bit more reality into them. Even though they’re technically sims, they’re living, breathing people in my head and I try to make that come across in my writing =)

      Joanne’s story will be back soon–just maybe an update or two more for Augustus and Gemma and then we’ll return to her and see how she’s doing ^.^

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    And Augustus….where do I begin? Gus does not need to screw up his current relationship with Patrick over some pesky residual feelings, or a promise of what might have been (as much as I love me some eye-candy).

    I am happy to see that Tobias carried his mischievous ways – I mean, animal-hunting, nature loving ways into young adulthood. I am even happier to know that Papa and Mama Winters made sure he was up to date on his tetanus shots. Let’s hope they sent him off with bubble wrap, shin guards and neck cast. And a full-body cast too, just in case. One can never be too safe!

    PS: I had to change my username on my WordPress account – from Eileen0001 to delicatesoul88. That way I’ll have the same name on all accounts (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.)
    So basically, it’s still me!

    1. Hahaha, you never have to apologize for long comments—I always love them and appreciate them to pieces 😉 On that note, just in case you don’t feel the same, apologies for the long response to come, LOL:

      “For someone who is very logical, she sure is a blubbering mess when it comes to Dr. Saint.” Hahaha, well, that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? She can pretend all she wants that she is this completely objective, logical mind, but in the end she is still a human being and as such, has not only complex feelings and emotions, but also an inherent need to connect with others. This ends up being particularly problematic for Gemma because while she has this very human need to connect, she finds that she has real difficulties doing so. It’s quite rare that she “clicks” with someone and this often makes her feel isolated. It also makes something like unrequited love feel even worse. I think if she had better connections to others, it wouldn’t impact her so profoundly. Not to mention the fact that the longer she goes without meaningful connection to others (with the exception of Augustus, of course, who is probably the only reason why she hasn’t lost it completely already), the more it begins to weigh on her very mental health. As you’ll see more in the next part, she really isn’t in a very good place right now, to the point where the very mind she depends on so much seems to be turning against her. As you might imagine, this is especially frustrating and frightening for someone who is almost always fully in control of herself.

      Ah yes, the guys. So it’s not so much using them to soothe a fragile ego as it using them to feel temporarily close to another. Also not fair of course, but I will say that she makes it pretty clear that all she’s interested in is a one-night stand. I mean sure sometimes the guys will try to get her to stick around a bit longer (like Takashi attempted to do), but they know exactly what this was. While her intentions aren’t grand, that’s for sure, she does at least make it known what she’s after before she ever actually continues with it. Gemma does use protection XD

      Now, as for her “friends” hahahaha, you do have a very good point, but that is not actually the reason that they (particularly Kelsey) are angry at her 😉 In fact, they only really invited her along because it’s a lab get together and she’s part of the lab and the fact that she showed up is cool and fine and all, but they would have been pretty indifferent to her leaving. Or at least, would have been had she chosen literally anyone else to go home with 😉 Of course, maybe if she spent more time trying to get to know her lab partners she’d find someone amongst them she does connect to? But then it’s all sort of a back-and-forth thing too because she’s hesitant to even try because people don’t often like her, but then if she doesn’t try how will she ever actually make friends? Blehh =/

      Augustus! Well, I will at least say that he is NOT the impulsive sort, so you can probably bet he’s going to be treading particularly carefully here. That being said, he’s also often too nice for his own good and it’s this more than anything that might fuck things up in the end. But again, hopefully his cautious nature will prevent this. On the nice point though, I don’t think Augustus would ever tell his sister to “suck it up.” If it were that simple, she would have done it by now—trust me, lol. She is fighting something much larger than herself and Augustus sees it probably even better than she does. Hence his current worries. This is a demon he can’t protect her from.

      “Let’s hope they sent him off with bubble wrap, shin guards, and neck cast. And a full-body cast too, just in case.” LOLOL. Oh if Papa and Mama Winters could have gotten away with that, they would have—LOL. But, despite how it seems, Tobias is reasonably careful….usually XD Haha and oh yes, I don’t think you could ever rid Tobias of his enthusiasm and passion for learning about the natural world =) It’s as much a part of him as his auburn hair!

      And oh okay, cool, thanks for the heads up! Now I won’t think I’m talking to two different people, lol.

      Thank you so, so much for reading and commenting! I’d say let’s hope my characters aren’t quite as frustrating in the future, but…well, they’ll probably only become more frustrating before they get better, LOL. But you must be used to that by now, yeah? 😉 Thank you again for reading!!! ❤

    I didn’t believe it at first
    “am I seeing things again?”

    Ttttoooooobbiiiiasss you dork. I relate to that kid so much.

    I like Patrick, but damn that brunette. You sure know how to pick ’em Gus.

    Aw Gemma sweetie, I’m sad you’re sad, but I also kind of totally like your one nighter? He seems kind of cool and laid back and I want to see more of him.

    I need to know, where did you get that cover up blanket for Gemma and her one nighter? Does a blanket that morphs to the sims bodies exist!? *has searched repeatedly and failed*

    Your announcement of more chapters to come is awesome! Though knowing that Joanne’s generation is coming to an end is making me sad.

    1. OMG, I know right!? I barely believed it myself! It was like “Am I really hitting ‘publish’ right now? I AM ACTUALLY CLICKING PUBLISH OH MY GOD YES.” Lol!

      Hahahaha yessss my little dorkkkkk ❤ I love Tobias XD He's such a cutie and he looks SO much like James that he just melts my heart T_T

      "I like Patrick, but damn that brunette. You sure know how to pick 'em Gus" LOLOL. I literally laughed out loud when I read that line–so true, my friend, so true! Or is it that Gus is an attractive force himself–and by that I mean, he is typically so genuinely kind and good that people often find themselves drawn in by it, even if that isn't really his intention. Or maybe Gus "turns up" the nice in order to gain the favor of certain people? Maybe it's a bit of both 😉 Either way for as sweet and beautiful of a person Patrick is, Isaac has quite a lot of his own to bring to the table too….fuck. LOL.

      Hehehe, I like her one nighter too 😉 Actually I've liked both of the ones I've shown so far XD But they were pretty well aware of what Gemma wanted, so who knows if we'll end up seeing more of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Ohhh okay so, that blanket doesn't morph to the sims' bodies, BUT it has a few variations of it and you can kind of "match up" the best fitting one to it by using OMSP and make it SEEM like it's morphing to their bodies. Regardless, you can find those clever blankets here:

      THANK YOU!!!!!! I'm glad you think my announcement of more chapters to come is awesome! Knowing that Joanne's generation is coming to an end makes me sad too, but also a little bit relieved to be honest since I've been having such difficulties finding inspiration to complete it? Haha, I dunno, it's a bit of a mixed bag ;__;

      As always, thank you so, so much for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate it and look forward to hearing your thoughts as I share more of the twins' stories and end this generation! =O ❤

      1. Congrats on getting over that block!
        Aaahh thanks so much! *quickly downloads* It seems the ones I kept finding just weren’t up for download anymore T_T
        Now I’m just all the more curious as to how it all ends (HAPPINESS I HOPE)
        It’s always a pleasure ^-^, and I definitely definitely will.

        Okay time for a little bit of a selfish request, but you see I’ve been writing a legacy/drama story for the last three years and I just started generation 9 and it would actually mean so much if you checked it out BUT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO IT’S FINE, but like if you have nothing to read or whatever >.>

        1. Hehe, no problem. Glad I could be of help ^_^

          Lol, how it ends…hmm….most likely a combination of all the feels in the world, right? 😉 Hehehehe >:)

          And ahhhhhh so, I totally saw that you wrote a legacy of your own, but I admit the fact that it was well into the 8th generation and that I have limited time caused me to table it for the summer when I’ll have a lot more free-time o_o However, as you’re now starting Generation 9, I’ll definitely try to get a jump on it and start reading this one and then maybe go back and try to catch up on the rest during summer. So basically I DO WANT TO, but it’s all contingent on working around already limited free-time, lol. In fact, I keep getting behind on even the stories I’m already reading *covers face in shame* BUT I will definitely check it out and do my best! From what I have seen it looks really cool, so worst case, I’ll read it in the summer, but best case, I’ll get a start on it much sooner than that! ^_^;

          1. Maybe I should save some easter chocolate for that final chapter…

            That actually makes me so happy that you tabled it XD (just the fact that you were planning to read it)
            Take your time really! No rush (gen.8 took me a year, gen.9 will probably be the same if not more). I know how it is when you’re reading a lot of great stories at once!
            So really, start reading it when you’re all caught up with the others, I don’t mind at all. That way you can appreciate it to the fullest! Especially since the further in the generations you go, the heavier the story gets, heh.
            This might be a little SAPPY or whatever, but you’re actually sort of one of my sims 3 writer idols? I have a couple of people whose writing I really admire and you’re in my top three ^_^ (just needed to share that KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK)

            1. Haha, maybeeeeee, but nah don’t the generations typically have happy endings? ‘Course that means I could purposefully make it so that some don’t so it doesn’t become predictable….Hrmmm 😉

              “That way you can appreciate it to the fullest!” That’s exactly what I was thinking! So that way I don’t have to rush through them or anything–I can take it at a good pace and leave some comments along the way just as you did for me ^_^

              Aw, no, not sappy at all! Or at least, if it is sappy, I DON’T CARE THAT’S SO KIND OF YOU TO SAY AND YOU JUST MADE MY ENTIRE EVENING, AHHH! Thank youuu T_T I feel like I’ve got a ways to go in improving my writing, but hearing that I’m one of your Top 3 is super encouraging–thank you again! I’ll certainly try and keep it up and get even better hopefully =) You’re the kindest *SPONTANEOUS TACKLE HUG* >.> …. Thank you ;__;

              1. Typically yes, but there’s always that off chance…
                And anyway if it’s too happy I’ll probably end up needing chocolate to deal with the feels so I’ll save some for it anyway XP
                You’re welcome!!
                Which makes it all the more awesome, yeah I love your writing right now, but its definitely going to improve with every chapter you post (it’s just the laws of practicing) so I have a lot of epic quality writing to look forwards to!
                (I feel like that was worded particularly poorly, but I think I got my message across?)

                    1. Oh gosh, I honestly have no idea. I mean, it’s already written, but I have loads of big projects/assignments due over the next couple weeks that are preventing me from being able to get the photos. So ehhhh I dunno maybe about two weeks then? I’m real iffy on a time frame, but the most important matter is that it shouldn’t be months, right? Lol. Much better than months!

  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YOU POSTED! And I’m a week late to the party!

    Isaac is a bit of a dark horse, isn’t he? *clopeti clopeti clop* Oh my. So handsome! But what’s eating Augustus? Hmmm..

    Poor Patrick, such a bundle of nerves! The stuttering is driving me a bit crazy, but that’s a nice touch. Good on Gus for seeing through all of Patrick’s insecurities and appreciating him. He’s a bit hard on himself though, trying to make everything better for his siblings where he can’t really do much. Tobias falling out of a tree – LOL! I thought that was Patrick there for a second, with a new hair dye. 🙂 I hope he gets his hand on that offending parakeet! I know introducing parakeets where they don’t belong (or any other species) isn’t a good idea biologically but I LOVE SEEING companies of parakeets in the park of London, it looks so freaking awesome. But I digress.

    Poor Gemma, but Takashi is so yummy, honestly he must be better than having hots for teacher? That never ends well (she said knowingly… *PAUSE*). Takashi cooks, has a chest like a newly polished bathtub (I actually had a friend who had this as her personal male beauty ideal.. “the bathtub body” O_o) and hopefully she can vane him off smoking eventually. Oooor.. well, Dr. Saint was just going on a date, right? A date is just a date, after all, it wasn’t date night with his long term girlfriend. And he did hint at having been alone for quite a while? Hmmmmm. Doesn’t she have ANY competitiveness in her at ALL? Go out and take him back! Or don’t. Because crushing on your teacher is bad, bad, bad.

    However endearing the twins’ relationship is, they really should try gaining some independence from each other. They irk me a little bit to be honest. Then again, I understand that it’s tempting to depend on a sibling when you’re feeling lonely – but especially Gemma who doesn’t seem to be able to make friends easily could end up all alone if she keeps depending on Gus all the time for reassurance and dinners etc. I just want to shake her! She is so .. unpleasant! And yet I understand that it can’t be easy for her. Someone as nice as Gus would probably never have met her hadn’t they been siblings – he’d be too put off by her attitude.

    YAAAAAAAY YOU FINALLY POSTED AND THERE’S MORE TO COME SOON! *flings confetti, rides a pony, toots a horn*

    I want to see Joanne’s kid noooooooow.

    (And it’s apparently “brunet” for a guy and “brunette” for a girl. Like the fiance/fiancee thing. I’d go for “brown-haired” myself. 😛 Or brownie?? Jk. Hope it’s OK that I pointed it out, I’ve wondered myself many times so that’s why I looked it up.)

    1. Haha, nah, I wouldn’t call a mere week late to the party =) In fact, I think you’ve made it just on-time!

      Oh dear, the stuttering drives Patrick a bit crazy too. He’s had a stammer for as long as he can remember and been in speech therapy classes for much for his academic career, but for every two steps he gets ahead of it, it takes another three steps forward. More on that later though. Point is, it’s a struggle, and one that often unfortunately brings him a fair bit of embarrassment and frustration, especially if he begins feeling nervous as that only worsens it. Yes, good on Gus for seeing through Patrick’s insecurities and appreciating him, but the irony is that he may not be seeing him as clearly as he thinks, but more on that later too. You’re ahead of me, which I love, but now I have to be careful what I say in this entire comment, lol.

      That brings me to our dark horse though, Isaac. Yes, yes, so handsome and perhaps the most dangerous (bit of a melodramatic word choice, but go with me here) thing about him is that he is so different from Patrick. And that’s neither a wholly good thing or a wholly bad thing. They’ve both got their endearing and favorable characteristics and that’s really where a problem could potentially arise, if it even does. I could be playing this off as ominous when it really isn’t. Or you know, it totally could be 😉

      I LOL’d when Tobias fell out the tree too, especially when I set up that photo. It turned out much better than expected. Hell at first I thought I wouldn’t even be able to capture it, but then I ran across the most perfect poses and oh my gosh, so happy with the way the scene turned out! I’m sure he’ll get a hold of it and even have a better plan for it than keeping it locked away in a dormitory, LOL. He’ll probably take it some avian sanctuary or something. They are beautiful to see, but yes, invasive species bad, LOL.

      LOL Takashi IS yummy, but gosh anything must be better than having hots for the teacher, right? Or so you’d think. Yes, he’s a fine cook and a really strong swimmer which gives him that characteristic newly polished bathtub look, LMAO. Of course for as into swimming as he is you’d think he’d lay off the smoking, eh? Bit of cognitive dissonance there I’d say, haha. But maybe that could be a motivating factor in getting him to lay off it, eh? I will say though that the most challenging thing about Takashi would be that he’s not interested in commitment—hence having no qualms about a one-night stand. Still though, he had actually wanted her to stay around for a bit, so you know, sort of walked away from a potential opportunity (however slight) there, didn’t she? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Polished bathtub….LOL AGAIN. ❤

      As for Dr. Saint ah well, I think the fact that in all the years she’s known him (I mean she’s been on his research team since that high school summer program!), he has never once shown the slight indication that he might reciprocate her feelings. It’s always all academia with him and this conversation wasn’t only startling because um, he’s going on a date with someone else, but also because he never usually talks about his personal life. Not to mention, crushing on your teacher IS bad, bad, bad LOL, so you know, that makes her extra reticent to take the risk. I don’t know though, there surely comes a point where you quit giving a damn, isn’t there? Or maybe not, because BAD, BAD, BAD LOL.

      Hmm, yes, the twins’ relationship. It’s a fine line and they seem to toe it too often for comfort. I mean on the one hand they’ve clearly got their own personally defined interests, values, aspirations, and so on and that’s great, but on the other you’ve got a situation where you could pretty reasonably argue that Gemma is too dependent on her brother for socio-emotional support and that Augustus is too enmeshed in her problems, this is, he sees them as his own and beyond that, even feels a sense of failure when he isn’t able to solve them for her. But again it’s all on that fine line because it’s great to have someone you can depend on like that and when you love someone their problems do kind of become your own as well….but maybe it’s going a little far? A little more independence in those regards might be beneficial.

      It is difficult though because as you pointed out, Gemma can indeed come across as unpleasant and irksome…which is the problem, isn’t it? Other people see Gemma as unpleasant and irksome too, which does nothing at all to help the fact that she already struggles to find connection with others and ughhh it just goes back and forth. And it isn’t exactly easy to change one’s very personality and then should you even have to in order to make friends? Surely there are other people who maybe could see that yes she can be unpleasant, but she can also be sweet and caring and even (though we haven’t seen this in a while) energetic and enthusiastic about learning and life and all there is to it? Augustus has seen those parts, so although it does clearly get to him sometimes, he can look past the irksomeness and unpleasantness. Maybe that’s a gift of Gus’ though…to be able to see all that a person is and not allow any one quality to overshadow their identity. So maybe if they weren’t siblings and they happened to cross paths…he also would have been able to come to see that. And surely, surely, he isn’t one of a kind? There must be other people who could see past this too, but maybe it is a rare characteristic. Augustus doesn’t think it is, but that’s easy for him to say, isn’t it? 😉

      And LOL *flings confetti with you* I KNOW RIGHT. And haha I felt the same way about Milo, which is why I took all those spring time photos on Tumblr XD I just had to see more of his cute little face to tide me over before I return to her story. Which will be….after Augustus and Gemma parts III and IV, I am almost certain now, lol. III is already written, I just need to take photos, and IV is outlined and SOME scenes are written. Sooooo, we’ll get there! Lol

      OMG THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME THAT BY THE WAY. As mortifying as it was to see that I made such a mistake, I would have been a thousand times more mortified leaving it incorrect and never realizing it until like, years later or something, LOL. I went back and immediately changed them all to something else. THANK YOU AGAIN. I never even knew that. *face palm* lol

      Also thank you a million times for reading and commenting!!! You’ve made my day feel significantly less shitty (I have to write an essay now and then take a massive exam, lol.) You’re the best! ❤ ❤

  10. Good gracious Gemma looks at lot like Candice on certain angles! I kept noticing it throughout the chapter. Tobias aged up so nicely lol, but it really sounds like he should be in trade school if he physically likes making things during learning. But I’m sure he will figure that out on his own in time. I am really liking the Gemma and Augustis specials. I do miss Jo and Gabe but I like knowing what her siblings are up to.

    Is it bad that I am team Isaac? He is a dream! lol

    I’m so glad to see a chapter from you and it’s great to hear that you are finding some time from your school work to get in some hobby time. And it’s great to see you too! Miss ya xo!

    1. Oh my god, no, she TOTALLY does. It got to the point where I went in and took close-ups of them both to compare. So yeah, here’s Candice (<=link) vs. Gemma (<=link). As you can see, their facial features are nearly the same with the exception of the fact that Gemma has James' eye-shape. It's no wonder then that I kept thinking that when I was taking pictures–they do look a lot alike! No wonder too then that Gemma is so pretty as Candice remains one of the most beautiful sims I've ever made, lol.

      Tobias did age up nicely! He's actually basically a clone of James, but with his mother's eye and hair color and while the clone-thing normally bugs me, I have to admit I like Tobias anyway, lol. He's so cute, hehe. Trade school would definitely be more hands-on, but I don't think there's one for what he wants to go into? Maybe there is, lol, but Tobias is a Wildlife Ecology and Conservation major. Basically he wants to become a certified wildlife biologist and this program is going to help him do just that. So for now he's sort got to make the best of it o_o He is hoping at least that by his Junior year he'll be able to apply for some field experience in some sort of study abroad program though, which will likely be much more alley =) In the meantime, he's simply trying to hang in there….literally, evidently, LOL. ❤

      I'm glad that you're enjoying the Gemma and Augustus specials =) I miss Joanne and Gabriel as well, but I've been having soooo much fun getting to share her siblings' stories too. It's what finally broke my writer's block and I'm going to go full steam ahead with it! Lol. That being said, after Gemma and Augustus III and IV, we'll return to Joanne and Gabriel. I'm almost certain about that now. III is already written and IV is partially written and outlined. Chapter 5.21 is outlined…but that's about it. Hopefully since I've been on a writing role I'll be able to get into that though =)

      LOL. Noooo, it's not bad that you're on Team Isaac 😉 That would make you the second who has told me that as my boyfriend is on Team Isaac too, lol. His reasoning? 1.) "Patrick has no swag" (LOL wtf?) and 2.) "Isaac is one good looking sim." HAHAHAHA. Oh and Isaac DOES have swag. According to him. I told him that Patrick may not have "Swag" but he's sweet, so basically it's Swag Vs. Sweet, apparently. LOL. The whole thing makes me crack up. I love it and it's fun to see the sides that people take 😉 I'll probably end up doing little polls on Tumblr or something just to get more of a sense of where people lie XD With Gemma's options too, though I haven't yet fully presented all those 😉

      YESSSS it is great that I've been able to work this in. I mean, it's not without consequence since I just spent a full-week doing nothing but school work so I could catch up after focusing on this, but mehhhh WORTH IT, hahaha. In fact, I'm going to work on figuring out the photos for the next part now XD I'll never learn XD

      It's great to see you too!!! I've missed you so!!! We should really start chatting outside of WordPress as well or something, but hopefully with these more frequent updates we'll at least get to talk more through here! xoxoxo as always ❤

  11. You’re back!!!!!!! 😀

    This was such a great chapter to get back into it with. I adore Patrick & Augustus! They’re adorable togetherness! Definitely my favorite couple since Gus’s parents. I hope they make it! 😦

    Tobias is too cute. Just too sweet to exist in the world! Sounds like he’s got his drama going on. Not nearly as bad as Gemma’s! Good god girl! I hope she figures things out, but I’m really REALLY happy that Oliver’s found some happiness. I adored Joanne with him, but she’s a lot better where she is.

    Poor Augustus! He’s got his own troubles and all the worries over his siblings piled together! I hope Isaac doesn’t throw too much of a wrench in things. Patrick is a sweetey who shouldn’t be hurt!

    Awesome chapter! And again, welcome back! I’m really looking forward to the next chapters! 🙂

    1. Yes, I am!!!! Your enthusiastic response to this made me smile, lol.

      I’m so glad you thought it was a great chapter to back into this with, especially because it’s about the twins and not the “star of the show,” Joanne, lol.

      Aww, hehe, yes Patrick and Augustus are quite adorable together! And my favorite scenes with them haven’t even been posted yet T_T On that note, your favorite since Gus’ parents? That’s really high praise considering James/Candice will probably forever be one of my favorites too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed they make it too, but goodness, who knows? 😉

      “Too sweet to exist in the world!” Lol! He is pretty sweet, isn’t he? XD Hmm yeah, Tobias is struggling a bit adjusting to college life, especially considering how much the responsibility is placed on the student to keep up with school work and keep track of deadlines and such. Maintaining focus on that sort of thing was never his strong suit as he does get easily distracted by what’s going on outside rather than inside a classroom. At home he had his parents to kind of nudge him back in the right direction, but now he’s on his own and as I said, the transition is difficult. He remains optimistic though that he’ll get the hang of it, and he does have two older siblings there that he could always reach out to for help if he needs it. He’ll be okay…so long as his drama level doesn’t reach that of certain others xD

      Oh Gemma, Gemma. Talk about struggling. It’s a cycle like Augustus pointed out, where she’ll be perfectly fine for a while, but then just have these awful crashes and this one seems worse than others. In general she seems worse than usual, so understandable Augustus is concerned. Though, he needs to not place the blame so much on himself. He does a lot more good than he does harm.

      Yes, Oliver is at a pretty good place in his life =) He’s accomplished so much already and has settled nicely into his career. He really is happy, but it is getting to that point where now that he’s settled in his professional life, it becomes that more recognizable that his personal life could use some attending to….particularly since he hasn’t given up his hope of having a family. Maybe this new woman he’s dating will be promising…or maybe others….who knows, once again? 😉 Regardless, although his breakup with Joanne was devastating at the time, it was for the best. They are both a lot better where they are.

      And finally, yes Augustus T_T Too many stressors getting stacked up a little too high, and he’s not too good at recognizing his own limitations. It’s always “I could be doing more” instead of stopping to acknowledge what he has done. No wonder he’s beginning to feel defeated. It doesn’t help either that he’s inconsistent with reaching out to others himself. It’s not a bad thing to look after and care for others, but it can be if it comes at your own detriment. You’ve got to look after yourself too…or else you won’t be as effective at helping others anyway. You may even begin to harm those around you…..but that’s not me foreshadowing, right? RIght. 😉

      Thank you so much and thank you a million more times for reading and commenting!! I look forward to sharing the next chapter too. I think it’ll be posted by the end of the month. That’s my goal anyway. Let’s hope I can reach it! ^_^;

  12. This is so good! I am so happy to see a post! 🙂 (apparently I could’ve come last week though :/ )

    Anyway, I have to comment on Tobias falling out of the tree first. Oh MY GOODNESS! That is so funny. And the look on his face. I literally laughed for probably 5 minutes. Too Good! And poor Augustus almost getting squished and having to play big brother again.

    Gemma is driving me nuts. I feel bad for her but seriously girl, STOP SLEEPING AROUND!!!!! That last guy is nice though. She should see him more. He could be good for her.

    Issac better not cause any issues for Augustus and Patrick. Goodness does that guy ever get a break? Worrying about his siblings AND dealing with non-ex boyfriend shit?!? I’d slap Issac around and tell him to never come back!

    I adore Patrick. He better stick around! 🙂

    Thanks for the post, looking forward to the next one! Hope your real life lets it come soon!


    1. Ahhhh! Thank you so much, and no worries, haha. I’m sure this wouldn’t be the first blog one checks for updates since it’s been so long! Plus, now you technically get to wait “less” time for the next post…hehe.

      LOL even I kept literally laughing and I’m the one who wrote it. Like writing it made me snicker, but when I saw it come together in the game I started cracking up. I honestly thought the poses wouldn’t work out/wouldn’t do it justice, so I’m glad it came together like it did. Seriously though, that could have gone very, VERY badly–Tobias could have been gravely injured, or as Augustus said, he could have DIED. How terrifying! Thank goodness he was alright though…just a bit shaken up =P Still, Gus will probably be keeping closer tabs on his little brother now, that’s for sure.

      Haha, I think it’s fair to say you feel pretty similarly to Augustus about Gemma. He feels bad for her too and wants nothing more than to help her, but at the same time he’s like, well, why not get to actually KNOW someone for once, and not just sleep with them!? It goes back and forth because he understands how difficult it is for her, but then it’s also frustrating to see this happening over and over and grrr, I guess you could say it’s driving him a bit nuts too. Of course, the thing that probably drives him the most nuts is the fact that it SEEMS so simple, and yet so far hasn’t been at all.

      Takashi is a pretty nice person, that’s true! He’s really not interested in commitment right now, but as Augustus said, “Just as a…a friend maybe even.” Something!!! But Gemma seems to be feeling quite hopeless in that regard…like she’s tried before but people really don’t seem to like her very much, but that doesn’t mean that EVERYONE won’t like her. Gah! =/ It’s been like this for so long though that it’s hard to break the pattern. And heck, in the beginning all she was interested in herself were the one-night stands, but it seems pretty clear that maybe she does actually want more….but she keeps getting tied up in the same patterns anyway, only now, there’s not much enjoyment to be found in it.

      “Goodness does that guy ever get a break?” Lmao, so far it seems no. This is a bit of a rough time and chances are it’s not going to get easier right away. As you’ll see in the next chapter, part of Augustus actually does want to hit Isaac and tell him off, LOL. But I don’t know….as his sister will also point out, sometimes Augustus is too nice for his own good. Not always though. Hmm. It probably doesn’t help that Isaac never actually reached boyfriend status….nothing ever came of it. Isaac just…moved away, so there’s all this unresolved shit that does nothing to help the situation. Let’s hope Augustus does figure it all out though before it causes any issues o__o

      Hehe, I’m glad you adore Patrick. Let’s hope he does indeed stick around 😉

      No problem! Thank YOU for reading and commenting–I really appreciate it!!! I hope my real life lets it come soon too -__- It’s already pushing it to the side to the point where I had to adjust my personal deadline for getting it posted. Bleh! On that note, I’m aiming for “by the end of the month.” It’s just hard because all these projects and finals are coming up. But ahh whatever, worst case, I’ll be done with this semester come May!!! ^_^

  13. LMAO Tobias. I thought it was hilarious that he fell out of the tree that Augustus was sitting under. T_T Poor Gemma, that truly sucks to see the person you are in love with dating someone else. I hope that one night stand she had doesn’t get all mean, I don’t know, he just seemed kind of creepy, but maybe I was reading him wrong and he was just upset about Gemma turning him down.

    As for Augustus… holy fuck, Isaac is hot damn. Like, no offense to Patrick, but Isaac is hot damn. LOL. At first I thought Isaac might have been like a childhood bully to Augustus, but then I was relieved that he was a past friend. Albeit a friend that didn’t keep in touch with Augustus, but not knowing the situation of Isaac and why he moved away I’m not exactly mad at him for doing so. LOL.

    1. LOL, yes Tobias. Oh my gosh XD He’s just lucky he didn’t get hurt and/or crush Augustus, lmao.

      Ugh, I know right? I’m unfortunately all too familiar with the feeling too and yes, it fuckin’ sucks. Hmm yeah Takashi, he’s a little…controlling, I suppose? I mean he’s not going to do anything (probably? hopefully?), but it definitely put a sour taste in his mouth when Gemma turned him down, which probably is a sign that she made the right decision. Something was certainly off, and Gemma felt it too.

      LOL I mean Patrick is cute, but yes, Isaac is HOT DAMN. Hahahaha XD I honestly can’t get enough of that Sim. Dear me, lmao. As for the circumstances surrounding him moving away, it’s funny you should mention that because you literally find out in the next chapter =) I suppose we’ll see what you say then 😉

      Thank you as always for reading and commenting! Coming back from class to read all these really did make my night!! ❤

  14. I love seeing how close these two are. And TOBIAS. My excited animal loving nerd. Invasive species ARE a bad thing. They’re part of the reason for this mass extinction we’re in, and that parakeet is part of the problem 😛 I think Tobias is my favourite, but I do love the twins very much.
    I noticed Gem bites her thumbnail a lot like Jo. That’s cute. I love little details like that, they tie the entire story together.
    Also, I smell a love triangle coming on! I mean, you did sort of warn me, so that’s fine. I can live with this 😛

    1. THEY SO ARE. In fact much of what Tobias says is inspired by my own thoughts and things that I have learned from all the documentaries I watch and the couple wildlife/conservation classes I took in college, lol. And yay! I’m glad that Tobias is your favorite, especially because he doesn’t get nearly enough screen time from me o__o I’m always looking for ways to work him in because I love him so, lol.

      Hehe yeahhhh I like having shared little quirks and traits between characters, especially unlikely duos. Like in the case of Gemma and Joanne, Gemma sometimes has these feelings of jealousy and resentment toward her, and feels like they’re very different, but then they have these shared quirks which I like to use to show in the end, they are still sisters =) As for the twins, you might notice that they both do this thing where they pause and take a few, deep steadying breaths, a calming technique that they got from their dad. I’m all about the little ties XD

      And yesssss I did warn you o___o But nothing really prepares your heart for the roller coaster that is to come, lol. Even I’m dying at this point, but that’s because I’ve written so far ahead XD

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